Escalation: Trump to send ARMED U.S. troops to border after incident with Mexican soldiers

By Jon Dougherty

Following an incident involving a pair of lightly armed U.S. soldiers and a squad of more heavily-armed Mexican troops in Texas earlier this month, POTUS Donald Trump announced Wednesday that in the future, American soldiers will also carry additional arms.

In addition, the president opined that perhaps the Mexican troops were not really interested in securing their country’s border as they were assisting a drug cartel.

“Mexico’s Soldiers recently pulled guns on our National Guard Soldiers, probably as a diversionary tactic for drug smugglers on the Border. Better not happen again! We are now sending ARMED SOLDIERS to the Border. Mexico is not doing nearly enough in apprehending & returning!” the commander-in-chief tweeted.

It is certainly plausible that Mexican soldiers would be assisting cartels, we don’t yet know. But, as we reported Tuesday, the incident led the Pentagon to reexamine the rules of engagement for American soldiers deployed along the U.S., very likely per the president’s instructions.

As we reported earlier this week, in an incident that had troubling international implications, especially given the tension among Americans regarding illegal immigration, officials with U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) said on Saturday that a squad of armed Mexican troops detained U.S. soldiers for a brief period earlier this month on American soil.

NORTHCOM told CNN the incident happened in the afternoon on April 13; the U.S. personnel were conducting routine surveillance, according to the command.

“On April 13, 2019, at approximately 2 p.m. CDT, five to six Mexican military personnel questioned two U.S. Army soldiers who were conducting border support operations in an unmarked [Customs and Border Protection] vehicle near the southwest border in the vicinity of Clint, Texas,” NORTHCOM said in a statement.

During the incident, the Mexican troops — all armed — ordered the two U.S. soldiers, a sergeant and a private, out of an unmarked vehicle. NORTHCOM said the Mexican soldiers pointed their weapons at the U.S. troops and detained them for a period of time.

On Wednesday, Trump accused Mexican authorities not just of ignoring the rising smuggling problem, but of actively facilitating “coyotes and cartels” conducting illegal border-jumping operations.

Meanwhile, Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was “conciliatory,” reports Bloomberg, and promised, in response to President Trump’s concern, that the incident will be fully investigated.

“We are going to review the case, take into account what he is pointing out and assure him that we will always have a responsible attitude and respect for the government and people of the United States,” Lopez Obrador said during a press conference on Wednesday.

It’s not likely that the Mexican government will do any more than the bare minimum to step up security of its own border. Because the cartels’ influence is so pervasive, they literally control wide swaths of the country.

As for the president’s threat to up-arm U.S. troops, we concluded:

Mind you, the demarcation line and border sectors are well-known to both U.S. and Mexican military personnel.

While this encounter ended without incident, the fallout from an actual confrontation with an exchange of gunfire and casualties is incalculable. Diplomacy aside, it’s hard to imagine that POTUS Donald Trump, who has no doubt been briefed about this incident, would not respond by ordering additional U.S. troops to the border with orders to ‘protect and defend’ the country.

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And give them the means to do so.

Editor’s note: An earlier story on this incident claimed that the two soldiers briefly captured by Mexican troops were ‘regular Army.’ The president says they were National Guard soldiers and we are inclined to believe him since he issued the orders. Our source reports were not clear on whether the troops detained were Guard or Active Duty, so we went with the latter. We issuing this clarification based on what we now know. 

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40 Comments on "Escalation: Trump to send ARMED U.S. troops to border after incident with Mexican soldiers"

  1. how was this not an act of war? they knew there were on our side. also the other story where ‘heavily armed’ men escorted illegals over the border at 10pm at night??? enough already.

    • It is well known that in Mexico there is little that is not run by “Mordida”. The “little bite” of money that makes things happen.
      I believe that these armed men may have actually been Mexican troops under the command of a “mordida” purchased commander. They are under orders. The illegal aliens have probably paid a hefty sum to someone to see that they were protected by Mexican soldiers.
      Whatever happened, it cannot be allowed by the United States to continue.
      Sorry, but someone has to be shot. If the supposed president of Mexico cannot stop it, we must !

    • This same schit has been going on since the 90’s. The Mexican soldiers clear a sector for the cartels big drug shipments. Everyone knows it and no one has done anything at all to stop it for 25 years.

      Trump either knew, or should have known, or he is too stupid to count. I don’t believe he is stupid. He is weak. He doesn’t want to stop it. The nation that can’t and, or won’t protect its border doesn’t exist. They are eating us alive and Trump is not the answer. Time to find a primary challenger. Dump Trump

    • It was enough already 25 years ago. Trump was suppose to be the solution. Turns out he doesn’t have any testicles and he refuses steroid treatment.

