Here’s proof that Mexico isn’t serious about stopping illegal immigration

In recent weeks Mexico’s new president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, expressed a desire to assist the Trump administration in combatting illegal immigration, both along the country’s shared border with the United States and along Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala.

But on Friday, AMLO’s pledges proved meaningless, as his border security officials literally left the gates open to the country and allowed another migrant caravan consisting of about 1,000 people to just waltz into the country.

And of course, we know where they are headed.

Fox News reported:

The border gates were open only temporarily, but migrants – who crossed the bridge from Tecun-Uman to Ciudad Hidalgo – were surprised to find no locks on the gates, effectively giving them a free pass to enter the country without being stuck at the border or registering with immigration officials and now begin the trek to the U.S. border, which can range from between 1,000 to 2,500 miles depending on the point of entry.

Mexico security officials said the gate was only open temporarily, but that border forces had backed off intentionally because they did not want a confrontation and a repeat of last year when violence broke out between Mexican police and migrants.

The new caravan crossing into Mexico did not escape the attention of POTUS Trump, who tweeted Friday, “Another big Caravan heading our way. Very hard to stop without a Wall!”

In October, migrants tried to push through locked border gates, as well as lines of riot police who fired pepper spray to break up the crowd.

On Thursday, speculation was that Mexican border authorities would follow new procedures and require migrants to remain outside the country for five days while paperwork was processed.

However, some migrants told reporters they didn’t trust the Mexican government and planned to cross into the country anyway.

But it’s only going to get worse: Fox News reports that two more migrant caravans are forming in Central America, set to depart for the U.S. on Sunday.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and majority Democrats have continued to refuse POTUS Trump’s paltry $5.7 billion funding request for additional border walls and barriers along the border, causing the current partial government shutdown to stretch into its fifth week, the longest in history.

Democrats, including Pelosi, have supported and voted for border barrier funding in the past.

The president says that Mexico will wind up paying for the wall once Congress, the Mexican government, and Canada sign a renegotiated trade deal called USMCA.

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President Trump needs to get the Border Wall finished while he’s in office, because otherwise it will never get done. A previous president of Mexico is said to have taken a $100 Million Dollar bribe to allow illegals and drug cartels free access to the U.S. border. Lots of Democrat politicians have surely taken similar bribes from New World Order anti-sovereignty shills like Soros, drug lords, and terrorist groups, making a border wall a no-go project for them. Trump cannot rely on Mexico or Democrats to keep America safe. He has to get the funding for the wall from other… Read more »


Put the military on the border, fully armed and with orders to take any steps necessary to keep any of these illegal alien invaders from setting foot on U. S. soil.


Mr. President PLEASE SHUT DOWN THE U.S./MEXICO BORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cross fence with razor wire and mine the border…this is how serious it has gotten. I am so done with this absolute disregard for our nations sovereignty, safety and security from both southern nations and our own politicians, drug money under the table, welfare entitlements going to illegals who don’t pay taxes, degrade of our schools, police officers overwhelmed in our communities and illegals total disregard for this nation, only what they can get from us. Cut funding to Mexico, Central American nations and close the border, NOW.

Hank Chinaski
Hank Chinaski

What about a certain narco’s confiscated $14B?
Whether that alone and/or with Pentagon pitching in a mere deck chair from the 2019 $720B, something The President has unilateral ability to make happen, we have All the funding necessary. In his next breath, after holding up the signed orders from the Oval Office, he can then smilingly beam “That’s it folks, let me have the next document to so that I can formally re-open the gov’t.”

marty lopez

Does anyone need any more proof? Common sense has been proof for the last 25 years. Hello?

Charles Neal
Charles Neal

The Mexican PRI political party has dominated Mexico for over five decades. Its greatest strongholds are amongst the Los Mejicanos Indigenous, the most liberal and violent factions in Mexican politics. Only in recent years has the PAN and Moreno political parties succeeded in winning state and national elections. They are the Creole(white) and upper level Mestizos, the wealthy classes of Mexico. They are the one’s behind this immigration fiasco. They have offloaded 15+million of their opposition onto the U.S.and the CIA or State Department doesn’t have a clue.

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