POTUS Trump is kicking butt in the polls and THAT’S why radical Dems demure on impeachment

By Jon Dougherty

Over the weekend, another ranking Democrat, Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, appeared to placate the Donkey Party’s increasingly radicalized and Marxist base by intimating POTUS Donald Trump likely will be impeached by the House “at some point.”

The Hill reported:

When Tapper asked Clyburn if he thought Democrats would launch impeachment proceedings against Trump, he said “yes, that’s exactly what I feel.”

“What Nancy Pelosi is trying to do, and the rest of us in the House of Representatives, is developing a process to efficiently move on this issue so when we get to the vote, something she calls iron clad I call effective, that is why we are trying to take our time and do this right,” Clyburn said.

Clyburn said the House Democrats are not “particularly interested in the Senate,” but rather are waiting to “bring the public along.”

Bring the public along. Yes, well, good luck with that.

Numerous 2020 Democratic presidential contenders have voiced support for commencing the impeachment process, with even former Veep Joe Biden — who shares Pelosi’s tactical opposition — describing that eventuality as possibly “unavoidable” moving forward.

But according to new public opinion surveys, POTUS Trump is kicking booty and rising in popularity. Oh, and a growing majority of Americans don’t have any appetite or see any need for impeaching him, including in battleground states he wasn’t supposed to win in 2016.

In every single poll referenced above, a majority of the American electorate opposes House Democrats triggering impeachment proceedings.  The minority cohorts that take the opposite view range from 29 to 41 percent.

In a pair of presidential battleground states surveyed — Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — support for impeachment is underwater by double-digits, including by 36 points in the Badger state.

So — what are Democrats going to do about it?

Over the weekend during the California Democratic Party convention, Speaker Pelosi was heartily booed by participants while lying the president allegedly soliciting Russian help during the 2016 campaign (complete BS) and special counsel Robert Mueller’s conclusions that on ’11 occasions’ the president obstructed justice.

Why were they booing? Because they’ve heard all of that before from Democrats. Now they want action. But of course, Pelosi, Biden, and the senior Democratic leadership know impeachment is a political loser next year.

The Washington Examiner‘s executive editor, Philip Klein, argues that Dems need to put up or “shut up” when it comes to impeachment:

Democrats have forcefully argued that there is significant evidence that President Trump obstructed justice but also that they are not going to pursue impeachment at this time. Their current position has become untenable. 

If Democrats honestly believe Trump committed a crime and that only Congress can punish him for it, they have an obligation to pursue impeachment. If they don’t take that step, they should stop describing Trump’s actions as clearly criminal…The lack of follow-through on impeachment will only undermine their statements about the clear evidence of Trump’s criminal misconduct.

But…the polls.

The latest Harvard/Harris poll noted that POTUS Trump’s overall approval rating has risen to 48 percent (far from the upper 20s-low 30s needed to impeach), with 62 percent approving of his performance on jobs, and 59 giving a thumbs-up to his handling of the economy.

Impeachment? Not this time.

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joe vance (@EaglesTalon1)

The way the questions about impeachment or phrased it is interesting to note that when the question is put directly to the public in such a way as to leave no ambiguity the results are overwhelmingly against impeachment. for instance when the public is asked flat-out “do you think the President should be impeached at this time for crimes he committed?” The Impeach crowd can garner no more than 29% while those against Impeachment are at 66%. The closest the PRO impeach gang comes is when the question is asked in such a way which only asks if an INVESTIGATION… Read more »

John Smith
John Smith

Crooked Hilary Clinton accepts her 30 pieces of silver from the Russians in exchange for uranium rights. She deletes 33,000 emails on her illegal home server which contained classified information readily available to her Russian paymasters. This traitor caused the death of Americans Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods in Benghazi. Libya on Sept. 11, 2012. In every case she claims innocence and denies any involvement and blames others for the bad outcomes. The Benghazi tragedy should have qualified her for a long prison sentence, not a run for the presidency. Look how many morons voted… Read more »

52 Trump Card Pick UP
52 Trump Card Pick UP

Let the Bolsheviks continue to stumble and get racked by the shovel that they keep stepping on.
They thought that the Marxist utopia was all wrapped up under Hussein Hopenchange and then the Trump card got dealt. Too bad so sad if they can’t deal with it.

Billy Two Knives
Billy Two Knives

Democrats are just pandering to their dimwitted base. There will be no impeachment proceeding against Trump. Trump is probably the most squeaky clean person in that cesspool government.

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