As Venezuelans eat from garbage cans, Ocasio-Cortez wants to import their nightmare to the U.S.

When socialist revolutionary Hugo Chavez came to power in Venezuela in 1998, the country had been on an upward trajectory — politically, socially, and economically — thanks to outsized oil wealth.

In short, Venezuela was well on its way to breaking the mold of most South American countries: It was prospering, had a vibrant democracy, and though problems existed, it was heading in the right direction.

But Chavez would change his country’s trajectory. Or, more to the point, his socialist policies would.

He was swept into power by citizens who had been duped by his promises of free health care for all, which — in 1999 — he had written into the Constitution: “Health is a fundamental social right, an obligation of the State,” Fox News notes.

He also promised more equity and ‘fairness’ when it come to wealth as a way to “overcome poverty.” He mandated higher wages (like mandating a higher minimum wage), and while initially he made some progress in reducing poverty and expanding healthcare, the rules and realities of socialist economics soon set in.

Experts noted that Chavez’s reforms were based on his country’s existing wealth, not on creating new wealth.

“He took from the private sector that existed, and enjoyed buoyant oil prices, to buy off the electorate,” Fergus Hodgson, executive editor of Antigua Report, a Latin American business consulting agency, told Fox News.

“This strategy was great in the short term, but it crushed investment and new businesses. Predictably, when economic activity and oil prices went south, he resorted to printing money, and we all know what has happened.”

By last year the country’s healthcare system was in shambles. Basic supplies and medicines were scarce if they existed at all. Hospitals fell into disrepair. Venezuelans suffered and died. Medical staff, especially highly educated doctors and nurses, fled the country for better opportunities.

And the economy is also a disaster. Food is also scarce; Venezuelans, on average, have lost 24 pounds over the past few years. Video of a group of hungry citizens surrounding and killing a cow in a field has surfaced.

Many eat from garbage cans:

The country is now in turmoil, and the current president, Nicolas Maduro — who continued where Chavez left off — has cut off all ties with the United States.

Meanwhile, as The Gateway Pundit notes, some American politicians want to import Venezuela’s economic and social disaster, though they don’t actually say as much. One of them is Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), a self-avowed Democratic Socialist who has already proposed many of the same economic policies that Chavez and Maduro implemented.

A 70 percent top tax rate on “wealthy” Americans who earn more than $10 million (as a means of ‘leveling the playing field,’ making our society more ‘fair and equitable’). A mandated minimum wage of at least $15 an hour which she would impose on businesses large and small that cannot afford it and would have to lay off workers in order to remain profitable. And of course, “Medicare for all,” which has already been estimated to cost at least $32 trillion over a decade.

She is so fast and loose with her claims that even the liberal Washington Post‘s Fact Checker gave her Three Pinocchios this week for comments she made at a Martin Luther King forum in NYC last weekend.

Ocasio-Cortez has passionately defended her positions, but the results of such policies are clearly playing out in Venezuela, which is now in the midst of a full-scale social and political collapse after following policies she supports to the letter.

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Dr. Mark Lane
Dr. Mark Lane

You get the Government you Deserve — in a Democracy ( or Democratic Republic ): Congratulations, Venezuelans ! You chose your Fate, freely, without any outside coercion, by walking into the Polling Station, & Voting for it ! Enjoy the rotten fruits of it, to the hilt ! Savor it, take the utmost pleasure in laying back, & allowing it to wash over you & embrace you, in its warm, comforting Justice ! You’re dumb as a rock ( maybe even dumber ? ) — now, reap your Rewards — & DON’T feel Guilty, about enjoying & fully-embracing your abundant… Read more »


Socialism/Communism is all about wiping out the middle class so only the elites and the poor are left. What is shocking is how they have manipulated the people into actually supporting their own demise. Under socialism, there is no ability to succeed and get rich. You are forever doomed to be a peasant.


It is unbelievable that this brainless little 29 year old know nothing communist twit got elected to Congress. All I can reason is, that the people who voter for her must be some of the stupidest people on the planet, even dumber than she is.


You don’t understand. Our socialists are better than their socialists. And they are smarter and more virtuous than all of the failed socialists in the past. They just need one more chance and they’ll get it right this time, because they are so smart and so cool.


I was trying to categorize AOC…A “Bimbo”, I thought???…No, she’s dumber than that…How about “Bimbette”???…No she’s dumber than that…I have it!!!…She’s a “Bimbette Bud”…She’s too stupid to bloom…If her IQ went up about five points, she would be a houseplant…Non-blooming, but a houseplant…She’s not smart enought to be a “Blooming Idiot”…The prosecution rests…

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