Black Democratic writer booed for testifying AGAINST reparations at House hearing (Video)

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) A black columnist for Quillette online magazine and an admitted Democrat voter was booed by some in the gallery on Wednesday during a House committee hearing on slavery reparations because he is opposed to them.

Coleman Hughes testified that forcing taxpayers to pay reparations to blacks at this point in our history — 170-odd years after the institution of slavery was ended by the Civil War and subsequent constitutional amendments — would be inherently divisive and fail to address the real problems facing today’s black community.

He was also critical of the committee’s reparations hearing in general, which was called to consider legislation that would establish a “reparations committee” to study the issue.

“I worry that our desire to fix the past compromises our ability to fix the president,” Hughes noted. “Think about what we’re doing today: We’re spending our time debating a bill that mentions slavery 25 times, but incarceration only once in an era with no black slaves but nearly a million black prisoners.”

“I’m not saying that acknowledging history doesn’t matter, it does,” Hughes continued. “I’m saying there’s a difference between acknowledging history and allowing history to distract us from the problems we face today.”

He went onto note that the House of Representatives “formally apologized” for slavery in 2008, with the Senate doing so the following year.

“Black people don’t need another apology,” Hughes said. “We need safer neighborhoods and better schools. We need a less punitive criminal justice system. We need affordable healthcare. And none of these things can be achieved through reparations for slavery.”

Cue the boos.

Hughes said he was told by many of his friends not to testify because though he’s always voted for Democrats, he “would be perceived as a Republican” for opposing reparations and thus anger “half the country.” He added that by distancing himself from the GOP, he would “anger the other half of the country.”

“The sad truth is, they were both right,” he said. “That’s how suspicious we’ve become of one another. That’s how divided we are as a nation.

“If we were to pay reparations today, we would only divide the country further,” the columnist said, “making it harder to form the political coalitions required to solve the problems facing black people today.

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“We would insult many black Americans by putting a price on the suffering of their ancestors,” he said. “And we would turn the relationship between black Americans and white Americans from a coalition into a transaction. From a union between citizens into a lawsuit between plaintiffs and defendants.”

Hughes went onto suggest that reparations should be paid only to blacks who grew up under “Jim Crow” laws and who “were directly harmed by second-class citizenship…like my grandparents.”


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3 Comments on "Black Democratic writer booed for testifying AGAINST reparations at House hearing (Video)"

  1. Reparations? None of the former slaves are alive today, or very very few. Giving people ‘things’ is not as conducive to advancement as teaching them. Rich Gloria Vanderbilt will not be giving an inheritance to her son Anderson Cooper. I find that hard to believe, but possible; him in his own right being successful. What would they do about the black families that held black slaves, what would they do about the families that paid black indentured servants, what would they do about the white families that were not here during the Civil War 1861 to 1865 and only migrated after? For instance, people that were not here until the Potato Famine1845–49 twenty years before end of slavery, WWII 1941-45, or some other mass migration date after the Civil War?????? Do the Chinese, who came over in 1860 to build the rail road out west have to pay reparations? This would be very divisive, cause for anger, segregation, could start a race war and seems terribly unfair to all, including the blacks that might lower themselves to receive it. Better education should be taking place since the end of segregation. IF it is not, why not? I worked a brief few months in an inner city school from October to May. The kindergarteners were attempting to stab each other with pencils, throwing chairs at each other, throwing punches and insults- they all knew how to add – which really surprised me – they almost all knew how to spell each other’s names or at least recognize whose name – they could recite the alphabet forwards and backwards- almost none of them could recognize the alphabet out of order – a few could read simple words, a few could read books but were held back from excelling for lack of time to work with them to advance because of all the crowd control for the others that were misbehaving. GOD forbid, some of them seemed to have been abused. One little girl, that intervention was provided for, because she spoke up, said her dad had threatened to kill her and her mom.

    almost none of them could recognize the alphabet out of order – I, a certified paraprofessional, non-degreed teacher, previous homeschool teacher, consider this a precursor to learning to read and necessary.

    this is not an indictment of the teachers, or even the teaching method – common core, that was followed to their detriment- it is an indictment of the parents – lack of care- drugs- broken relationships. One little fellow would visit his dad about every other month, in jail, several states away and it was a big deal to him. I helped him write notes to give to his dad, he loaded his paper with misshapen hearts from his heart. Others had no dad, some had no parents and lived with their grandma or aunt, some lived in various places and did not know from day to day where, one lived in a shelter and may have been abused. Many parents, when they showed up; reeked of skunk, had appearance of being high, most never showed up.

    Being poor is an excuse. Look at Ben Carson, an extreme exception to the rule or even probability, but my dad worked three or four different jobs in a week if he needed to, I wanted and wished, but all my needs were taken care of, love abounded and not so much successfulness, but usefulness was expected.

    These children are our future and deserve better. The world they live in is devoid of almost any reason to succeed or tools to succeed. It has little to do with poverty it is lack of care.

  2. I wrote the previous, not with the idea of the gov stepping in, GOD forbid, but somehow putting families together to stay to together is important. Welfare broke the families. Guys could sire the world and not pay anything. I have no clue how reparations would help.

  3. Well said Sir.

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