Former FBI official: The Left’s moral bankruptcy led to bureau’s corruption we saw during Obama years

Two years after the end of the most corrupt presidential administration in modern history, Americans continue to learn just how unscrupulous and dysfunctional many of our governing institutions became during the reign of Barack Obama.

That is especially true about the FBI — and no, there is no need to include the customary disclaimer here that ‘all agents aren’t corrupt.’

Everybody knows that, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the Joes and Janes who are actually running the bureau are neck deep in the D.C. Deep State. 

We know, for instance, that former FBI Director James Comey was corrupt after he excused Hillary Clinton’s serial violations of national security statutes via her gross mishandling of classified emails.

We know that FBI Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein is corrupt because he appointed Robert Mueller special counsel on the basis of a phony “Trump campaign-Russian collusion” narrative.

And now Terry Turchie, a former deputy assistant director at the bureau, says we can likely expect more corruption down the road thanks to a changing electorate that is becoming shockingly comfortable with corrupt and morally bankrupt political ideologies.

In comments to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson this week regarding the never-ending Russia investigation (compliments of Rosenstein and Mueller), Turchie said this regarding what has become of his former employer:

And I think we can expect more of this, because quite honestly the electorate in some places is putting more and more progressives and self-described socialists in positions.

And ironically, years ago, when I first got into the FBI, one of the missions of the FBI in its counterintelligence efforts was to try and keep these people out of government. Why? Because we would end up with massive dysfunction and massive disinformation and massive misinformation, and it seems to me that’s where we’re at today.

What makes Turchie’s comment about when he first joined the bureau poignant — in July 1972, according to his LinkedIn profile — is that what the FBI has done in the age of Trump differs little from what it was doing in the age of J. Edgar Hoover and the Kennedy, LBJ, and Nixon administrations, another period in our history influenced by the rising Leftism.

In those days, the FBI was active in undermining perceived socialists and communists of the time, including civil rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr., as noted by Caitlin Johnstone writing at Medium. And while King was no communist seeking to undermine out government, there were plenty of other shady characters in the day who were — people like Bill Ayers, founder and leader of the Weather Underground, a radical Left-wing domestic terrorist group the conducted a bombing campaign targeted government buildings, along with several banks.

Youngsters from that era, as we saw during the Obama years, remained radical and became our leaders.

Is any wonder, then, that Turchie’s worst fears came to fruition?  — J. D. Heyes

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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3 Comments on "Former FBI official: The Left’s moral bankruptcy led to bureau’s corruption we saw during Obama years"

  1. LONG Past Time, to start Fixing the Problem, The Old-Fashioned Way.

    We tried it the other way ( actually, not really — we slept for 50+ years, while we were obligated to have remained Continuously Vigilant — but Bottom-Line is, we ARE where we ARE, RIGHT NOW — & changing “The System” that has a Stranglehold on us, & is THOROUGHLY-INSTALLED, RIGHT NOW, is NOT going to be achieved by the “usual” methods ( i.e., by “Elections” ( which aren’t honest, anyway, so even if we DID have an Intelligent Electorate — which we Most-Certainly DO NOT — it wouldn’t make a difference, anyway, since the outcomes would always be predetermined, by one method or another, of Stealing & Fixing ) — so, put aside “Elections” as a remedy — at least, for NOW )

    As the Old, Very-Wise, Saying goes:

    “There’s a Lot to be Said,
    for a Bullet in The Head.”

    “It is Not Just That
    it’s Cost-Effective;

    It Also Very-Quickly
    Changes The Directive.”

    LONG Past Time, to FINALLY Water & Refresh the Tree of Liberty. It’s Roots have Long Been Thirsty & Starving, CRYING OUT IN VAIN, for The Blood of Patriots & Tyrants, which is its Natural Manure. But we were Asleep the Entire Time, so of course, we couldn’t Hear Them. But NOW, We CAN. AND DO. TIME
    TO FULLY WAKE-UP — & DO What MUST Be Done

    Or, Have It DONE TO Us ( as it Has Been most recently, with CONSTANTLY-ACCELERATING Progress )

  2. Started with Hillary Clinton’s theft of 1000 FBI files of prominent GOP officials in the prior Bush Administrated, stored at the White House security office. One of those files was found in Ms. Clinton’s private library. No one was investigated, or at least, put under oath and compelled to testify before a grand jury.

    Remember, also, that Bill Clinton was the first President who summarily fired every, single, US Attorney, thus stocking Justice with raving leftists. True, it is customary for US Attorney’s to submit resignation letters to the incoming President, but never before or since has a President remove every, single, one of them.

    The corruption of Justice and it’s FBI began under Clinton. Once a Marxist/Socialist Democrat takes a leadership position, it impacts all new hires and promotions, because they “reline” out any conservatives, or career FBI agent or Justice attorney who isn’t allied with them politically. Many of the Clinton appointees went on to transfer to SES (career positions), and thus have led Justice and the FBI for over 25 years. That’s entire careers. The corrupt FBI officials in Comey and McCabe’s FBI were hired during the Clinton Admnistration.

    This problem has been ongoing and building for decades. The only real solution is to reorganize and clean house at Justice, and just shut down and end the FBI. Transfer FBI responsibilities to a new sub-agency under DHS, and hire all new agents from local police forces. FBI agents with less than ten years experience could be rehired as rookie agents in this new force, but RIFF all the rest of them. There’s just no way to rid the FBI of so many corrupt agents at mid-level and senior levels, otherwise. Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and Baker weren’t aberrations at the FBI, they were the status quo for the agency. A whole room full of senior, supervisory agents plus more on conference call cheered as McCabe slammed his fist on the conference room table in early 2017, declaring, “First we f**k Flynn, and then we f**k Trump!” Yet, none of them spoke up, reported it to the OIG, or otherwise intervened, because they were as corrupt as their leaders.

    The rot is too deep at the FBI to reform it. At this point, every FBI agent is nothing but a lawless thug, their badge and oath means nothing, and it’s up to individual agents to prove otherwise.

    • 100% Correct, in ALL Aspects ( so, THANK YOU ! ) — BUT ALSO — & EXTREMELY Importantly:

      Ratchet THAT ( & MUCH MORE) back ~ 50 ( or even 60 ) years, & apply it exponentially, to the CIA — which, FROM ITS VERY INCEPTION, has ALWAYS been a Rogue Agency, SUBJECT TO NO — ZERO ! — SUPERVISION. It has — LITERALLY — been allowed, all of these Decades, to Function, & “Police Itself” ( I use that phrase not only “loosely,” but actually, JOKINGLY )

      LONG PAST TIME, to ABOLISH the CIA, as well !

      [ I won’t get into it here, as it’s not the time or place for such, but I will briefly mention, that on the Day that they DO abolish the CIA ( & possibly, even PROSECUTE some Bastards, as well ) President Kennedy will be laughing, as he looks down from Heaven ( assuming that’s where he ended up — I’m NOT going to swear to that ) ]

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