Former Miss USA contestant yanks Ocasio-Cortez’s leash: ‘You’re not the boss of the American people’

By Jon Dougherty

The Leftist “mainstream” media may be enamored with freshman Democratic Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but an increasing number of young people close to her age are not impressed.

Count former Miss Ohio and attorney Madison Gesiotto among them.

During a recent interview on Fox Business with Stuart Varney, Gesiotto said that despite Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘my way or the highway’ mentality, most Americans would not agree with her socialist ‘fixes’ for the country.

“I think when you look at the majority of people in this country, she does not represent their views,” Gesiotto said, adding in a tweet: “YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS, @AOC. Your policies will not work. Your ideas are dangerous to Americans.”

The former Miss USA contestant was responding to was responding to remarks Ocasio-Cortez made in late February, in which the congresswoman claimed, “I’m the boss,” for pushing initiatives like the Green New Deal.

The freshman Democrat’s comments drew a lot of heat but Gesiotto’s was some of the hottest.

“I’m not sure where she gets her false sense of authority and power but guess what? She may be the boss of her staff, but she’s not the boss of the American people,” Gesiotto said, noting that the freshman legislator is not even “the boss of her party.”

She added that a lawmaker’s job isn’t to ‘be the boss’ but listen to other bosses in the private sector to get an idea of how things really work.

“Her boss is the American people in the 14th District of New York and I’m willing to bet that she won’t be around very long if she continues to go farther and farther and farther left because guess what?

“These policies aren’t going to work,” she said.

Gesiotto expounded further upon the out-of-touch nature of the Democrats’ Left-wing tilt in a recent commentary piece for The Hillwhere she is a columnist.

“Many of the Democratic candidates for 2020 have been fully embracing socialist policies, but Americans simply do not want a socialist president,” she wrote.

That said, a new poll revealed that nearly half of America’s young Millennials embrace socialism — though when socialism is explained to them and they find out how much in taxes they’d have to pay to support socialist ideas, their support tanks.

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Boe Jiden (@Malarkie4u)

Unlike AOC, Gesiotto has both brains and great looks! AOC has niether, so sad…..

Newton Love
Newton Love

AOC proposed the Green New Deal.
Legislation that AOC could propose, that would be equally effective:
US Law forbidding hurricanes and typhoons
US Law outlawing tornadoes


EDUCATE that is what WE need to do. The dems will not tell them the taxes will be prohibitively high. The dems wont tell them that everything free is impossible. The dems wont tell them that giving over your guns and health care will be disastrous. The schools pushed America and GOD away. Everything WE did was wrong from spanking to not spanking to trusting the gov to educate our children while WE took upon ourselves double income instead of child rearing. Ultimately, by taking the easy, grow richer approach, WE may have lost a generation or three. Hopefully, now… Read more »

Toni T
Toni T

I think she has some bigwig, like Soros, funding her and telling her what to push, and that’s why she thinks she’s the boss.


AOC is a Deep State/Soros puppet, parroting whatever nonsense leftist subversives tell her to spew. She is already corrupt, and she just arrived in Congress. Millenials like the idea of free everything under a socialist form of government. They are unaware and uninformed about what REALLY happens under socialism — the rulers live in luxury while the common people share the meager leftovers; free speech is replaced by the “party” line and anyone expressing ideas and opinions differing from that are imprisoned; people work in whatever jobs are chosen for them, and only certain ones are allowed to be enrolled… Read more »

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