  2. No, he won’t this is just staged cover for the current throttling of the UN invasion of the US. Trump refuses to do anything significant to protect the US.

  3. In reply to Anne, yes, this is an act of war, ANOTHER act of war. We have been at war for quite a while now. When did it start? Who knows or can remember.
    To yo mama: Trump is just one cog on that big wheel called the Government.
    We have so many special interest politicians that are greedily seeking a piece of the pie, the corruption is so deep, its like on onion, you just keep peeling layer after corrupt layer.
    All our elected “Servants of the people” are self serving, and are only trying to steer a train wreck into an area favorable for them and their cronies, they do not give one wet fart about we, the people.

    • We knew our own government was our enemy. That’s why we elected Trump, nest pas? He has proven to be worthless and that’s charitable. America is either on her death bed, or already dead. Trump is a proven failure Nothing matters, if we can’t control our border and round up these illegals. I’m done with this loser and blow hard bullschit artist. He’s the commander in chief. He’s proven to be a gutless wonder.

  4. And the debacle CONTINUES…and ANOTHER “super caravan” of un-vaccinated invaders approaches from the south; which we know will eventually be admitted like all the rest. Town-populations worth of illegals quietly distributed into our communities for us to support with our tax dollars. The National Guard surrendered to a literal Mexican invasion on the border and the militia men are the only Americans who actually turn any illegal aliens back…and the FBI arrests the militia men instead of the illegal aliens! And further still…WHERE IS THE FRIGGING WALL?

    How would it be different if Hillary had won?

    • Trump can’t hide behind a wall. You have to defend a wall and he’s a proven failure and a coward. I’m done. Trump is no good and needs to go. I tried to recruit ann coulter to run aas a primary challenger, but she’s in hiding. It seems all she does is sell books and make speeches.

  5. They have to get the fenatyl and crystal meth over the border somehow, so they use the Mexican military and law enforcement organs… that is when the armed cartels aren’t doing the job themselves. Dumbocraps/RINOs/Libertariantards think open borders are normal and want it to continue unabated. They’re obviously taking bribes, addicted to the product, or both imo. Take your pick.

    • You hit the nail on the head except for ONE error: Even DEMOCRATS don’t think open borders are normal. They just know that, for THEIR plan to work, open borders are NECESSARY.

    • So what? Trump is suppose to stop them and he isn’t. The cartels aren’t suppose to be running America. Trump is in charge and he has turned into water. We got a DMZ in N Korea and we got terrorist running our border at home.

  6. Nothing will concentrate Obrador’s mind like a couple of dead Mexican soldiers’ bodies hung
    on a barbed wire fence near the river.

    • Phuck a couple of dead soldiers. How about a hundred tanks establishing a no man’s land inside the Mexican line along with air cover and infantry on the ground? Obrador isn’t President. He’s a puppet for the cartels and it would appear Trump may be no better. Our commander in chief is a worthless POS He has let America die for all his bullschit. I spit on him and his Presidency.

  7. Trump has no plans or any real desire to stop the chaos on the border. Either he’s too scared or too stupid to stop the illegals or he doesn’t want to. I believe the later. He had help in NM with a state militia group but he allowed the FBI to decapitate them. He could have state militias in every border state if he wanted too but Trump is too cowardly or too fearful. He is just a constant mouth that keeps moving and does nothing about his main promise. It just gets worse under him. He fights against the 2nd amendment and does nothing about DACA or the border. I can’t support him a second time. Schools are teaching socialism and he does nothing. Attacks against Christians rise unabated and he does nothing. Conservatives are attacked physically by leftists and he does nothing. What the hell good is Trump when he brags about the US as the number one oil producer yet gas prices escalate daily and has been doing so since his election. Whatever income I’ve seen increase is swept away by the increases in gas prices.

    • Do you think Trump is God? Do you think he can do whatever he wants without oversight from congress? Do you think he can carpet-bomb the Mexican side of the border if he wants? Even presidents have rules to follow.

    • Go to his rallies and bring hidden signs demanding he step down as a coward and a failure. He has betrayed us, failed the country.

  8. ounce oflogic | April 25, 2019 at 8:31 am | Reply

    Close the damned border to everyone without documents. How hard is that?

