Want Jussie Smollett to actually PAY for the investigation into his hate hoax felony? There’s a form for that

By Jon Dougherty

As many suspected, “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett did indeed fake his “hate crime” assault and now he’s been arrested by Chicago PD and charged with one felony count of disorderly conduct for filing a false police report.

After surrendering to authorities late Wednesday, many people are saying what they’ve always said when someone fakes a crime: “They ought to make Smollett pay for the investigation” launched by police and the FBI following his Jan. 29 complaint.

Well, as it turns out, there’s a form for that very thing.

As CWB Chicago reports, Chicago PD has what is called the “Cost Recovery Incident Form” and, if Smollett is convicted for the crime he is charged, form #CPD-61.230 could be the first step taken by the department in recovering the costs of his alleged hoax investigation.

The website notes:

Chicago ordinance authorizes the city to seek compensation, for wages and benefits of city personnel, attorneys, costs of equipment and materials, and “any other costs allocable to the provision of services” in a variety of situations.

And the first “situation” on the city’s list of recoverable incidents is “the deployment of police to respond and provide service as a result of a person’s false reporting of a crime.”

Should Chicago PD go this route, the expenses levied against Smollett could be massive. As we reported Wednesday, the investigation into the hoax includes the FBI and U.S. Postal Service inspectors who are looking into the origins of a letter with juvenile writing sent to Smollett at the Fox-affiliated studio where he worked on Empire.

The letter contained a white powder that turned out to be crushed Tylenol, but federal authorities are considering that a terrorist incident. Plus, because the letter was mailed and went through the federal postal system, that itself is a whole new avenue for felony charges.

There’s been no word indicating that Smollett himself mailed the letter. But reports have noted he was upset after the ‘threat letter’ arrived and did not generate more attention (i.e. Left-wing outrage). So the working theory is that he may have sent the letter to himself and when it didn’t have the desired effect, he decided to stage a hoax “assault” using two Nigerian brothers.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Cops moved to arrest Smollett and charge him with filing a false hate crime report after video surfaced of the brothers, Ola and Abel Osundairo, buying a red hat and ski masks, among other items, at a local area business prior to the alleged staged attack.

The brothers had already been questioned by police and had reportedly told cops that they were in on the hate crime conspiracy, noting that they had ‘rehearsed’ the attack with Smollett.

Another working theory is that they bought the red hat to coincide with the story Smollett was telling police — that one of the alleged ‘white racists’ was wearing the iconic red “MAGA” hat during the beating as both yelled “racial” and “homophobic” slurs and proclaimed “This is MAGA country!”

As for charging Smollett, CWB Chicago notes that whoever “mailed that [threat] letter is likely to be charged with, among other things,  creating a hoax terroristic threat. And they’ll face a double-whammy.”

The site notes further:

The city, of course, will be in a position to pursue all costs involved in that case, including the deployment of fire department HAZMAT units.

And 18 U.S. Code § 1038, “False information and hoaxes,” specifically states that—in addition to a potential five years in prison—anyone convicted of the charge “is liable in a civil action to any party incurring expenses incident to any emergency or investigative response to that conduct, for those expenses.”

And the law goes on to say that the sentencing court “shall” order reimbursement, not that it “may.”

While the resolution of felony charges is probably a year or two down the road, obviously Smollett isn’t likely to get away with a hate hoax that very likely could have led to Rodney King-style riots, violence, and blood in American streets all across the country, given the spread of Trump Derangement Syndrome stoked by a “mainstream” media (MSM) and Hollywood Left against our president and his supporters.

The scary part is that Smollett almost pulled it off.

If found guilty he should pay — with his freedom and his wallet.

Now we know there’s a form for that.

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This racist bigot needs to spend a few years in a federal prison for hate crimes!

James Carpenter
James Carpenter

Poor Juicy.
His brethren in spirit will be throwing him under the bus in righteous indignation. That _anyone_ from the Left would commit hateful fraud? Oh, no, not a social justice warrior. Never.

Sam Dennis
Sam Dennis

Yeah, when are the ‘supporting’ Obama’s going to condemn this racial fraud that was designed to fan the flames of hatred?

There’s no JUSTICE without ICE.

Sam Huston
Sam Huston

“Empire” producers are floating a trial balloon about suspending Jussie Smollett.

I don’t recall ABC resorting to a focus group before deciding to fire Rosanne Barr for a bad joke.

Yet Smollett perpetrates a potentially riot inducing hate crime hoax, mail fraud, and a terrorist threat and gets the benefit of one before FOX Entertainment decides whether to fire the felon or not???

Being a lib affirmative action hero has it’s privileges, being White doesn’t.

Robert Cat
Robert Cat

I doubt Smollett will spend any time in jail, let alone get prison time because of gay and black privilege.

Collateral Justice
Collateral Justice

The program which profited the most for a FOX bankrolled venture. Make then pay interest until the pain becomes Headline News for weeks.

Bubba-J Andy
Bubba-J Andy

I want him CHARGED with a HATE crime against ALL WHITE PEOPLE!
BUT alas I know that will not happen per the idiots say “blacks can’t commit hate crimes”
Just think if it had been a reverse, two innocent White men were arrested just because they showed up on a cctv. Can you imagine what would be happening now. I shudder to think.


The Chicago Police have announced that Smollett created this hoax because he thought he wasn’t being paid enough on Empire. I guess he figured his pay would be increased or other more lucrative roles elsewhere might open up if he got enough sympathy from Trump-hating show biz people. First it was MAGA-hat-wearing white guys, then it was anti-black black guys, and now it’s been PROVEN that the culprit was Jussie Smollett himself all along. The Chicago police are very angry with Smollett. He needs to go to jail for his hoax.


Keeps pointing out how much better race relations ARE in the US these days! Couldn’t FIND a WHITE MAN to racially and sexually harass him, so he had to hire NIGERIANS! 200 years ago the only ones who would have been punished would have been teh Nigerians – they woul have been HUNG for posing as White men!!!


[…] Now that the incident has been exposed as a hoax — as many of us long suspected — some of the same disgustingly dishonest MSM outlets (CNN and especially that race-baiting hack Don Lemon, we’re looking at you) have continued to blame the president and thus perpetuate the hoax that Smollett created. (Related: Want Jussie Smollett to actually PAY for the investigation into his hate hoax felony? There’s a fo….) […]

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