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New survey finds nearly six-in-10 support funding for POTUS Trump’s border wall

A new survey taken shortly before President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to secure funding for construction of additional segments of wall and barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border found that almost six-in-10 people support funding for it in some way or another.

The survey was taken in the early-primary state of Iowa Feb. 10-13 by the Des Moines Register newspaper. It found 37 percent of respondents support funding for the wall, regardless of whether it comes attached to an immigration reform deal, a 7 percent increase compared to January findings.

Meanwhile, roughly the same number of respondents, 35 percent, said they don’t approve of any funding for the wall.

But here’s the kicker: The paper found that 20 percent of respondents said they support funding for a wall as long as it’s part of a broader immigration reform and border security package, which the president signed the day he declared a national emergency.

That means in sum, 57 percent of respondents support funding for the wall in some form or fashion.

“The Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll indicates an up-tick in general support for Trump with 46 percent of respondents approving of the president. Eighty-five percent of Republicans in Iowa are supporting the president. Meanwhile, half of respondents disapprove of the president’s job,” the Washington Examiner reported.

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If the mainstream news was honest,,, there would be more support for the president.

Patricia Trapasso

It’s so sad that the MSM is just an extension of the left because most people have no idea of all the amazing things our President has done.

William Russell Waite
William Russell Waite

I’d add 10 pts to the want the wall at minimum. The Register is the biggest liberal rag in Iowa. I’m 80 miles s and the wall is the issue. The rural counties are the ones who have to deal with the illegal immigrants from the southern border.

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