    • The president has sweeping powers when it comes to border security. When a judge shuts down one avenue a president takes, a good president would go down another avenue quickly. The grouble with Trump is he is too stupid to be prepared to do what he should do I don’t give him a pass anymore. almost 2 and 1/2 years into his administration and we are being swallowed whole by Mexico, Central america, and Chinese illegals, and that doesn’t count the South Americans flooding our borders. Enough excuses. The left, that includes politicians, are violating immigration laws daily by supporting these illegals and in sanctuary cities and the Justice Department just sits on its a$$. Pelosi should be arrested and charged with treasonous activities.

      • Trump has said repeatedly he wants more immigrants. Yeah, like that’s what we need, more. Who gives a schit, if they are legal, or illegal? One thing is for sure. we don’t need any more for the next ten years at least.

        The best you can say is he is weak and unsure of who and what he really stands for and that won’t save America. He proved we can have our country back. Now we need someone who will fight to take it back for us. Someone who will do what it takes to restore America. I don’t believe Trump anymore and I don’t trust him either.

    • It’not hard, but first you have to want to. Trump is a trick.

  9. Our soldiers should have turned around and gotten into their vehicle and drove away.
    There’s no way the Mexicans would have should our soldiers and if that had the consequences to Mexico would be Severe.

  10. And as Trump would say if Mexico persists, “I’ll huff and puff and blow your house down. I may even close the border. I will cancel NAFTA and replace it with USMCA. I might get mad. I will get back to you later. I love your Mexican presidente. We do need more illegals to do the work the average American will not do. I really will get mad at you.”

  11. Put armed troops on the border and shoot any Mexican armed bastard that sets one foot on U.S. soil. Why are the military Generals in the Pentagon not doing anything about this? All we have in the Pentagon are a bunch of military weenies waiting around for their retirement with big salary and benefits.

    • Why,is that what you ask? Why the hell did we elect Trump? Everytime something else happens he doesn’t know schit and he doesn’t do schit. He’s a fake POS

  12. Yet another reason to NOT visit Mexico or buy their stuff…. There are much nicer places in the Caribbean to visit where their main business is not shipping illegals and illegal drugs into our country. Even Colombia has turned this corner.

    • The subject is our sellout, faker President and his total failure to secure America and not where to vacation Dave. This isn’t a travel site. We’re talking America; life, or death, Hello?

  13. Trump is full of schit. He’s nothing, but a trick, another George Bush

    The Treasury Secretary will get him by the ear lobe and he will back down again, just like last time. If he does seal the border, he will back off it in two weeks. He’s a weak Mary and the whole world knows it now.

    Year three and America is just about over, done, stick a fork in this country. 1,400 illegals a day are bankrupting the nation and destroying what’s left of our country. Trump does nothing, but hide behind some wall. I know. Why don’t you throw another rally?

    7,000 ICE can’t round up anything that can mean anything in terms of saving America. Trump has played us for chumps. He isn’t stupid so that makes him just another traitor, another trick billionaire.

    And tell all his supporters they can stick his economy up his fat asz. If there isn’t any America for my children, who gives a schit about his economy? Phuck you Mr. President. I spit on your treachery and weakness.

    The Chinese, N Korean’s and Mexican cartels continue to schit on America and her citizens and you do nothing because you are nothing, but hot air and bullscit, choking like a weak Mary.

  14. There should be no US ground forces, whether regular Army/Marines, National Guard, Customs, Border Patrol, or otherwise, within 10 miles of the border without a QRF and air assets ready to deploy immediately to support them. There should have been drone’s already in the air, helo’s 10-15 minutes away, and “Air Cav” or “Marine Raider” type forces available to deploy by air on a moment’s notice.

    True, combat develops rapidly, and a QRF and other rapid deployment forces do not guarantee that American troops won’t take casualties should they be involved in a border skirmish again in the future. However, they wouldn’t be alone, rescue and support would be on the way AND THEY WOULD KNOW THIS, and the foreign military forces wouldn’t have drive away from the skirmish unimpeded. Those six Mexican “soldiers” should still be under military detention (or dead), for deploying on US soil and drawing down on American soldiers. Navigation mishaps can occur to anyone, and yes, having weapons at the ready would be prudent for either Mexican or US forces, due to the heavily armed cartel outlaws operating there, but drawing down upon US forces and disarming them, after they’ve been identified, is something else entirely.

    Moreover, one will notice that we never have this problem with Canadian troops or Mounties. American troops deployed overseas in Syria, at the Syrian-Israeli border, never have such armed skirmishes with those foreign troops. This seems to be a uniquely Mexican problem. Mexico should seek cooperation with US forces, but instead threatens DEA, FBI, or US military forces consistently, and accuses the USA of violating Mexican national sovereignty, while violating US national sovereignty without restraint nor apology.

