Gorka: GOP leaders in Senate ‘betraying’ POTUS Trump — again — over Mexican tariffs

By Jon Dougherty

Former presidential adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka blasted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other “RINO” members of the Senate GOP caucus for opposing POTUS Donald Trump’s decision to levy an escalating tariff regime on Mexico for failing to do more to interdict illegal aliens enroute to the United States.

On Tuesday, McConnell told reporters in a classic understatement, “There is not much support in my conference for tariffs, that’s for sure,” when discussing the president’s plan to impose a 5 percent tariff on Mexican imports beginning June 10, then steadily raising them throughout the remainder of this year until they reach 25 percent.

The Associated Press reported:

At a lengthy closed-door lunch meeting at the Capitol, senators took turns warning Trump officials there could be trouble if the GOP-held Senate votes on disapproving the tariffs. Congressional rejection would be a stiff rebuke to Trump, even more forceful than an earlier effort to prevent him from shifting money to build his long-promised border wall with Mexico.

Even ally Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), was opposed.

Deep concern and resistance,” is how he characterized the mood of the GOP caucus. “I will yield to nobody in passion and seriousness and commitment to securing the border, but there’s no reason for Texas farmers and ranchers and manufacturers and small businesses to pay the price of massive new taxes.”

This amounts to nothing less than another “betrayal” of the president but, more importantly, of the American people and certain GOP voters, Gorka told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs Tuesday night.

“It’s a betrayal. It’s a betrayal of the American people,” Gorka said. “It’s a deal of devilish proportions between a Chamber of Commerce that wants illegal aliens to work cheap and undermine the American workers, and it’s the Democrats who want to have a new political plantation, a constituency of illegal aliens beholden to them.

“That’s the bottom line,” he added.


Meanwhile, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, told Fox News that while “tariffs would be tough on the [U.S.] economy…the border is broken and needs to be fixed.”

He added: “And if tariffs is what it takes to get Mexico to do better on their side of the border, I’m all for tariffs.”

“Trump’s not the problem. Mexico’s the problem,” Graham continued, adding that it is also on Congress to change laws that serve to attract migrants and encourage illegal immigration. “Republicans are not the problem. Democrats won’t vote to change the laws.”

In a separate interview, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also agreed that Congress is where the biggest obstacle lies in the U.S. gaining control over the international border.

Noting that he believes a “deal” between the Trump administration and the Mexican government “will be reached” to stave off tariffs, Gingrich added:



Frankly, the president ought to put the focus right on Congress. We wouldn’t be in this mess — he wouldn’t be having to muscle the Mexicans — if the U.S. Congress would do its job. The whole premise that Trump worked on for two-and-a-half years was build a wall, protect the United States, don’t bother your neighbor…but if the Congress refuses to do its job and he is determined to cut off the flow of illegal immigration, which, by the way, has grown dramatically in the last year, then you’ve got to pressure the number one source, which is Mexico.

Gingrich added that the president is a master negotiator who “always starts tough” and then gets “back to being reasonable” in order to strike a deal.

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33 Comments on "Gorka: GOP leaders in Senate ‘betraying’ POTUS Trump — again — over Mexican tariffs"

  1. Fun Rhetorical Questions | June 5, 2019 at 3:02 pm | Reply

    Do the Mexican drug cartels own every RAT in the whorehouse on the Potomac?
    I betcha some offshore bank accounts just got enriched.

  2. Lone Gunman | June 6, 2019 at 2:53 am | Reply

    Actually the US Chamber of Commerce has more to do with purchasing “every RAT” in that Potomac whorehouse than the drug cartels do! The CoC OWNS nearly ALL of them and open borders is what they want so their businesses can hire cheap labor and have life long demonKKKrat voters to keep the RATS in power!

    • Well, if the President had any testicles he would break the Chamber’s back in a month by sealing the border. Have you ever asked why he isn’t deporting those who have been declared by the courts not to have the right to be here?

