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Venezuelan Debbie D’Souza: Dems following SAME socialist plan as Hugo Chavez

By Jon Dougherty

Conservative media figure Debbie D’Souza, who was born in Venezuela, said her native country was once wealthy and its people prosperous until they fell for the lie of socialism promised by the late Hugo Chavez.

In an interview with Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” last week, D’Souza recounted how growing up in what used to be the richest country in South America was no different than someone growing up in the U.S. or a similarly prosperous country.

And while there is corruption in nearly every country, she said — including Venezuela back then — the government largely “followed the constitution.”

“It was not a tyrannical dictatorship like it’s become now,” she said.

Importantly, D’Souza noted that despite being a wealthy country, Chavez managed to tap into his people’s emotions when selling his socialist policies of “equality” without really understanding what it meant and how he planned to achieve it.

Today, nearly two decades later, co-host Dean Cain said that nearly 90 percent of all Venezuelans live in poverty, according to the most recent statistics, inflation is at 10 million percent, and there are chronic shortages of everything from basic food items to medicines and other goods. Also, 5,000 Venezuelans are leaving the country every day, he added.

Noting that many Democrats running for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination are pushing the very same policies as Chavez and his successor, now-embattled President Nicolas Maduro, whom the U.S. no longer considers the country’s valid leader, Cain asked D’Souza her thoughts about those who say what’s going on in Venezuela could never happen in America.

“Well, my family said it could never happen there,” she said. “They were convinced that Hugo Chavez was not going to turn the country into a Communist country, and he did it. For the last 20 years, Venezuela has been on the road to socialism,” noting that the changes didn’t happen overnight.

Currently, Democratic presidential contenders like Sens. Kamala Harris (California) and Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) are proposing substantially higher taxes on “the wealthy,” which is exactly what Chavez did — until he found that eventually just taxing ‘the rich’ wasn’t enough to sustain all of the benefits like free college, housing, and guaranteed wages he had promised.

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    But by then, there were no more wealthy Venezuelans to finance the benefits because they had either lost all of their prosperity and businesses or had fled the country.

    “Socialism is equal misery,” D’Souza continued. “Anybody that thinks otherwise needs to go to Venezuela and see for themselves. You can’t find food, you go from grocery store to grocery store just to find the basics. You line up, and if you don’t get in by the time they close, you don’t get food.

    “There have been reports of people actually eating their own pets,” she continued. “It’s horrific. I can’t imagine anyone in America would think that something like this was a wonderful thing. It’s a terrible way to live.”

    Meanwhile, scenes on the streets of the capital of Caracas and other Venezuelan cities are pure chaos, as demonstrators and protesters clash with police and security forces on a daily basis.

    As for Warren, she is calling her plan the “ultra-millionaires tax” because it would only affect a small percentage of earners — those making over $50 million a year.

    But as D’Souza notes, that’s only the beginning; socialists can never confiscate enough wealth because the cost of their promised benefits continue to escalate as they encapsulate more and more people.

    And inevitably, as even socialist Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York State discovered this week, you can only go to the “wealthy” well so many times before your tax schemes become counterproductive and you raise less money.

    “That’s exactly how it happened” in Venezuela, D’Souza said, noting that Chavez’s policies impacted “those who were hard-working and making money” first.

    “The regime actually imposed price controls on business owners” so that “they couldn’t make a profit anymore, so a lot of the middle class, the upper middle class, they started moving out of Venezuela.”

    “They ran out of people’s money, and now they have horrific poverty and horrific crime,” said D’Souza.


