Hannity: Deep State ‘day of reckoning’ about to happen as Devin Nunes warns of ‘criminal referrals’ coming

By Jon Dougherty

Don’t pay any attention to the new shiny objects garnering all the press in Washington, D.C., or threats of new investigations into all things President Trump from Democratic committee chairman,  Rep. Devin Nunes advised last week.

Rather, he says, in a few short weeks “criminal referrals” involving several Deep State players special counsel Robert Mueller has strangely “skipped over” are going to be made to Attorney General William Barr, and that’s when the action really begins.


In an interview with One America News during the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this month, the California Republican said that he and other GOP lawmakers were still, after two years, attempting to find out additional details regarding the Deep State operation to spy on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign as well as undermine it to the point of driving him from office after he defeated Hillary Clinton.

“We’re still continuing to get to the bottom of what was happening to the Department of Justice and the FBI, trying to make sure that everyone there is held accountable…either through the courts or otherwise…. We’ll be making criminal referrals on a whole host of topics, most importantly probably lying and misleading Congress,” he said.

Nunes also pointed out that while Mueller has made a number of cases thus far, he’s “skipped a whole bunch of people who’ve lied or mislead Congress, so we’ll be making those referrals to the Department of Justice.”

A few days after that interview, during an appearance on Fox News’ Sean Hannity program, Nunes made the same claim, as reported by Fellowship of the Minds:

We are preparing a criminal referral that we will present to the attorney general at the appropriate time…for many crimes. The obvious ones that you would know about would be lying to Congress. But we will also be looking at FISA [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] abuse and all the other matters that we have been looking into. It will probably be one large referral….

Nunes also mentioned a timeline — “in the next two to three, four weeks” — for making the referral. What’s more, he cautioned against paying attention to the new “shiny balls” currently “running around Congress here.”

And he said people should “ignore” calls for new investigations into the president and his campaign from partisans like the new head of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), who took over for Nunes when the chamber flipped to his party in the midterms.

On Thursday, Hannity said his sources were telling him that a “day of reckoning” is about to break wide open.

“Do you all agree with this statement? You can shake your heads. This is about to break wide open and many of these players are about to see a day of reckoning?” Hannity asked his panel of guests, investigative reporter John Solomon, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

All replied to the affirmative.

“My sources are telling me the same,” Hannity said.

Nunes’ interview:


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15 Comments on "Hannity: Deep State ‘day of reckoning’ about to happen as Devin Nunes warns of ‘criminal referrals’ coming"

  1. I’m more than ready for a day of reckoning. I’m chomping at the bit to see all those arrogant, corrupt, seditious, lying, cheating, Trump-hating leftists and RINOs indicted, prosecuted, and convicted. Get it done. It’s overdue. Gitmo is ready, and so are we patriots. Trump 2020!

  2. Darrell Dullnig | March 15, 2019 at 6:12 pm | Reply

    Promises, promises……….

  3. fingers crossed

  4. Sure, sure. The check is in the mail………

  5. LionelMandrake | March 15, 2019 at 9:21 pm | Reply

    I wanna see bodies hanging from trees!

  6. Larry Holmgren | March 15, 2019 at 10:36 pm | Reply

    Indictments. Arrests. Trials. Convictions.
    And 30 years imprisonment in an underground open air cage in Gitmo.
    And some special elections to get a replacement congressman.
    And disband the FBI, the FISA Courts and CIA operations.

  7. snailmailtrucker | March 15, 2019 at 10:52 pm | Reply

    and Justice for all !

  8. Shoe Shine Boy | March 16, 2019 at 7:44 am | Reply

    The sky is falling! Again!

  9. Rick Thomason | March 16, 2019 at 8:14 am | Reply

    Sorry kiddies, the mice are running too fast on the treadmill to be caught. Dim lawyers stay miles ahead of the GOP

  10. truthdetector | March 16, 2019 at 8:41 am | Reply

    Thank God for a handful of honest and diligent men who love justice.

  11. Bill Garrison | March 16, 2019 at 9:24 am | Reply

    How long has Hannity been telling us this?

    These conspirators will walk freely without any worry of justice and will draw their cushy government pensions until the day they die as free people.

  12. The other night Joe Digenova on FNC made a specific point of what a “straight shooter” Bill Barr was.
    Somewhere else I saw that Mr. Barr’s 3 daughters had become lawyers, and the thought came to mind that they must have acquired their Fathers respect for the law to make all 3 go into that profession.
    Robert Mueller can’t be stupid enough not to see clearly the snake pit he had been drafted into, with the staff full of zealots, and boss who was one of the people who had broken the law. Where was he to turn? Mr. Sessions had been a bust, and there was NOWHERE to turn, and no one to talk to.
    Here comes the “cavalry to the rescue”, in the form of, Bill Barr, his friend, and someone he knew was honest, and someone he could trust, making the statement that “He would accept the Mueller Report and make public the parts that needed reporting”.
    It didn’t take long for Mr. Mueller to grab that handhold to get out of the snake pit did it?
    Once Mr. Barr was confirmed I suspect the report will be made swiftly, and the Demoncrats world is going to flip upside, down so fast their heads won’t catch up for a long time. By the time they do, Hildabeasts’ statement will come true and a lot of heads will be separated from the offenders in this plot. There are several who should hang for this crime of Treason.
    We can always hope and pray this comes true.

  13. Bring it on, America. Let these master liars and hoaxers feel the sting of the whip.

  14. Rosenstein and Weissmann have not left DC yet. These people are evil and I don’t undersestimate them.

    Along with Mueller, these folks refuse to lose and come up empty.
    Ask Sydney Powell how she feels about Weissmann still being the principle author of the
    report. As the president says in his tweet, the report should have been thrown out long time ago.
    Things appear to better since Barr has been there, but there still appears to be danger.

    I would like Barr to find Weissman to be in conflict esp. since he met with Bruce Ohr before the election and take further takes steps to nullify the S.C. I hear that the report will come out in 2 to 4 weeks. Barr still may have a lot of battles to fight during that period of time.

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