NY Rep. Zeldin: ‘Take away congressional pay and we’ll have a budget deal in minutes’

A New York lawmaker on Sunday lamented the fact that members of Congress are continued to be paid during the partial government shutdown while hundreds of thousands of federal employees, including Homeland Security workers, are not.

What’s more, GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin said that if lawmakers weren’t being paid there would be a budget deal within minutes.

In a Sunday appearance on New York AM 970 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable” with John Catsimatidis, Zeldin acknowledged that “it’s difficult to miss one paycheck. It becomes increasingly difficult to miss a second paycheck.”

That said, he added, “I really do believe that you should lock every member of Congress in a room, bring the president in, no phones, no pay, you’re not leaving until there’s white smoke; you need to negotiate, compromise with each other, with the president. And I think you can have a deal within maybe it’s 45 minutes, maybe it’s four hours.”

“It’s crazy to me that you have members of Congress getting paid while … you have Coast Guardsmen who are not,” he noted further.

Other members of Congress agree, and one — freshman Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) — has asked that his pay be withheld until a budget deal is worked out that includes funding for the president’s border barriers.

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Pilot Dave
Pilot Dave

There is very little the US Constitution requires of Congress each year. Passing a budget is one of them. It does not say “balanced”… Yet, we have not had a budget since G W Bush !! These CS or CR (continuous spending or resolution) are not a budget.

Why do we pay for a Congress that does not do their basic job ? Use the savings from these “NON Essential” Federal functions to fund the WALL.. build it TALL

Richard Margolis
Richard Margolis

I agree, stop their pay and see what happens. There will be a deal within hours as many of the newer representatives who are not yet millionaires will overrule the leaders and vote for the budget and a wall


Perfect way to ensure congress puts its money where its big mouth is! Congress’ irrational&dangerous position on the border wall shutdown proves beyond any doubt they don’t give a damn about our security or safety. We need to actively pursue the removal of this seditious mob.

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