Oregon militias threatening violence as governor orders state police to round up GOP senators; capital closed

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) The Oregon capital in Salem has been closed after alleged threats of violence by militia groups over Gov. Kate Brown’s (D) order to the Highway Patrol to find and return absent Republican senators who have left to deprive the chamber of a quorum over opposition to an economy-killing cap-and-trade bill.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the capital building was shuttered by law enforcement officials acting on tips that state militia groups could get violent over the showdown between the governor and the GOP senators.

“The State Police Superintendent just informed the Senate president of a credible threat from militia groups coming to the Capitol tomorrow,” read a text sent out to senators on Friday that was shared with The Wall Street Journal. “The Superintendent strongly recommends that no one come to the Capitol.”

Oregon State Police officials said they were continuing to monitor threats and would keep the capitol building closed indefinitely.

“The safety of legislators, staff and citizen visitors could be compromised if certain threatened behaviors were realized,” said Tim Fox, a captain with the Oregon state police.

The WSJ noted further:

He didn’t elaborate on the nature of the threats, which came as Republicans remained on the run outside the state, in an effort to block a bill that would limit greenhouse-gas emissions in Oregon.

The bill, HB 2020, would make Oregon the second state in the country to set up a cap-and-trade system for all sectors of the economy. California was the first, after passing a similar bill in 2016.

Democrats had scheduled a vote on the bill Thursday, but all 11 Republican senators fled the state. At least 20 senators must be present for a quorum, so Democrats need at least two Republicans present to hold a vote.

The current legislative session ends June 30. Republicans are hoping to run out the clock so that they can prevent the legislation from being voted on at all.

Fox News caught up with one of the absent GOP senators in neighboring Idaho over the weekend.

“We do our jobs best when we represent our constituents best,” said state Sen. Cliff Bentz. “And that means doing everything in our power to keep them from being irreparably damaged, which this bill will do.”

Adds KTVZ:

Rep. Karin Power is one of the Democrats behind the bill. She says the state is behind on its emission reduction goals and must take dramatic action to respond to climate change. …

Oregon would become the second state after California to adopt a cap-and-trade program, a market-based approach to lowering the greenhouse gas emissions behind global warming.

Under a cap-and-trade program, the state puts an overall limit on emissions and auctions off pollution permits or “allowances” for each ton of carbon industries plan to emit. Only the largest polluters are targeted.

American Liberty: “Established 1776” Order yours now!

Cap-and-trade isn’t new — it’s a Left-wing economic construct that stems from the unsubstantiated claim that humans are causing ‘climate change’ and thus human activities (such as industry, production, transportation, and technological development) must be curbed or altered to ‘save the planet.’

What is new, however, are the alleged threats from militia groups. This has the potential to get out of hand quickly if in fact they do show up at the capital and cause a showdown with law enforcement (and, eventually, National Guard troops).


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9 Comments on "Oregon militias threatening violence as governor orders state police to round up GOP senators; capital closed"

  1. Defeat_Liberalism | June 24, 2019 at 9:25 am | Reply

    The left will push till civil war breaks out! Based on historical information the only way the left can be stopped is lead covered with copper.

    Does the right want that?: NO

    But the right will be pushed till that is the ONLY answer to the left.

    History proves that!

    Is this the beginning?

  2. The Lefties will not be happy until they have fleeced every citizen for every dollar they have, cause that is what this is all about ; MONEY. And it is money itself that is providing the venal impetus for these goons to commit the evil they are committing. Hope the payout was worth it, KATE ! Idiot.

    • I believe that the Democrats would easily lie and cause their own militia threats after executing the order for the state troopers to be on the lookout where to retrieve the Republican senators.

      This is a game for them. A power grab. I heard that the Democrats did the exact same thing in the same Congress earlier on another vote that was going to be as successful vote for the Republicans. They started this idea and implemented it first. Now they don’t seem to like the strategy very much.

  3. Does this mean that all the Californians who fled north to Oregon to escape the cost of climate change taxes and the high taxes on everything else, will be going back to California? If so will they be taking their wanna be gang banger delinquent kids with them?

  4. Justan American | June 24, 2019 at 5:06 pm | Reply

    The American historian Stephen Ambrose near the end of his life was being interviewed by a reporter from the New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune about the after effects of the Civil War on the country.The reporter asked him if he thought this country could experience another civil war. His answer was yes. He said if this country ever elected a black man President his tenure would be so divisive that a civil war would be inevitable. Stephen Ambrose died in 2002.

  5. Nunya Business | June 24, 2019 at 9:14 pm | Reply

    What proof do we have of these alleged threats? Smells like a leftist false-flag operation. What better way to implement an enormous gun-confiscation scheme?

    • The Prisoner | June 25, 2019 at 5:12 am | Reply

      The left is using a carbon bill to take our money, reporting a fake threat, then using that to take our guns. These are the extremists, elected by ignorant leftist voters.

  6. Using the police to round up politicians is totally an abuse of power. The militia is absolutely right in this situation and that POS Governor needs to be fired ASAP. WTF is Oregon doing?

  7. Looks like “WE THE PEOPLE” are finally getting in touch with their inner angel Gabriel. Best tread lightly you socialist minion fools. jwstx

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