Vermont Democrats pass most expansive abortion bill yet, further cementing their reputation as the ‘party of death’

By Jon Dougherty

It’s obvious by now that Democrats are making a push in the states they control to dramatically expand abortion over fears that POTUS Donald Trump will have the chance to “pack” the U.S. Supreme Court with pro-life conservatives who may someday rule against the procedure.

In the process, Democrats are trying to claim they’re only protecting ‘women’s rights,’ but what they’re actually doing is proving to Americans they are the true “party of death.”

Vermont is the latest deep blue state to expand abortion rights to a point that borders on infanticide. The Vermont House has voted to pass legislation allowing abortion at any stage of pregnancy and for any reason whatsoever.

Critics say the legislation is more expansive of abortion rights than extremist bills passed in New York and Virginia, The Blaze notes.

“Every individual who becomes pregnant has the fundamental right to choose to carry a pregnancy to term, give birth to a child, or to have an abortion,” the legislation says. Astonishingly, the bill passed 106 to 36.

Minority Republicans in the Vermont House tried to add some semi-reasonable restrictions to the bill such as requiring minor children to get parental consent before getting an abortion and requiring women to get an ultrasound before having the procedure.

Both of those were soundly defeated, however.

Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review blasted Democrats for supporting the horrific law, saying it “makes a frightening statement about the Democratic party’s increasingly extreme view of abortion rights.”

Well, sure, but that’s hardly relevant for a party whose members view abortion “rights” the same way they view climate change — with a cult-like acceptance. Facts don’t matter, decency doesn’t matter, and Democrats don’t find their views “extreme.”

As for the Vermont bill, it appears destined to become law. Democrats have a supermajority in the state Senate and Gov. Phil Scott, also a Democrat, has said he’ll gladly sign it.


Democrats appear to be on the road to a self-fulfilling prophecy: More federal regulation of abortion and, perhaps, a federal court challenge. That’s because according to polling data released this month, the vast majority of Americans oppose late-term abortion laws like the one New York passed last month and Vermont is on the verge of passing.

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9 Comments on "Vermont Democrats pass most expansive abortion bill yet, further cementing their reputation as the ‘party of death’"

  1. A moral economy , are these people demented . Where are the morals in murdering innocent babies . These people are beyond sick . They are mass murderers .

  2. God forbid

  3. these bills are all in response to James okeefe’s undercover exposes…….he exposed their illegal behavior of harvesting baby parts, doing post birth abortions to get the best parts,……now all the democrat controlled states are bringing the regulations in line with it, so it isn’t illegal anymore,…..we are so screwed in this country!!!!!
    the dems are literal satanic demons

  4. Vermont…what the hell are you doing? Who are these people in your House of Representatives ? Are they really representing the people of Vermont? Are there no Vermonters willing to fight and resist this most diabolical evil? I grew up in NH and Maine…always conservative as well as Vermont, proud of their heritage, role in the founding of this nation…your ancestors are rolling in their graves. This is just evil, it is murder… I will never step foot in Vermont again, my business will never do business with anything made in Vermont again, Vermont Casting, Hubbardton Forge, Maple Syrup etc…. All of the citizens of Vermont, you are complicit in this great evil.

    • It’s not the Vermonters, it’s all the Astro Turf transplants running Alinsky organizations, our complete press lock out, and totally controlled state house (by lobbyists, PAC and Non Profits) that’s creating all this. We have one of the lowest ethics grades in the Nation

  5. Sickening.
    If I lived there I would move out just on principal. Damned if they are getting my tax dollars.

  6. The same people are protesting at State Prisons not to kill a child killing rapist????

  7. Greetings from Vermont,

    We are under massive censorship and media bias in this state. You can see some of the discussion via this on Truth North Reports.

    We have been trying to inform people, we have many people willing to post competing ideas, but many are deleted. VT Digger, I believe has two full time people personally monitoring every comment made. See the entire country has left us for dead, which gave rise to our latest candidate, Bernie Sanders. Thankfully he is getting the exposure he should have for years, instead he was played with kit gloves.

    Here are some of thing we’ve been trying to educate the public with.

    We have a population exit, we are going down in numbers. The state wants to pay people to move into our state. We are so over taxed. We have one of the highest minimum wages, but they keep adding taxes to the poor no less. Everybody is struggling because Vermont is so expensive.

    We do not want to be the next Venezuela! Bernie does but Vermonters don’t. We desperately need some national exposure, because none of the craziness is getting called out for what it truly.

    From those of us who understand that Vermont is a Constitutional Republic….this is an SOS. We desperately need your help and voice.

  8. Greetings From Vermont.

    Ironically our bill will be the bill the overturns Roe V. Wade, it’s going to drive our leftists crazy, I can’ t wait for it to unfold.

    Our state is experiencing massive censorship and media bias, the likes of which nobody, even with all this going on in the U.S. has experienced. I tried to provide links, but they seem to not get posted. Go to True North Reports and you can find an article.

    We have many people in the know, and many people that have been completely indoctrinated by our school system. You can see our attempts on Green Mountain Party website, under the news section, also on Citizen Reports….

    Vermont has been left for dead by the rest of the country. It’s allowed Bernie to spew his propaganda unfettered for years. We have so many astro turf organization, following the Alinsky model, it’s sickening. We’re over run with transplants, we have organizers imported from S. Chicago, Carolinas to help run Rights and Democracy, a new org from 2015.

    Most people have not idea across the state, our long time state wide paper, 7 Days shares a life with a major senator, Ashe. Completely in the leftist tank.

    We need national coverage, it’s so great to see Bernie finally being exposed in the light. Our education system is closer to a socialist boot camp. From those of us, there are hundreds of thousands From those of us who realize we are a constitutional republic and not a socialist country or democratic country….please shed some national light on this state. They are literally sending people from out of state to run for office. Most of our legislature is recent transplants.

    Don’t give up on us. SOS….please shed some national media light.

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