‘Queen’ Kamala would use govt. to force Americans to ‘change their behavior’ due to ‘climate change’

By Jon Dougherty

Democratic presidential contender Sen. Kamala Harris is a fervent believer in human-caused “climate change” — so much so that she would use the power of the federal government to force you to adopt certain behaviors and lifestyles, no matter what impact such measures would have on your income or liberties.

“It is a fact that we can change human behaviors without much change to our lifestyle and we can save the future generations of our country and this world,” Harris said in a video first published by The Hill.

She’s fibbing. There is no way we can realize the extreme climate policy objectives without radically changing our lifestyle — and our national economy.

How do we know? Because Harris, California Democrat, has also thrown her support behind Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal,” which some have estimated would cost nearly $94 trillion and which would eliminate most current energy sources and forms of transportation.

And let’s not fool ourselves. Democrats are authoritarians; they would force all of us to live under certain rules and restrictions in order to realize their radical climate policy objectives.

“There has been a failure to do that because this administration and the people who are part of it are in the pockets of big oil and are denying what we know is a reality around greenhouse gas emissions and what we need to do to curb those, what we need to do to focus on the fact that water is a precious resource,” Harris said, citing the climate change theories that warn of dire destruction based on climate models that fail to predict the future, PJ Media reported.

“We can be smarter about a policy that also is about creating jobs to invest in renewable energy. Some good work is happening in this state,” she added.

“Solar, wind turbine, all of that. We need a new president,” Harris concluded.

PJ Media:

Yes, the government “can change human behaviors.” Programs like the Green New Deal can push America back into the Stone Age. That doesn’t mean such proposals should be done. Only a tyrant thinks drastic solutions to unclear problems that would result in an expansion of poverty should be pushed down the throats of an unwilling populace in the name of “changing human behaviors.”

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5 Comments on "‘Queen’ Kamala would use govt. to force Americans to ‘change their behavior’ due to ‘climate change’"

  1. Once you give the Left power over you ” to force you to adopt certain behaviors and lifestyles ” then they will stop at nothing. They will control every facet of your life. They will decide what religion is permissible or not. They will decide what we can and cannot do in our personal lives. Nothing will be out of their control. Those who fight back or protest will be punished and they will have no sympathy for the children, the poor and the weak.

    That is the new socialism/muslim hybrid doctrine they are preaching. They won’t be satisfied until they crush America and her values. It’s blatantly obvious they are controlled by their lust for money and power. Any patriotism they feign is camouflage to hide their true intentions.

  2. desertspeaks | March 11, 2019 at 5:36 pm | Reply

    she’s making war against the constitution which is perjury of her oath and to many people, she’s committing treason, for which she can be sentenced to death as it is one of the punishments for treason!

  3. Shut up. Most politicians are intellectual lightweights who have a profound understanding of nothing. They are scientifically illiterate, yet think of themselves as experts on any matter. Next week she will present herself as an expert on the next invented crisis, whatever that may be. Any real science is disregarded if it doesn’t fit their agenda. Most of the time it is beyond their comprehension anyway.

  4. That could be too much truth, for a lot of people on the left…That much truth, at one time, could clog up their pipework…Me thinks…

  5. Lawrence Bates | March 11, 2019 at 9:46 pm | Reply

    I am so woke by the effort of Kamalatoe and Ocassional Cortex, that I will be farting in a jar from now on and shipping it to them!

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