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Girls’ sports being decimated by biological males claiming to be females

By J. D. Heyes

Far be it from us to tell anyone how to live but someone has to say it: There are only two genders in this world of ours, male and female, and it doesn’t matter how someone “identifies,” that biological fact is established and unalterable.

Granted, modern medical technology may be able to ‘transform’ a male into a female and vice versa, but regardless of that, the gender we are born with is always going to be dominant in terms of our physiology and our psyche.

With that being said, the Left is nevertheless hard at work trying to convince us that gender is a ‘fluid’ thing and in some cases, an outright choice, so old societal constructs like “male” and “female” sports are no longer necessary or relevant.

That’s why they go along with allowing biological males to participate in (and dominate) all-female events simply because they ‘identify’ as a girl, claiming — remarkably and unbelievably — that there are no physical differences between the sexes. 

One example of this expanding lunacy is playing out to much controversy (right?) in Connecticut. Earlier this month, as Matt Margolis at PJ Media pointed out, “transgender athlete” Terry Miller of Bloomfield High School in Connecticut recently won a track-and-field sprint over another “transgender” runner, Andraya Yearwood as well as actual female contestants in an all-girls event earlier this month. These two boys — and biologically, that’s what they are — have been at the center of mounting gender controversy since electing to identify as the other sex:

Last year, Miller and Yearwood finished in the top two spots for the state’s 100-meter state outdoor championships. Miller also won the 300-meter state indoor championship this season. The event at issue now is the 55-meter dash at the state open indoor track championships. Miller and Yearwood once again took the top two spots, with Miller setting a record of 6.95 seconds, and Yearwood finishing in 6.95 seconds. The third place winner, a biological female, finished in 7.23 seconds.

Deep-blue Connecticut is one of 17 states that allow biological boys and girls to compete in each others’ high school sporting events. Margolis, quoting the website, which tracks such things, noted that seven states, meanwhile, “make it difficult for transgender athletes to compete while in school, like requiring athletes to compete under the gender on their birth certificate…”

Well, the smarty-pants Leftists have figured out a way around that little biological pigeonhole: They are simply convincing hospitals and states to leave gender identity at birth as ‘neutral.’

That seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen; governments — the federal government, especially — rely on gender statistics for a lot of things. So does the Left when you think about it; extrapolating this ‘non-binary’ sexual ID at birth craze out several years, how will liberals complain that too many men ‘run things’ when we don’t know how many ‘men’ there are any more?

In any event, opposition to transgender craziness in high school sports is growing. Some groups are trying to use established scientific data to demonstrate that men/boys, on average and very much in most cases, are far stronger and more agile physically than women/girls.

Also, biological girls, such as Selina Soule, a Glastonbury (Connecticut) High School junior who lost to Miller and Yearwood, are complaining about losing out to biological boys. In Soule’s case, her recent eighth-place finish in a 55-meter race won by Miller cost her a chance to compete in regional competitions throughout New England.

“We all know the outcome of the race before it even starts; it’s demoralizing,” she said, according to Margolis. “I fully support and am happy for these athletes for being true to themselves.

“They should have the right to express themselves in school, but athletics have always had extra rules to keep the competition fair,” she added.

Not anymore.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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14 Comments on Girls’ sports being decimated by biological males claiming to be females

  1. the glorious people's collective utopia // March 1, 2019 at 9:55 am // Reply

    I keep telling myself that I’m a millionaire but the wallet says no. Like Ayn Rand said you can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
    I am glad that Trump cut off the trannies in the military since it was all about the military paying for their conversion.
    I’m sure Russians and other baddies would tremble in fear of tranny troops.
    Are the feminists too busy with their box wine and cats to notice that the trans crowd doesn’t care about their “rights” and doesn’t want to play well with the others?

  2. Dennis Rutherford // March 1, 2019 at 11:02 am // Reply

    The Left is trying to convince us of many things that are not true. They ignore facts and reality and prefer to push their own interpretation of facts and reality instead. If you disagree with them then they become violent. A type of mass delusion has overcome them. The insane are trying to take over the world. Like you see in the movies where zombies invade the earth and either they kill people or turn them into zombies as well.

    There is no compromise with the Left. They are forcing their ideologies on us and are contaminating societal norms with physical and psychological destruction. That is extremely dangerous when especially when America is hanging in the balance.

    • Gay and transgender are not the same.

