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POTUS Trump explains: ‘No, amnesty NOT part of my deal’

President Donald Trump on Sunday pushed back on accusations from some conservative quarters that his border resolution offer laid out during a national address from the Oval Office yesterday as a means of ending the current partial government shutdown included “amnesty.”

“No, Amnesty was not a part of my offer,” Trump said in his Sunday morning Tweet. “It is a 3-year extension of DACA.”

Continuing, he hinted that there could be an amnesty as part of a “larger” deal with Democrats that includes much more comprehensive immigration reform, but that nothing he proposed so far includes that.

“Amnesty will be used only on a much bigger deal, whether on immigration or something else,” Trump said. “Likewise there will be no big push to remove the 11,000,000 plus people who are here illegally—but be careful Nancy,” he added, in a reference to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who has already rejected the president’s compromise offer.

That last part — “be careful Nancy” — could also be taken as a warning from the president that at some point in the future, immigration authorities could conduct sweeping deportation efforts similar to those undertaken during the Eisenhower administration, the largest such effort in U.S. history.

Yesterday, in his address to the nation, Trump said he wasn’t planning to build a wall along the nearly 2,000-mile long border. Rather, he seeks only to build an additional 230 miles of “see-through steel barrier” in “high priority locations.”

He also noted that much of the border has always been protected by natural barriers such as water and mountainous terrain.

“To physically secure our border, the plan includes $5.7 billion for a strategic deployment of physical barriers, or a wall,” Trump said.

“This is not a 2,000-mile concrete structure from sea to sea. These are steel barriers in high priority locations,” he said.

“Much of the border is already protected by natural barriers, such as mountains and water,” Trump said.

“We already have many miles of barrier, including 115 miles that we are currently building or under contract. It will be done quickly,” he said. “Our request will add another 230 miles this year in the areas our border agents most urgently need.

Vice President Mike Pence has also pushed back on allegations from some including conservative pundity and author Ann Coulter that the president is offering an amnesty.

“The president has said we will support temporary relieve for three years for DACA recipients and those who are in temporary protected status. This is not amnesty. There’s no pathway to citizenship there’s no permanent status here at all, which is what amnesty contemplates,” he told “Fox News Sunday.”

To that point, the president has insisted for months that Congress must work to fix several problems involving loopholes in immigration law that have been exposed by Left-wing organizations and federal courts. They include amnesty claims, catch-and-release policies, and the “anchor baby” controversy.

It seems likely that the president was talking about those fixes when he tweeted about amnesty as part of “a much bigger deal.”

“I think as the American people look at this, Chris, they’re going to see this for what it is. President Trump said ‘bring me the ideas from all sides, let’s put them all on the table'” Pence told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.

“The president has made it clear what he would support. Now it’s time for the Senate and the House to start voting to secure our border and reopen the government.”

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5 Comments on POTUS Trump explains: ‘No, amnesty NOT part of my deal’

  1. Mensa Graham // January 20, 2019 at 11:50 am // Reply

    Isn’t it time after 30 some years that the left and the right quit pizzing around, using the American people as patsies, while they both cater to their lobbyists over both their need for illegals cheap labor?

    Illegal cheap labor helps no one but the politicians get reelected by kizzing their lobbyists butts. Disgusting bunch of people. Yes, Pelosi you are the #1 hypocrite but followed very closely by PAul Ryan. All of you who are SUPPOSED to be representatives should be highly ashamed.

    • Right you are and more. Let’s move on and to the President’s response. And more, to the President himself. I understand that politics is the art of the possible, the art of the deal, but this isn’t how the President sounded, or what he promised either, back in the day when he was running for office.

      Furthermore, can anyone explain to me how America can be restored for longer than the length of any one Administration, and more specifically this Administration, if the issue of sanctuary cities and federally funding of civil insurrection isn’t confronted full face? To compromise on matters such as this is, in fact to lose America, N’est pas?

      The President’s political acuity is nothing less than masterful really and to be celebrated, but tactics aren’t strategy and stopping the bleeding is neither a solution, nor a cure. Our America, as divided as it is can not long endure, to paraphrase another President. And America is what we are all about. Restoring her greatness means first of all, ensuring her continued existence.

      The extreme left have made common cause with globalists who would see America as we know it, destroyed. They are began dragging the Democratic Party along with them, but now the Democratic Party has abandoned America in favor of their socialist, open border agenda.

      Compromise has always been what democracy is all about. Abraham Lincoln was a shrewd, quintessential politician. As was Henry Clay, the “Great Compromiser” before him Clay managed a short lived compromise settlement, but Lincoln was immediately drawn into civil war. The point being that sometimes compromise simply isn’t possible. Either America exists, or President Trump’s efforts are all for naught and he is a failure.

      A dissolute, weakened America, no longer in charge of its own destiny is neither a restored, revitalized, nor any America in the process of being made great again. That President Trump is a great politician and a masterful manipulator of public opinion, that he is exposing the Democrats for who and what they really are cannot be questioned, but there is a larger question, which comes to mind. Does he fully understand whiter it is that he is going? Does he understand that a house so radically divided cannot have any hope of standing? Does he recognize that resolution and stability require victory. Final settlements are never negotiated settlements.

  2. There will be no push to remove the 11 (actually 20-30) million illegal aliens who currently roam this country with impunity. Really? By your own admission, Mr. President, you are just as guilty as the 99.9% of other elected/appointed officials who have violated your oath of office, federal immigration law as well as the pledge made to your supporters during the campaign. As such your gross and willful dereliction of duty matches that of the corrupted special-interest owned politicians who continue to allow our country to be invaded and taken over by the very people who have/are invading it.

    • I support the President, always have and probably always will, but you are spot on. It is disturbing to see the President trading on such undying loyalties as mine simply because we, the people of and for America have no where else to go.

      He may even get a good ride on such a wave, a ride that takes him all the way onto the sand, but when he steps off America will not be saved and he will have failed for not being the hero who could have made it happen.

    • An amnesty extension is still amnesty Mr. Trump. Even Obama knows that amnesty is illegal and unconstitutional, don’t you Mr. Trump? I thought you were going to be tough on crime, eliminate sanctuary cities and States? Why does getting amnesty mean that they can forever violate our laws? If you find them after they have been given amnesty deport them. If I obtain amnesty for bank robbery to feed my family does that mean I can continue to rob banks with impunity? Trump is going weak in the knees, he had a better hand to play for the 2 years before the mid-term election. He is full of BS.

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