  3. robert clark | June 6, 2019 at 4:05 am | Reply

    These RINOs who are opposing the president’s actions are the same ones who did nothing to prevent the massive influx of Illegal Aliens when they were in control of both Houses when the President took over. And, they have done nothing since. The truth is that they are owned by people like the Koch Brothers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the CEO’s of these multi-national cor[orations who want an endless supply of cheap labor and to be allowed to take their jobs to other countries with cheap labor and then ship their products back into this market duty free and sell them at exorbitant prices. These people have no allegiance to this country or it’s people but only care about the profits they can drain from it. There is no doubt in my mind, that if Japan were to bomb Pearl Harbor today they would demand that we maintain good trade relations with them.

    • There is no two party political system. It’s a Uni-Party. All the huffing and puffing and grandstanding and showboating from the GOP is just that. Smoke and mirrors. Gets worse every passing week.
      Time for a 2nd American Civil War ???

      • Is it time to take out the rat senators, Mitchell, Cruz, Cornyn and the rest of the filthy swine?

    • Exactly and they have bombed Pearl Harbor, or the Trade Center (911) and what you said is exactly what has happened. They bled us white in Iraq, and Afghanistan to distract us and now these cartels have just kicked over the fence and march over a million illegals in this year alone in less than 6 months.

      Trump puts a 5% tax on trade. Grow some testicles, Mr. President. You aren’t defending us and you aren’t deporting anyone. Trump is proving to be a trick, all bullschit. Where’s the army? You got them painting fences?

  4. Too many members of Congress are bought and paid for by whichever person, cartel, cabal, business leader, union, or other entity forks over enough money to their campaign coffers or to their ‘charitable foundations’ and other scams they create for their personal enrichment. The crisis at our border is unimportant to Democrats and RINOs. They prefer the drug cartel money that slithers in from Mexico, and all the illegal alien voters that cross over from Mexico into our beleaguered country to vote them into office. And they hate President Trump. So here we are, stuck in the mud with no solutions in sight.

    • If our President were a real commander and chief he would use our army to seal the border. He’s defending half the world but not us. When he gets finished getting reelected there won’t be any America left worth defending. Sure maybe for billionaires like him, but not for little people like you and me.

  5. Honeybuckets | June 6, 2019 at 4:18 am | Reply

    The politicians care more for the CoC money than for the thousands of our citizens who die annually from the scourge of illegal drugs that come through our southern border.
    Paid whores is right.

  6. Optimus Maximus | June 6, 2019 at 6:36 am | Reply

    We hav e the best congress money can buy.

    The congress supports their donors, not the American people.

    Any republicans not supporting Trump on the proposed Mexican tariffs should be defeated in the next primary or election.

    If a dem is elected in their place, at least we will have a KNOWN enemy and not a traitor in the House or Senate.

    • Tariffs are fine, but cartels don’t care about any tariffs. Use the army. What you are watching is the death of America and Trump is on board. Like all the rest he just sees America as a platform for business deals.

  7. Democrats in Congress are misguided, anti-American, drunk on power, and absolutely consumed by irrational hatred. Republicans in Congress will sacrifice America’s future for their own personal greed.

  8. Time to retire Mr. McConnell. He is using our nation to prosper his family, and screw American citizens by resisting our chosen leader’s leadership!

  9. Third World Utopia | June 6, 2019 at 7:17 am | Reply

    Some www pages say we couldn’t compete in the global market without the cheap labor. We are just going through what the Native Americans went through when their leaders sold them down the river.
    History moves in cycles and it always comes back around. Don’t worry these globalist RATS will get advance warning and abandon the sinking ship to find a new host.

    • Well some www pages are full of schit. We don’t need to compete. Native American leaders didn’t sell their people out. An advanced civilization simply replaced them by force with numbers and technology. But you are right about globalist rats and information is power.

