China preparing to deploy anti-satellite laser weapon by 2020 to target U.S. space-based assets

The Pentagon says that the Chinese military is preparing to deploy an anti-satellite laser weapon that can be used against American satellites and those of Western powers operating in low orbit by 2020.

According to a Defense Intelligence Agency report on emerging space threats, the Chinese “ASAT” weapon will be capable of either damaging or destroying targeted satellites, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The directed energy weapon is one of several designed for use against space-based targets including ground-based ASAT missiles, cyber attacks, electronic jammers, and small ‘hunter-killer’ satellites that the Chinese plan to use against U.S. satellites in any future conflict, the DIA report says.

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    “China likely is pursuing laser weapons to disrupt, degrade, or damage sat­ellites and their sensors and possibly already has a limited capability to employ laser systems against satellite sensors,” said the unclassified report.

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    So what? There are pretty simoke countermeasures that could be easily developed, for example mirrors to reflect the lasers, and other ideas I can think of. If I can come up with some real solutions, you can bet that the folks doing this for a living will be able to counter this.


    … plus, the Trump military R&D establishment is not exactly dormant in the department of advancing LASER weaponry technology. Lots going on currently — and in the near future — re laser weapon systems being put in place on board U.S. Navy destroyers, USAF fighter jets & drones, land based & satellite weapon systems. Also significant advances being made in developing much more powerful lasers that work on the smaller platforms…like drones. The Trump admin is working hard to make up for 8 years of foolhardy, Obama era negligence in military R&D…which temporarily(?)…has enabled China & Russia to be on… Read more »

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