      Which one serves honorably and which one enters the military just for the free (our taxes) government provided gender transition, sex reassignment procedures, followed by required regular hormone treatments and follow-up medical visits. Then the counseling.

      Because transgenders are constantly on medication, they are not deployable or ‘combat ready’, basically just burdensome tax parasites weakening our military capability … then there are those that decide to ‘de-transition’.

      Who would your son be in a foxhole with?

      “… the reality that placing individuals who might be at increased risk for suicide or other psychological injury in the most stressful situation imaginable—the battlefield—is reckless.”

      “Unfortunately, 41 percent of people who identify as transgender will attempt suicide at some point in their lives, compared to 4.6 percent of the general population. And people who have had transition surgery are 19 times more likely than average to die by suicide.”

      “People who identify as transgender suffer a host of mental health and social problems—including anxiety, depression, and substance abuse—at higher rates than the general population. Biology isn’t bigotry, …”

      5 Good Reasons Why Transgender Accommodations Aren’t …

  3. Peter Halligan // March 1, 2019 at 4:39 pm // Reply

    pretty soon the Olympics will be an all male event

  4. I shudder to think what people will think looking back at all this from the perspective of future centuries. I suspect that the gender and sexuality madness will be seen to have had no small role in the collapse of our civilization. Sexual deviation is, of course, nothing new. Ancient Greek men were obsessed with boys. But there are important differences now, when perversion is not only accepted as normal, but normal male sexuality is literally criminalized.

  5. It seems to me that the radical Feminists made their bed, and now they get to lie in it.

    No more dual-track sports.
    No more “Men’s” and “Women’s”
    Everyone competes on the same field.
    -Track & Field
    -Association Football (aka Soccer)
    etc., etc.

    If the real females can compete, fine.
    If not, then Suck It Up, Buttercup!

  6. As a woman (I guess I need to specify “biological woman”) living in Connecticut, I’m delighted this is going on. When men dominate every woman’s sport, *maybe* people will begin to understand that there are actual measurable differences between the genders. I’m sitting back with my popcorn enjoying the show at this point. I do, however, feel terribly sorry for the sporting girls & women who are literally being left in the dust by these men.

  7. Transgendered should not be allowed to participate in sports.

    • A Caveat here< Chromosomes matter: XX Chromosome girls should compete against other XX Chromosome girls and XY chromosome boys should compete against XY chromosome boys. XY Trans-gendered "girls" should only compete against other XY trans-gendered "girls". Like wise for XX chromosome trans gendered "boys" should only compete against other XX chromosome trans gendered "boys" if this was truly a trans-gendered issue rather than a competition issue. Why don't we ever hear about a XX chromosome trans-gendered girl winning competitions against XY Chromosome boys? All this is is that a boy who could not compete against other boys found a way to game the system and win events while identifying as a girl. Look up what happened to the US Womens Soccer team when they played a boys team. Wait until a below average "trans endered" male who identifies as a female wants to play in the WNBA or the US womens soccer team.

  8. bodieisland // March 1, 2019 at 11:54 pm // Reply

    Utopia, just this past week the liberal courts did what they normally do and struck down POTUS’s military ban. Now that Mattis is gone and some no-name is in charge, this person announced The Pentagon will NOT APPEAL the decision to keep trannies out of the military. Where is AG Barr???

  9. How did this once great country get to the point of such stupidity? Why are we pushed to play these “Let’s pretend” games? These are guys, no matter what their mental instability and sneaky way of winning tries to portray, and should never be cheating this way. Girls cannot be guys, neither can guys be girls, and all the surgeries in the world won’t change that. Oh America, where will this stupidity lead to next?

  10. TexanForever Thompson // March 2, 2019 at 7:13 am // Reply

    You can call a hog an eagle all you want but genetically it’s still a hog. Throw it off a rooftop and see if it will fly.

  11. This is the greatest thing ever. What a time to be alive! We now have men beating women in beauty pagents and crushing them in sports. Everyone has always known how much better men are than women but have been required by the rules of PC to deny it. Now the rules of PC require women to subjugate themselves. One can only hope that every womens athletic scholorship go to men and all women’s sports records are held by men too.

  12. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I just read about an 18 year old high school wrestler who gave up his high school career rather than wrestle with girls. His reasons were religious and cultural. Women have, through the unelected courts, forced this upon us. So, my only objection is that these frauds are allowed to compete as women. They should be made to identify as what they are, men.

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