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Zuck’s luck may have run out with POTUS: Trump to ‘look into’ Facebook’s blocking of his social media chief

By Jon Dougherty

The Left is fond of calling POTUS Trump and his legions of supporters fascists — who knew there were so many of in the U.S. of A? — but the reality is, the traits they attribute to those of us in the president’s corner are really being practiced by their Marxist heroes.

Take Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Like the other social media giants Twitter, YouTube, and Google, Zuck’s place blocks, bans, censors, or just plain buries any [right-leaning] political opinion and content the speech Nazis he employs don’t agree with.

That’s been happening for more than a year, mind you — we’ve reported on it — but the censorship has never risen to the level of the White House.

At least, not until now. On Tuesday the president took, ironically, to Twitter (he’s the platform’s biggest and best marketer) to warn Zuck and Facebook after the social media behemoth blocked Trump’s social media manager (you can’t make this up).

Dan Scavino took a screenshot of a prompt that popped up when he attempted to post that read, “You’re temporarily blocked from making public comments on Facebook.” It cited “spam” but, of course, the warning did not elaborate.

“Dear Facebook- AMAZING. WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME from replying to comments followers have left me – on my own Facebook Page!!?? People have the right to know. Why are you silencing me??? Please LMK! Thanks,” Scavino said with a screenshot of the Facebook censorship.

Scavino has worked with Trump for many years. He runs several of the White House’s social media accounts and never had any problems until now.

The incident caught the attention of Scavino’s boss.

I will be looking into this! #StopTheBias” the president wrote in a tweet Tuesday.

It’s not clear what the president can or will do, but increasingly the censorship of the Leftist social media giants is drawing attention from powerful people. House Intelligence Ranking Member Devin Nunes filed a $250 million suit against Twitter on Monday alleging not violations of speech but rather that the platform now takes such an active role in both curating and banning content, rather than merely hosting it, that the company ought to face liability like any other media organization that defames.

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12 Comments on Zuck’s luck may have run out with POTUS: Trump to ‘look into’ Facebook’s blocking of his social media chief

  1. Proud Enemy of Bolshevik Rats // March 19, 2019 at 5:11 pm // Reply

    Fakebook and Zuckerturd? LOL! Oh hell no and I don’t feel sorry for the dimwitted dullards who volunteer all of their personal information so someone else can profit off of it.
    Better catch a clue Fakebook Trump isn’t some milquetoast chamber of commerce RINO RAT and he punches back hard.

  2. I am a no body and they censor me. I cannot tweet, or reply in some places. Here I can reply and receive feedback. Thank you.

  3. The guy was literally blocked by a bot because he was spamming mentions. It is literally just a function to combat spam.

    Fortunately, not everything is a spooky conspiracy.

    • USA Today ??? Hmmm ?

    • Nope. Not a fearmongering type Liberty Cabbage. I must honestly say I did not read the USA Today article. It’s just that in my opinion USA Today has a tendency to lean towards the Progressive side of issues. Shame on me this time. I’ll read the article later this evening. Will make my own conclusion after I’ve read the piece.

    • No fearmongering here Liberty Cabbage. I honestly did not read the USA Today article. IMO USA Today has a tendency to lean towards the Progressive side of issues. I shot first and asked questions later. I’ll read the piece this evening and make my own conclusions.

  4. Sorry for the double post. 1st one appeared to not go thru. Weak signal here.

    • do you still think I mean USA Today. I do not. For a conservative platform go to – just starting up, similar to fb

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