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Judge: California’s recent wildfires were caused by negligence…not ‘climate change’

A federal judge on Thursday “tentatively” blamed poor maintenance of power lines and not human-caused “climate change” on California’s recent deadly wildfires.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup issued his ruling regarding the actions of the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) utility company in a case related to PG&E’s response to the deadly 2010 San Bruno gas pipeline explosion that killed a number of people.

But scores of liberals in California and beyond have blamed human-caused climate change for the wildfires.

“The Court tentatively finds that the single most recurring cause of the large 2017 and 2018 wildfires attributable to PG&E’s equipment has been the susceptibility of PG&E’s distribution lines to trees or limbs falling onto them during high-wind events,” the judge wrote.

The power conductors are almost always uninsulated,” Alsup noted further. “When the conductors are pushed together by falling trees or limbs, electrical sparks drop into the vegetation below. During the wildfire season when the vegetation is dry, these electrical sparks pose an extreme danger of igniting a wildfire.”

The fires have raged for the past two years especially, as climate change activists and former Gov. Jerry Brown blamed them on global warming caused by human activity. In addition, PG&E itself has also claimed that climate change was the cause of the wildfires.

NBC News noted:

Scott McLean, deputy chief of communication for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said his agency has determined that the utility is at fault for 12 of 17 fires in 2017; it has not yet made conclusions about 2018’s fires, including the deadly Camp Fire in Butte County.

Alsup order PG&E to determine if the company had any culpability in the fire, which killed at least 88 and wiped out the town of Paradise.

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9 Comments on Judge: California’s recent wildfires were caused by negligence…not ‘climate change’

  1. There wouldn’t be these big fires if the forests hadn’t been mismanaged. I say rather than sue and make the California taxpayers pay (or utility companies which taxpayers are obliged to use) let’s hold Jerry Brown and some of the other “environmentalists” who promoted the poor management personally responsible. Let’s have guilty suffer for these crimes for a change.

  2. In point of fact, “wild fires” have been here since the dawn of life on land. Always will be, until we kill all the plants, like Brazil is doing to their former rain forest… want to see why CO2 is raising? look at satellite images of where the rain forest used to be…. Like mostly a desert now.

  3. Leftism tends to destroy everything it touches. Next to entropy it may be the most deadly force in the world.

  4. …and directed energy weapons by the Deep State.

  5. Exactly where are cross country power lines ever insulated wires?

  6. Bury the lines and/or trim the trees you lazy leftist halfwits.

  7. They had to blame some entity that had MONEY in order to GET any MONEY.
    If they blamed Climate Change, WHO would pay? the Chinese?
    If they blamed the State for poor forest management…… NO! The Court WILL not blame the Courts that forced the Disastrous policy!
    THAT’s why they blamed the Power Company…. Now they can reach into ALL the Electric Company CUSTOMERS pockets!

  8. “But scores of liberals in California and beyond have blamed human-caused climate change for the wildfires.”

    Gee, scores believe, huh? That’s quite a wide spread religion you’ve got there.

  9. R. L. Hails Sr. P. E. (ret.) // January 20, 2019 at 9:38 pm // Reply

    If you run power lines through woods subject to high winds, in a fire prone area, you will experience trees hitting lines and causing fires. If the power lines service flammable structures sited in a fire prone forest, expect them to burn. If the government does little in fire management to reduce the risks, an entire town can burn to the ground. More US acreage is burned due to lightning than to man caused fires.

    The governance of forest fires in California is a disgrace. Lots of people make money by placing the risk of loss on others.

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