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  • 7 Comments on Venezuelan Debbie D’Souza: Dems following SAME socialist plan as Hugo Chavez

    1. Acoustic Conservative // February 5, 2019 at 8:47 am // Reply

      Hopefully leftists will eventually see where the Democratic party is headed with AOC, Harris and all these extremist voices

    2. First think they did was enact gun control

    3. Socialism (Third Way or original) and communism are forms of organized crime government.

    4. Socialism works, until you run out of other peoples money….

      • You are entirely correct! Socialism is a politically correct word/code for COMMUNISM! Thug dictatorship. Those remaining after they close the exit door (A Wall) endure a life style lower than a pet in any American household! Those who love that system are hoping to participate in this forced slavery system! They own you. A slave plantation of 100 years ago is FAR better than living in a communist hell unless your one of the slave holders!

        Don’t listen to the lying spirit in these depraved souls shilling for the devil! This is pure EVIL. The spirit of ISIS is in America.

    5. Communism has failed in every country in which it has been adopted, and Communist regimes have repeatedly quickly morphed into oppressive, regressive, freedom-squashing dictatorships that send people to the gulag for having political differences from those in power. That is exactly what the New World Order has planned for all of humanity, and bear in mind that those corrupt NWO billionaire elites are pedophiles, baby killers, ungodly, power-mad psychopaths who will exterminate those members of humanity that they deem expendable. They want a smaller population on our planet so that humanity will be of a more controllable size. How Democrats and RINOs can be on board with such evil is beyond my understanding, but we have got to stop them.

    6. Everything she said was true, but so what?. I know she’s right, because I worked in Venezuela when it was economically booming. But you need to explain why ‘what happened’ happened. The shocking fact that’s not clearly stated in your article is this: A Democracy can also self-destruct. Democracy, when merely majority rule, is a form of dictatorship. When neither the people nor the Government are governed by a Constitution, or by a code of Common law, it is not a Rule of Law but mob rule. Venezuela was the most recent revolt of the illiterate masses. It was the French, not the American, Revolution
      Chavez was an incredible speaker. He was charismatic, even with the sound turned off, his gestures and facial features projected an aura of incredible authority. He hypnotized the majority of voters with the leftist promise of a fairer redistribution of Venezuela’s immense wealth. He also preached resentment, hatred of the rich for being rich, and demanded Justice for the poor. Democracy can also support the revolt of the illiterate masses. Chavez was elected by a majority of voters. Yes it was a socialist Ponzi scheme, perhaps Chavez believed it.
      We are constantly told that the wealth of Venezuela was oil. No it wasn’t. It was a civil government that was essentially honest; it was a degree of political equality; it was a free market economic system and a motivated citizenry. The financial inequality in Venezuela was due to the unequal distribution of intelligence and ability. The surging inequality was poverty’s greatest enemy. Participation in the economy lifted many, for others less able or less ambitious, it triggered only resentment.
      This surging inequality which is a result of the free market is also a danger for Democracy, both rich and poor. New York City, San Francisco, etc., one by one, the cities vote for the welfare party. Bill DiBlasi is Chavez. Ocasio Cortez is Maduro. The State of Oregon just voted for state-wide Rent Control, but Jimmy Carter is 100 years old and still has no idea why the South Bronx and Spanish Harlem self-destructed into a maze of burned out buildings. It was Rent Control.
      Rent Control and Rent Stabilization purchased the tenants votes. Landlords, being outnumbered, were outvoted and criminalized as greedy profit-seekers. The Jews had rented to Negros and Puerto Ricans when the Italians and Irish wouldn’t. The only crime of the Jews was their liberality; as punishment, they were blamed for the destruction. I’m liberal, but I learned that welfare for the poor usually helps the politicians more than the poor.
      Under the original Bill of Rights, America was a land of endless opportunity to earn and keep what you created. But the monetary form of wealth is artificial, and somebody intelligent always has to create wealth before you can steal it. After the so-called Second Bill of Rights, America became the land of endless welfare opportunities, paid for by those who were most creative, often paid to those who are least creative. Is this moral? Nancy thinks so.
      The Democrats know that pandering to ignorance can win elections. Open Borders and Welfare are a critical part of their platform. But America is learning that welfare is costly, we honestly can’t afford too many poor people. I hope we get that wall built soon.

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