Democrats still want government to control your kids, but now at an earlier age

House Democrats are preparing legislation that will offer “universal pre-Kindergarten” in a bid to woo back working class voters in a thinly-disguised push for expanded government control of children at a younger age.

As the 2020 campaign cycle begins, Democratic contender and former Obama Housing and Urban Development chief Julian Castro made the pitch when he announced his bid in San Antonio, Texas, where he once served as mayor.

“To be the smartest nation requires an early investment in our children’s education,” Castro told a crowd gathered to hear his announcement. “Today, we live in a world in which brainpower is the new currency of success.… As president, we’ll make [universal pre-K] happen … for all children whose parents want it, so that all of our nation’s students can get a strong start.”

The Washington Free Beacon noted further:

Before abandoning his own presidential ambitions earlier this month, Tom Steyer laid out a broad vision for what he called the “5 rights,” including “the right to learn,” which the California billionaire and political activist hoped would be enshrined in any future Democratic Party platform.

Steyer and Castro’s endorsement is only the most recent in a long political trend. Democrats at every level of government—municipal, state, and federal—have endorsed the policy, despite its overall effectiveness being mixed if not downright negative.

“If we don’t provide free, quality public education for kids, pre-K through college or skills training, we are creating, legislating inequality,” Steyer told a group in Iowa only hours before he dropped out of the race.

Multiple studies have shown that Pre-K benefits are minor, at best. One study in 2018 found that kids who did not take Pre-K scored better on tests than those that did by the second and third grades, the WFB noted.

Also, a 2014 report by the Heritage Foundation found that in Oklahoma, which implemented universal pre-K in 1998, Pre-K results have been negligible, even though the state spends about $7,400 per student on early childhood education.

Nevertheless, Democrats are pushing this concept because it will mean state and federal educators will be able to get their Left-wing hooks into our children at an even younger age. And while the concept is being sold as voluntary right now, if Democrats get their way such programs will become mandatory.

Because it’s never too early to teach American kids why they should and must hate their country. — Jon Dougherty

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Gary L Mathis
Gary L Mathis

Public schools make students stupid, not smart.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo

It’s long, way past time, to start getting rid of these people, the old-fashioned way.

And I’ll just leave it at that.

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