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Democrats in Mass. now pushing their own infanticide bill just like New York and Virginia

By J. D. Heyes

Today’s Democrat Party continues to lurch to the extreme Left as evidenced by its political, economic, and social policies.

Politically, Democrats favor policies like open borders, “justice reform” that essentially means letting guilty people go if they’re part of a minority group, and anything that Republicans and POTUS Donald Trump don’t want.

Economically, the party is closer to Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin than Adam Smith, the latter of whom is credited with being the “father of modern capitalism.”

Socially, the party is anti-life and pro-murder — there’s just no other way to say it. While Democrats shed tears for criminals on death row, they are increasingly backing, publicly, new legislation that supports very late-term abortion and trends towards decriminalizing infanticide.

After New York lawmakers openly celebrated a newly-enacted late-term abortion bill, a lawmaker in Virginia proposed a similar bill that the state’s Democratic governor, Ralph Northam, not only supported publicly but wanted to see expanded to post-birth abortion.

Now, another deep blue state — Massachusetts — is looking at expanded abortion ‘rights’ as well.

As reported by the Washington Examiner:

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    Massachusetts law currently bans abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy except if a woman’s pregnancy endangers her life, or if continuing the pregnancy would risk “grave impairment of her physical or mental health.” The Remove Obstacles and Expand Abortion Access Act, or “ROE Act,” would loosen those restrictions by dropping the “grave impairment” language and allowing abortions after 24 weeks to protect the mother’s “physical or mental health, or in cases of lethal fetal anomalies, or where the fetus is incompatible with sustained life outside the womb.”

    The spate of laws in Left-wing Democrat-run states come in response to a belief that POTUS Donald Trump will ‘stack’ the U.S. Supreme Court with “conservative abortion opponents” hell-bent on reversing Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling that overturned all 50 state laws at the time outlawing the procedure.

    While pro-life advocates hope that Democrat fears come to fruition and the high court eventually overturns what they believe was a horrendously flawed decision (it was), for the time being, that doesn’t seem likely.

    In the meantime, however, while waiting for a Supreme Court case and/or ruling that may never come, at least in the short-to-medium term, as more Left-wing states pass these late-term abortion laws, more fully-formed babies in the womb are going to be subject to what many OB/GYN specialists see as outright murder.

    Democrats and their pro-abortion backers claim that the issue isn’t about ‘killing babies’ it’s about “women’s health” and, of course, a woman’s “civil rights” issue (the right to choose, yada, yada). 

    But as Dr. Grazie P. Christie, a physician and senior policy advisor at The Catholic Association, tweeted recently, “Late term abortion is never necessary for the mothers health.”

    Dr. Manny Alvarez, an obstetrician and Fox News columnist, notes further that, thanks to technology, “viability for infants as early as 23 weeks has improved over the years” (many abortion laws prohibit the procedure after 24 weeks due to the viability of the fetus). He also observed that late-term abortions could also put the mother “in harm’s way.”

    Dr. Omar Hamada, also an OB/GYN, said following the passage of the New York law that abortion “is never necessary” to save a mother’s life.

    “There’s not a single fetal or maternal condition that requires third-trimester abortion. Not one. Delivery, yes. Abortion, no,” he told Fox News, the only news network speaking truth to power regarding the Democrat culture of death.

    Democrats are seeking to expand the ability to kill at will anyone they deem unnecessary, unworthy, or inconvenient — just like Adolph Hitler.

    And POTUS Trump’s the “Nazi?”

    No, here’s a Nazi (Hint: It’s not Tucker Carlson):

    Killing babies at near-term or after they’re born isn’t “women’s health.” It’s not about womens’ “civil rights.” It’s not about men. It’s not about Justice Brett Kavanaugh, as this insane person suggested.

    It’s about ending a life not deemed worthy of preserving, period. And that’s just how the Nazis felt about people and races other than theirs.

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    During WWII (for you liberals that know absolutely nothing about history, WWII is World War Two, not World War Eleven), the Nazi SS performed medical experiments on and murdered hundreds if not thousands of young children, from babies to teenagers, by throwing them alive into fire pits. Those that were able to try and crawl out were thrown back in. This parallels the left and the DemocRATs that want to murder any baby that survives a botched abortion, even a baby carried to term and delivered alive.

    Patrick Leary
    Patrick Leary

    Monkey see, Monkey do….


    The Democrat Party has become the Demonic Party, and their expanding support for infanticide proves it. Selling fetus/baby body parts is profitable, and if children have to be murdered to enrich leftists and RINOs that’s okay with them. Next they’ll be supporting the systematic extermination of the disabled and elderly. Where have we witnessed this nightmare before? President Trump and the Q team are getting things set up so that the evil, corrupt, lying, God-hating, anti-America, Marxist, lawbreaking, pedophilic, baby-killing politicians, royals, celebrities, and all their evil minions will soon be facing true justice. God bless Trump, Q, and all… Read more »


    The NAZI party and the Demoncrat party come into alignment. All that’s left now is for the demoncrat party to start promoting killing their political opponents… Oh wait… Stock that ammo and arms folks. War is coming.

    Jess Sain
    Jess Sain

    If only liberals could abort full term liberals, say run amok in the house senate. I would be totally down with that, I’d even drive them to the capital. jes sayin.

    Lieutenant Colonel Nicholson

    How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?

    Steve Keith

    What do you expect from an electorate that thinks FRAUD Warren is a great honest politician?

    Pezz Abro

    There’s a storm coming for the BORG. THEY think it’s going to obliterate everyone else but them, but they have a very big surprise coming, for it is THEY who will be obliterated and the rest of the world set free. Oh yes, and so it is written.


    Abort as many Masshioles as possible.

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