  10. Texans, time to write Senators Cornyn and Cruz. Can’t believe I’m agreeing with Rubio! But Newt, as usual, is right…Congress won’t get off their dafts, Ryan could’ve taken care of this, but refused, and it’s left to Trump to fight for Americans.

    • Trump is a proving to be a coward afraid to use the army and don’t blame Democrats, Republicans and congress, or judges. He commands the army.and yet he hasn’t closed the border.

  11. Seeing as tariffs are the way the country is SUPPOSED to make its money to pay for debts and expenditures, its not a suprise coming from the RINOS. “Free” money is how the federal government has been working for decades. “Free” = tax dollars from persons working within the U.S.

  12. America First | June 6, 2019 at 11:20 am | Reply

    ANY RINO who opposes Trump must be voted OUT!! And what is in the water in Kentucky anyway?? Get rid of that sell out turtle neck scum Mitch Mc Connell already!!! What the hell is going on in Kentucky??!! How many more years will you keep the ‘Obstructor in Chief’ in office? Are you kidding me?

  13. I’ve stopped donating to the Republican Party. I’ll send money directly to our President, or any Republican who’s fit.

  14. Somehow everyone continues to be shocked, or surprised. How many times do we need to be told Republicans are the enemy. The answer is primary challenges. The Republican Party has to be burned to the ground. Ryan purposely lost the House for the Republicans and now McConnell is doing the same for the Senate.

    The answer to the border is to get the President to act as commander and chief of the armed forces and seal the border.

    The answer is to designate the cartels as terrorist organizations so that we can begin to take meaningful action military against them.

    The answer isn’t to blame Democrats, congress and judges. We know they are enemy and so is the Republican Party, which is only used to keep us divided as a nation and as a people. Anyone who hasn’t figured this much out by now is too stupid to be free and deserves everything they are getting.

  15. For Trump’s election to have been a revolutionary event he would have to have remade the GOP. UNLESS TRUMP SUPPORTERS reject mainstream GOPe congressmen.

  16. TexanForever Thompson | June 6, 2019 at 1:52 pm | Reply

    Mitch McConnell is a two-faced RINO POS. The other Deep State swamp rats who toady to his tune aren’t any better. Trump has to be a saint to put up with their opposition. But at last many more people are catching on. Trump is truly historic as a talented and competent leader.

  17. Trump is a feckless coward who refuses to man up and close the border with the army. He is the commander and chief. He sends the army all over the world and yet refuses to protect the homeland. He wants more immigrants and he has even said so many times publicly. Well you saint is getting them, over a million in 6 months. Do we even have a America anymore? You need to get out more and look around. Trump can stay where he is with the Queen, if he doesn’t intend to do his job. It’s not the economy, stupid. It’s America that’s dying. Trump has proven to be tits on a bull

  18. “I’d rather pay a little more to buy Mexico’s products cause it’s gonna cost us a hell of a lot more Feeding, Housing, Clothing, Educating/Indoctrinating or Incarcerating them all !”

  19. These Politicians are Lawyers so stupid they can’t make a living being a Lawyer. They can only Read Law. They have No other abilities as far as Business goes.

    Trump knows far more than they ever will and they are the Poster Children of The Establishment.

    The Establishment Buys Chinese goods for Pennies on the Dollar, sell them for 1000% or more. They been making a Killing Buying and Selling Chinese Junk to American. They are the ones getting left holding the bag, they got Warehouses Full of Chinese Junk.

  20. Chris Biggins | June 6, 2019 at 11:02 pm | Reply

    Way too many people blaming Trump for this. We’ve never had another Prez expose the Congress for the criminals they are. If the American people are stupid enough to re-elect any of these criminals then you cannot blame Trump for it. Let’s not forget that the Dems wish to impeach and the only thing in the Dem’s way is the Repub Senate. Those Repubs all take money from Mex druglords and might not block impeachment so your comments about Military action are foolish. Let’s also not forget that the Deep State is actively working against our Prez as is the media. Blaming Trump for this is so stupid I have to think it’s just Trolls writing those comments.

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