Expert: ‘Exodus’ from high-tax states like New York, California ‘just beginning’

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Thanks in large part to the Trump-GOP tax reform law passed in December 2017, residents of high-tax states like New York, New Jersey, and California are leaving in high numbers — and the exodus is only just beginning, say experts.

As Fox Business noted:

The cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions has already begun to drive some residents away from high-tax states like New York and New Jersey, but experts say that trend is only going to intensify.

“It took a few months for taxpayers to realize the dollar implications – until they actually filed their tax returns this year,” Alan Goldenberg, a principal at Friedman LLP, told Fox Business. “It quantified the impact of the loss of the SALT deduction when people saw it in front of their eyes on their tax return.”

The reform law, called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, implemented several new measures including a $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions. That has led many Americans to begin looking to establish legal primary residences in states where such liabilities can be limited.

Since the law came into effect, Goldenberg said he has “certainly” had some clients move to lower-tax states. Often, such clients have second homes in low-tax states like Florida, as well as wealthy earners who have jobs that don’t require them to remain in one physical location.

Besides Florida, states like Texas and Nevada, which have no state income taxes, have become top destinations.

Goldenberg said he believes he’ll see “more and more” taxpayers consider moves in the wake of this year’s tax season, which is ongoing for those filers who requested a six-month extension.

Fox Business noted further:

Some businesses, too, are looking to move. Those that have other locations in places like Dallas and Houston can more easily relocate, Goldenberg said, but it is difficult for a large company with hundreds of employees to shift its main operations elsewhere.

Some higher-tax states, like New York, have looked into work arounds in order to limit the impact and stem the potential revenue loss. However, the Treasury Department officially squashed one of the more popular options last week, which could also contribute to outmigration.

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More people moved to Florida than any other state. New Yorkers who left that high-tax enclave relocated primarily to the Sunshine State, with 452,580 people moving out within the past year — the third-largest outflow of residents.

California led the exodus, however, with the highest proportion of people headed to Texas, Arizona, and Washington.

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You forgot Illinois. We wanna be on the list, too. For example, license plate renewal is currently $ 101 per year. They want to raise it to $ 199. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Alex Fitch
Alex Fitch

Just leave your socialist politics at home.


Unfortunately these folks will bring with them the same policies they voted for and are now running from to the new areas they will be moving thus destroying them. They are like locusts. Simple as that.

Mr deplorable
Mr deplorable

Great, most of them are bringing their democrat ways with them. Now they can fuk up new places.


Democrats are like metastatic cancer cells. Stay in the Hellholes you’ve created.


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