Smollett case: Whoever mailed the racist, homophobic ‘hate letter’ to his TV network broke federal law and will face felony charges

By J. D. Heyes

As more details surrounding “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett and his apparent hate crime hoax are revealed, a bombshell report from a local Chicago investigative news site has gone largely unnoticed.

Most of the coverage regarding Smollett has centered around the attack itself, the aftermath, what he told police, what police now believe happened, and the alleged involvement of two Nigerian brothers reportedly paid by the actor to stage the assault.

But one facet of the evolving storyline that has escaped the attention of most Americans following along, as well as most news organizations reporting on this saga, is how it began in the first place: with a juvenile-looking letter sent to Fox studios addressed to Smollett.

As reported by CWB Chicago, someone dropped the letter into a mailbox in Chicago’s southwest suburbs on Jan. 18, several days before Smollett’s alleged hate crime took place and made national news. 

The envelope containing the letter looked like a three-year-old had written it. It was sent to Smollett at Cinespace Studios, located on Chicago’s West Side where the program originates. “MAGA” — which stands for the president’s “Make America Great Again” 2016 campaign slogan — was written haphazardly in the return address space. Four days later, the website reported, the letter showed up at the studio and into Smollett’s hands.

“Something about the envelope must have raised concerns. Smollett would later tell police that he and Empire’s executive producer donned gloves before they opened it and exposed themselves to a threat letter covered in white powder. Police logged the time as 2:30 p.m.,” CBS Chicago reported. 

The powder, it was determined later, turned out to be crushed Tylenol tablets. The letter, which featured words and letters cut out of a magazine, threatened Smollett using racial, homophobic language: “You will die black f*g.”

A week or so later is when Smollett initially reported the alleged attack to police, claiming he was beaten by two “MAGA” hat-wearing white males who poured a bleach-like substance on him, put a noose around his neck, and hollered, “This is MAGA country!”

But as Smollett was reporting the attack to Chicago PD, “a multi-agency federal investigation into the source of the threat letter was entering its seventh day,” the local news site reported.

That probe is being headed by the FBI’s Chicago Field Office and began, at least, as a terrorist threat investigation. The bureau is being assisted by personnel from the United States Postal Inspection Service, a serious law enforcement entity of the U.S. Postal Service founded by none other than American patriot Benjamin Franklin.

“Whoever sent the letter to Smollett may have considered the mail to be an untraceable way to deliver a message,” CWB Chicago reported. “They’d be mistaken.”

The USPS Inspection Service has a number of ways to track letters back to their source, but a modern technique involves technology: Cellphone tracking. Beyond that, other evidence is piling up.

The two Nigerian brothers whom police initially identified and picked up for questioning told investigators last week that Smollett planned the hate crime hoax because he was angry the threat letter didn’t get more attention.

Meanwhile, FBI and USPS agents have been trying to discover the origins of the threat letter for nearly a month, “giving it far more ‘attention’ than he knew,” CWB Chicago reports.

In a tweet, the news agency quoted a “very good” crime investigator who said, “This is not a whodunit. It’s a how-many-people-dunit.” The threat letter is a “direct” link to the alleged attack, the investigation source added.

Whoever mailed the threat letter “made an enormous mistake,” the news site was told, adding that their sources say federal charges are “certain.”

Per a legal (attorney) source: “If they have Smollett on the letter, he’ll be facing ‘terroristic hoax’ charges, a felony. There may be federal obstruction charges as well.”

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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23 Comments on "Smollett case: Whoever mailed the racist, homophobic ‘hate letter’ to his TV network broke federal law and will face felony charges"

  1. I hope this article is not true, you mean Smollett sent the letter to himself? That unfortunately is how I am reading the article. While hate is bad, pretending hate needs to be worse. I am for MAGA, but when they started saying he had hired the two brothers to do this, I almost wished there was an actual unhinged jerk who dared to do this and wear a MAGA hate. I also hoped the MAGA hat wearers were wearing the hat to be deceptive – but never dreamed he hired them himself.

    • I don’t understand your premise. That is, it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. You “wished there was an actual unhinged jerk”? Ahem.

      • Not exactly, I wished some low life chose to wear a MAGA hat to do something to be blamed on them. And actually I guess that is what happened. Except the victim was the perpetrator.

    • You seem VERY invested in Smollett’s innocence. Can’t you just accept he’s a lying, racist scumbag? He deserves the scorn you’re STILL passive-aggressively heaping on the MAGA crowd who had NOTHING to do with this! YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE.

