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Comey’s excusing himself — again — for refusing to prosecute an obviously guilty Hillary Clinton

By Jon Dougherty

If there’s one thing you can say about Deep Staters, it’s that they’re relentless when it comes to covering up their misdeeds.

Take fired FBI Director James Comey — and let’s never forget that he was fired for cause from his job. There he was again on Monday, this time in Sarasota, Fla., defending his pathetic allegiance to a secret society for refusing to prosecute one of their own, Hillary Clinton.

Addressing Clinton’s criminal abuses of classified emails, Comey told an audience there was “zero chance” she’ll ever be held legally liable for it, essentially daring the Trump Justice Department to ‘do something about it.’

“There is zero chance, zero chance, on the facts in the Hillary Clinton case, that she would be prosecuted,” Comey said during a town hall lecture., the Washington Examiner reported. “You are out of your mind if you don’t think the FBI wanted to make a case if we could. The facts weren’t there. Period. Full stop.”

Translated: We’re out of our minds if we still harbor the ‘unrealistic’ expectations that our public servants have an allegiance to We the People instead of a cabal of unaccountable, unelected elites who live their lives above the law.

But let’s not kid ourselves or, rather, let’s not let Comey troll us.

We know Hillary Clinton was guilty as hell of abusing the laws governing the handling of classified materials. We know she destroyed evidence. We know she ignored lawfully issued congressional subpoenas. And we know that Comey himself had made his mind up months before his announcement in July 2016 that he had no intention of allowing a Deep State cabal member in good standing to endure the indignity of an indictment and public trial, mostly because he believed he’d be working for her (and she would owe him).

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    We also know that Comey himself is likely just as guilty as Clinton for mishandling classified emails. We believe he’s lied to Congress — an offense that will get you an FBI SWAT team visit early in the morning if you have had anything at all to do with POTUS Donald Trump. And we’re sure that he was intimately involved in helping his former boss, Barack Obama, plan and execute “Spygate,” the operation to undermine Trump’s presidency using his buddy, Robert Mueller.

    Listening to Comey lecture us about the righteousness of his actions and our ‘unrealistic’ expectations about holding people like him and Clinton responsible is hard to take, but harder still is watching him do it while he’s breathing free air.

    But he’s right: He and Clinton and those who acted in concert with them to perpetuate the worst act of treason in our country’s history will very likely never be held accountable for what they’ve done.

    So all we can do is highlight his hypocrisy for the historical record and for posterity so that Americans generations from now will be able to know what they did, the selfish, self-centered reasons for why they did it, and the damage they did to our institutions and our form of government.

    It’s not enough for many Americans, but we’re going to call out these charlatans and liars whenever possible because failing to challenge them isn’t acceptable, either.

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    Comey’s excusing himself — again — for refusing to prosecute an obviously guilty Hillary Clinton . . .
    Ya, you would too if the alternative was being dropped feet first into a meat grinder.

    Isaac Hemingway
    Isaac Hemingway

    These criminals have to be punished with jail time. Being fired and enjoying retirement is not punishment. The reason we keep seeing the Left making public speeches and taunting and insulting Trump in Twitter messages is because they believe that they are untouchable. They are using Twitter in trying to sway public opinion against Trump and everything America stands for. They think that We the People are naive and that we will accept their propaganda as truth. If these Leftists don’t get punished now then others will simply take their place in the future. This is a coup against America.… Read more »


    James Comey is a disgrace to his country let alone to his family and friends (if he has any). He’s been revealed for the lying, cheat and murderer (yes, he believes it’s okay to kill the unborn up to their 9 month of gestation) that he evidently became all those years under the tutelage of the Clintonista Gang. How he can sleep at night it utterly amazing. He may not have gotten away with the e-mail fiasco but he certainly was able to get Mueller in place. Funny thing though, after 2 years Mueller hasn’t been able to find squat… Read more »

    Dr. Mark Lane
    Dr. Mark Lane

    In other words, the point of this article, bottom-line, is that only a multitude of well-placed & well-timed bullets will solve the Problem.

    I’ve been saying THAT, for years now.

    And, btw, the definition of “well-timed” — ANYTIME AT ALL — & SOON !

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