    President Trump and the US military should put Mexico on notice that there will be no more playing games. If Mexico pushes on the USA militarily, they’re going to hurt doing so. If the cartel irregulars threaten US forces, they will be annihilated, regardless of what uniform they may happen to be wearing. Then, the Pentagon had better support the border with sufficient force to keep those commitments.

  15. “We are now sending ARMED SOLDIERS to the Border. ”

    So they will have live ammo in their weapons next time ?

  16. TexanForever Thompson | April 25, 2019 at 5:06 pm | Reply

    I understand that these men were not National Guard. They were members of an artillery battalion of the U.S. Army. Everyone, especially the Mexicans, knew EXACTLY where the border was, even if the riverbed was dried up.

    There is room for Abrams tanks to maneuver on the south side of the fence. We should use them, armed with live ammo.

    • We should just take a couple, a few thousand meters of Mexico to establish a free fire DMZ. Then there wouldn’t be any trafficking, nor illegals touching American soil. Maybe, if we put Trump on steroid treatment he might even grow some spine and testicles? You think?

  17. President Trump has proven to be a gigantic disappointment and totally inadequate. My extreme distaste and utter disdain for all things Democrat has extended the President every conceivable opportunity, but he has proved unwillingly and unable to take control of our border, presiding instead over the slow death of America. 1,400 illegals a day that we actually process continue to enter the country. There are no other issues! We are suffocating and drowning in third world garbage and sewage.

    The last time he swore to take control of the border he allowed the Treasury Secretary buzzing market catastrophe in his ear to back him down, showing more interest in Wall Street than America’s Main street. This time, with a continuing deluge of caravans continuing to come he threatens to shut down only a section, or two of border, but even, if he does that much, which is doubtful he will undoubtedly back off in a week, or two. He’s already proven himself to be a weak Mary, a coward and a blow hard and now that the whole world knows it, the next six years won’t be pretty.

    We are into year three of his Administration and America is just about over, finished, done; you can stick a fork in this country. The Mexican cartels, MS13, illegals caravans carrying people from God only knows where are coming in the windows, entering America and lining up for benefits, bankrupting the nation, destroying what’s left of our country, our cultural heritage and our infrastructure. Trump does nothing hiding behind the wall and blaming congress. He hasn’t built camps to detain them. He releases them into America’s heartland, everywhere a slum. I suppose he will throw another rally any day now, another dog and pony show, another Hannity interview, but I’ll never vote for him again. He has betrayed us. (spit)

    7,000 ICE agents couldn’t round up enough people to make much of a difference in terms of saving, much less restoring America and supposing they could, Trump hasn’t even made an attempt to give them that order. It’s time to face the facts. Trump has played us for chumps, all red, white and blue. That much is clear and we know he isn’t stupid so that makes him just another traitor, a billionaire with his own agenda and another trick chasing a sale. I wanted to believe him and, I gave him every possible opportunity, but now Trump is dead to me, as dead as the America I once loved and, which he allowed to die. (spit, bitter)

    And you can tell his supporters for me, they can take this economy of his and stick it where the sun won’t shine. If there isn’t any America for our children and grandchildren, who cares about a a bullschit, gold leaf billionaire and his economy? Mr. President. our children will learn to curse your treachery, your weakness and your broken promises. Without America we have nothing and all the people you have fooled with your empty promises will come to it soon enough, but even that bitter recognition won’t reinvest their children, or remove the Honduran trash, or the criminal cartels now in our midst. You lied to us and America died on your watch. You were our last chance and you have been found wanting.

    The Chinese, N Korean’s and Mexican cartels will continue to abuse America and her citizens and Trump can do nothing. The President is too afraid not to have a deal, afraid to see the markets drop and because he is afraid our enemies see him for what he is, weak. Whenever he is faced with hard choices connected to a real price he folds like a cheap suit.

    Those adversarial Chinese, Koreans and Mexicans aren’t overly impressed. They see him for what he really is, inconsequential. He is incapable of making any real deals, nor has he the ability to make any long term changes to the landscape. He is, but a speed bump, an inconvenience to be minimized and suffered through.

    Meanwhile, the Donald talks/talks some more. # Sorry and weak, a hologram President eking out a second term no doubt. So sad to think about what could have been. To all my fellow patriots, I fall back on poetry helpless in the scope and realization of such senseless and tragic loss. “Farewell awhile to thee and thou, my native land good night.”

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