      • oh no, I am on the MAGA side all the way, I know now, President Trump is the only one and GOD given one to fix the world or at least America. I also know his prophetic duty is to continue to lead us towards one world gov. I just wish that someone who had worn the hat had done it to blame MAGA, which is the case, but I wish they also had not portrayed the vicim. In other words, sadly, I wish the victim had been real and not part of the hoax. To my way of thinking (poorly perhaps) portraying the victim is much worse than wearing the hat falsely.

  2. So Smollett can be prosecuted for sending himself a hoax hate letter? I don’t think this is the case, but bringing it to the attention of the police or informing and involving others I could understand as being a crime. The reporter should have consulted a lawyer or prosecutor and informed us of what law is being broken here. We’d like to know the potential penalty, in relation to the crime of sending letters with dangerous powder. And is there a crime regarding sending hate letters, or does freedom of speech apply and if not why?

    • The FBI was involved that makes it a federal crime, not to mention waste of tax $$$ to investigate.

    • He used the USPS to mail a foreign substance to threaten someone and you don’t think he can’t be prosecuted? The FBI and the USPS investigative service disagrees with you.

    • The crime isn’t in threatening himself. It’s reporting the fake threat as real. This not only ties up police resources (and yes…public law enforcement funds) but it foments civic strife and possibly even GENUINE violence. This is the same principle not being allowed to scream “fire” in a theater…you have a right to speech…but not if it endangers the public or crosses the line into fraud. Same reason the FDA can stop people from making false claims about the effects of products or drugs.

  3. Anybody falsely using resources, paid for by others, should spend some time in jail.

  4. Gee, I wonder who could have sent him the letter? I hope the FBI has their most crackerjack forensic experts and bloodhounds working on the case round-the-clock. I wonder if they have any potential suspects or vague ideas. Maybe it was Russians. #JusticeForJussie

  5. The only way to stop these “hate hoaxes” which are aimed 99.9% of the time at Trump or Trump supporters — is to bring the full force of every law broken and the full penalty for each. I believe Jussie just might be the first.

    • Nick Sandman is going after the Post for the value of the paper $250M. If he wins the Post may have to file for bankruptcy. If they win then Sandman’s lawyers can go after Maher et al and destroy them as well. There could be over $1B in judgements before this is over.

      • Let’s hope Sandman’s lawyers take them all down. Maybe, just maybe – Jussie has broke the bank with his evil, dangerous, nasty criminal hoax.

  6. Are we all pretending he didn’t orchestrate the letter, too? LOL! I heard he was charged for filing a false report. He’ll NEVER serve time for it. He’s a dangerous man.

    • I think maybe the Russians were involved (those weren’t Nigerians, they were Russians in blackface, as anyone can see) — the Russians were involved, leading of course to the president himself. Orange Man Bad. Adam Schiff is demanding a secondary “special counsel” be appointed.

  7. Strange Days Indeed | February 20, 2019 at 10:46 pm | Reply

    The mainstream media that all lined up to fall for this story should all turn in their press credentials. It was ridiculous on its face and Smollett has to be one of the worst actors in history: he couldn’t stop smiling throughout the entire [first] NBC interview. It’s a joke from start to finish.

    • Almost too good to be true, the way the filthy press and HollyW rush to judgment. This Chicago mess, the Covington School–praying for all Communist-Democrats to face time and fines.

  8. If he sent the letter to himself, evidence will eventually point to him, adding to his problems. then you have his blatant denials, then you have to wonder about the mind that wanted to go through all of this drama.

    • Wonder about the mind???? Heavens NO! Totally expected (he is, after all, a Communist); Americans have nearly 100 years of witnessing how low Communists will go. They’ve been eating the “Democrat Party” all that time, have finally swallowed it.

  9. Hmm lynching letter; lynch around nexk; anti-lynching bill by harris and booker; both 2020 wannabees
    How many people were lynched in last 5-10 years that makes this bill needed? Needed a little more attention Hmmm
    Fyi it is already illegal to hang someone

  10. This guy hates white people.

    This guy is what you would normally classify as a “racist”.

  11. “Whoever sent the letter to Smollett may have considered the mail to be an untraceable way to deliver a message…They’d be mistaken.”

    Bad news for “whoever” (Smollett) sent the letter! LOL! I know…we have to pretend it wasn’t him…until the MSM just can’t cover for him anymore…just like the truth about the “attack”! EVERYONE east of the Mississippi knew he was lying…and the MSM was still covering for him 2 weeks later! LOL! They are bigger frauds than Smollett!

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