Trump again targets UN funding decrease in foreign policy budget, but globalist Democrats look set to reject it

By Jon Dougherty

For the third year in a row, POTUS Donald Trump has submitted a budget that contains a decrease in funding for foreign affairs, most notably a drop in funding for the United Nations, but this time it’ll be Democrats who will likely refuse to approve it.

POTUS’ “FY 2020 budget proposal seeks $42.803 billion for the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development, around $726 million more than requested in the 2019 budget, but significantly below what the U.S. Congress approved for 2019, $54.418 billion,” CNS News reports, adding that the State/USAID budgets for FY 2017 and FY 2018 were $59.752 and $56.386 respectively.

The budget request sent to Congress notes that funding requested for the UN and other international organizations seeks to fully fund “those organizations critical to our national security but makes cuts or reductions to those whose results are unclear, whose work does not directly affect our national security interests, or for which the funding burden is not fairly shared among members.”

“The [State] Department will continue to work with the international organizations including the U.N. to reduce costs, improve effectiveness, and more fairly share the funding burden,” it adds.

Meanwhile, the request notes that the administration is committed to “promoting U.S. leadership in international organizations as a means of countering actions by countries that do not share U.S. national security interests and values.”

Democrats, however, are prepared to reject it. House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.) and Senate Appropriations Committee ranking member Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) have said the proposal is “dead on arrival” in Congress.

“Even though the Administration doesn’t seem to get the message, it bears repeating: at a time when the United States is facing crises across the globe, investing in diplomacy and development advances American interests, values, and security,” said Engel in a statement.

Leahy said the budget was “not worth the paper it is printed on,” and predicted that it will be rejected by Congress.

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-Ala.), was more accommodating, however, promising to review the president’s request in due course.

At the State Department, Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan said that “President Trump has made it clear that U.S. foreign assistance should serve America’s national interest and should support those countries that help us to advance our foreign policy goals.”

The U.S. provides the bulk of funding for the UN — 22 percent of the operating budget. But in 2019, taxpayers would be on the hook for 27.89 percent of the UN peacekeeping budget.

The president’s decrease in UN and foreign affairs funding comes as the national debt tops $22 trillion, though few lawmakers in Congress appear ready or willing to address it, preferring instead to continue kicking the can down the road.

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4 Comments on "Trump again targets UN funding decrease in foreign policy budget, but globalist Democrats look set to reject it"

  1. “The New World Order under the UN will reduce everything to one common denominator. The system will be made up of a single currency, single centrally financed government, single tax system, single language, single political system, single world court of justice, single state religion…Each person will have a registered number, without which he will not be allowed to buy or sell; and there will be one universal world church. Anyone who refuses to take part in the universal system will have no right to exist.”

    Assessment of the New World by Dr. Kurk E. Koch

  2. 9/11 WTC – Biggest Gold Heist in History: ~ $300 Billion in Gold Bars
    Did that gold end up in the IMF vault?

    First the audits of the gold and UN pensions for people that hate us, then the claw back, then kick them the hell out of the USA.
    (and how did they get it?)

    The IMF and World Bank are UN agencies of now countless agencies, commissions and organizations, one big Trojan Horse and tool of a few dynastic families, sucking the wealth, sovereignty, freedoms and life out of the world.

    10 nations that control the world’s gold – MarketWatch
    “The International Monetary Fund is the third-largest official holder of gold, with more than 2,814 tonnes. ”

    THAT WAS BACK IN 2012!

    Where’s all that IMF gold coming from? (Ask NATO< AND since 2012 when that article was written what happened to the gold of Libya? Egypt? Tunisia? Ukraine? soon Syria?) And Germany can't get their's back?

    The IMF is ANOTHER UN agency, it is not a 'nation', it has been deemed 'supranational sovereignty' (deemed by the UN's 'International Court of Justice' -yep, another UN agency).
    … so the UN creates an agency to deem itself and it's other agencies supranational sovereignty over the world and makes it's own laws, decides it needn't pay any tax nor provide any revenues -sweet deal if your a UN employee.

    Wikipedia the UN and see how BEHEMOTHIC it now is with all it’s agencies, impotent peace keeping forces, organizations, commissions and each comes with their own building complexes, vehicles, uniforms, equipment, support complexes, staff, …
    …salaries, travel, security, food and energy expenses, conferences AND the now tens of thousands of UN retirees (mostly foreign) and their pensions, perks and benefits.
    YOO HOO, who do you think is paying for all of that?

    UN parasites in suits needing evermore revenues for their opulent salaries, lifestyles and ever growing pensions (and who are getting more and more authoritarian and predatory toward US citizens).

    WHEN WILL THERE BE AN AUDIT OF THE IMF'S HUGE GOLD HOARD? (and how did they get it?)

  3. He should propose to vacate the UN facility in NYC, and convert it into low income housing. Then make AOC look bad for opposing it. If she agrees, with Trump, she’ll look bad to her SJW constituents.

  4. Cowardly and corrupt republican RINOs also oppose Trump on most every issue.

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