Trump to Dems: No deal on $2 trillion infrastructure plan without passing renegotiated NAFTA first

By Jon Dougherty

POTUS Donald Trump said in a letter to top Democratic leaders on Tuesday that he wants to work with them to finalize a massive $2 trillion infrastructure bill soon, but not before he gets them to approve a signature renegotiation of the disastrous NAFTA trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

“Before we get to infrastructure, it is my strong view that Congress should first pass the important and popular USMCA (United States Mexico Canada Agreement) trade deal,” Trump wrote in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday.

“It will replace the job killing NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement), one of the worst trade deals ever entered into by our nation. Once Congress has passed USMCA we should turn our attention to a bipartisan infrastructure package,” the president noted.

In addition, the president said that Democrats should come into a Wednesday meeting with their infrastructure priorities and, importantly, ways to pay for the massive reinvestment in infrastructure. He also chided them for canceling a previous meeting.

“It would be helpful, if you came to tomorrow’s meeting with your infrastructure priorities and specifics regarding how much funding you would dedicate to each,” Trump wrote.

“Your caucus has expressed a wide range of priorities, and it is unclear which ones have your support. I had hoped that we could have worked out these priorities following our last meeting, but you canceled a scheduled meeting of our teams, preventing them from advancing our discussions,” he added.

The White House has considered a range of financing options include some unpopular ideas like raising gasoline taxes. But also, the administration has considered other outside-the-box ideas like selling federal assets and land.

That said, there won’t be any deal a) if Democrats continue to play stupid subpoena games with the president and his staff; and b) if no trade deal is done first, as it should be (because #MAGA).

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Glorious Beet Field Collective
Glorious Beet Field Collective

Wasn’t it Slick Willie that signed off on NAFTA? A local had a stop NAFTA sign up for years but recently took it down.
Near the Marxist indoctrination center AKA college some true believer comrade had Sobama/Jo Jo Biden signs up almost as long.
Infrastructure? Jobs? Impeach, impeach, impeach!

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