The Obama-Biden Scandal Series: ‘The Obamacare Debacle’ (Video)

By TNS Staff

(NationalSentinel) Both former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden often say theirs was a “scandal-free” administration. But of course, the reality is, nothing could be further from the truth.

Since Biden has jumped into the very crowded 2020 Democratic presidential race and has jumped out to an early lead over the rest of the field, we believe it is imperative to remind Americans just who Biden is and, more importantly, just how scandal-ridden the Obama-Biden regime really was.

Though Obama was the head of his government, Biden played integral roles in all of the major scandals, including the passage of the worst ‘health care reform’ legislation in the history of our country.

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It’s vital to expose this because Biden was intimately responsible for the law’s passage. And as he and the rest of the Left-wing Democratic field note often on the campaign trail, they want to double down on the worst aspects of the very socialist Obamacare, which would prove to be an unmitigated disaster for our healthcare system and our country.

With that, we bring you Part 3 of “The Obama-Biden Scandal Series: The Obamacare Debacle.”


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Francisco Machado
Francisco Machado

If you don’t provide text copy you lose me. I find video presentations annoyingly time consuming – I can read it in a third the time it takes to watch it – and that’s after the time it takes to load..

Lawrence Bates
Lawrence Bates

I completly agree with Francisco in the above comment!

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