Rep. Ratcliffe: DoJ IG Horowitz has completed his probe into alleged FISA abuses (Video)

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) In an appearance on Fox News Monday evening, Rep. John Ratcliffe said he met last week with Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz who said his office’s probe into alleged abuses of the FISA court by the Obama-era DoJ and FBI is complete.

In addition, Ratcliffe said, the IG’s office is currently drafting its report, though it’s not clear when it will actually be presented to Attorney General William Barr.

“I did have the opportunity to meet with Inspector General Horowitz last week,” Ratcliffe, a former federal prosecutor, said during an appearance with former GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.).

“We talked about his report, the timing of his report, not the content, and he related that his team’s investigative work is complete,” Ratcliffe continued. “They are now in the process of drafting that report.”

He added that he expects the report to “be completed in short order.”

“I will tell you though,” he continued, “I don’t expect that any of us will see [the report] real soon. [Horowitz] did relate that as much as 20 percent of the report is probably going to include classified information.”

As such, that portion of the report will have to undergo a review at DoJ and the FBI to be vetted and redacted. Ratcliffe added that it is possible the report will be available by Congress’ August recess but it’s not clear that will happen.

Meanwhile, Gowdy — who has seen the unredacted FISA applications — mocked fired FBI Director James Comey’s comments this week that he ‘did everything right’ when it came to investigating the 2016 Trump campaign, despite his many contradictions between sworn testimony and available evidence.

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“I don’t know what Michael Horowitz is gonna find,” Gowdy said. “I have a lot of confidence in him, he’s a straight arrow. He’s just looking at the FISA abuse.”

Meanwhile, “United States Attorney John Durham is looking at what happened in the late winter and spring of 2016,” Gowdy said. “So [Americans] have to have kind of a line of demarcation.”


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22 Comments on "Rep. Ratcliffe: DoJ IG Horowitz has completed his probe into alleged FISA abuses (Video)"

  1. If the FBI and the DOJ are deciding what gets redacted and classified in the Horowitz report, there won’t be much left for the American people to see or learn about regarding the corruption, abuses of power, lying, cover ups, and other nefarious, treasonous acts committed by them as they committed every unlawful act they could dream up to take down Trump. My level of confidence in the Horowitz report has plunged from 2 to 0. Thanks for nothing.

    • Remember that Trump authorized Barr to declassify information.

      • V.Lombardi | July 2, 2019 at 12:54 pm |

        That’s a good reminder. Barr has said lots of good things but there is no action. Soon it will be election season, and that will be used as an excuse to delay.

      • As far as I can see Trump hasn’t done a God damned thing. Everything he does doesn’t get done. Brennan still has his top secret classification. None of the documents have been released. He can’t even deport 2,000 of the tens of millions of illegals without a phone call from Nancy Pelosi stopping him Trump is full of shit. He had any balls the border would be closed. He commands the army, not congress, not the courts and not the media. Trump is and represents money for the money.

      • Yeah but I keep getting my hopes up and then they kick me in the teeth.

    • Yes, the IG report will be severely redacted, far more than the Mueller witch hunt report. Let’s see how many months Barr allows this to drag on. At this point people are starting to wonder about Barr. I am.

      What will be done with this report? Certainly the House will avoid it. Should we expect Graham and Burr? No. It’s up to Barr to act.

    • Exactly, the whole thing is another cover up and Trump is full of shit. We didn’t elect him to stay away from it. He was elected to fix it.

  2. This is NOT a criminal probe…. does not carry serious penalties… does not have full investigative powers… can be edited by top level FBI.

    Durham is the guy with the power…. Durham can indict and put people in jail.

    • Fuck Durham. And fuck Barr. Trump is who I elected to fix it. Trump says he is staying away from it. But we didn’t elect him to stay away from anything. We elected him to fix it.

  3. So the people the report is about, get to edit it first?

  4. Finished the investigation and is writing the report? I thought we were told the report was finished and was being issued in May or June. There isn’t anything going on.

  5. And Trump wants to know why he can’t grow his base. It’s because all he has delivered is bullshit. The Border is wide open with the cartels in charge while he can’t seem to find enough of his manhood to use the army. Sanctuary cities continue to operate with the aid of federal monies while in clear and open, civil insurrection. Tens of millions of illegals living and working with complete impunity sucking up tax payer welfare and subsidies. And Obama and Hillary et all running free with hundreds of millions of dollars while the swamp continues to control the process, the DOJ, FBI and CIA all without any accountability, or clear lines of authority.

    Hey Trump, looks to me as, if you’re full of shit when it comes to saving America and American citizens. You’re idea of making America great looks more like making America work better as a profitable platform for billionaire business deals while the rest of the country continues to turn into a third world cesspool.

    • Marty, You forget that Trump, as powerful as his office is, is thwarted by the House of Representatives, who control THE MONEY for everything from Border Security, funds for the fence/wall and everything else! Also, when Trump DOES act with executive action, some fool of a liberal judge issues a order stopping the executive action! Very hard to get anything done with those idiots Pelosi, Schummer and the rest of the commie dims resisting everything Trump does. Economy is booming, focus on that and for God’s sake VOTE REPUBLICAN in 2020. Turn the House back to conservative control.. THEN we can get the border and immigration system fixed. We The People voted the stupid, commie dims into power and WE are the ONLY ones who can remove them!

  6. We’ll see if anyone referred to DOJ for prosecution. Horowitz isn’t a prosecutor. I think there’s a lot there as far as criminal activity goes, and they may need to add a new VIP detention facility.
    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.
    We can expect the Democrat candidates for President to be busy distancing themselves from any criminal activity.

  7. Wow, so many left wing Trolls.
    Trump hasn’t done nuffin? WTF? Really.
    Come on now we are supposed to believe a conservative is on here posting how horrible Trump is and how he has failed the people and he is a waste of time.
    You jerks are so transparent.
    TRUMP 2020 – because Hillary’s base is still the alternative.

  8. We need to stand together and form a voice of strength, send clear message to president Trump, release the reports now, pick a date, inform as many supporters as possible, hit all social media with the same message, flood the airwaves, phones, by whatever means available. Send emails to Hannity, Rush, Fox News, etc. Image the impact of millions of voices all demanding the release.

  9. Timing is everything. The Left is very patient as they infiltrate society with their propaganda. Trump knows this. The Dems are starting too early with this presidential crap and people will be fatigued by it well before the election. Trump has a very good record of winning. I shall remain patient for now. The Left is very nervous and desparate. You can see it. And, whatever happened to Hillary. Her absence is deafening.

  10. Patience. It’s a virtue that has been lost. People need to realize how powerful the Cabal is as an adversary. Trump and HIS Justice Dept. are not going to give the criminals a pass because they rushed the investigation. The evidence against must be verifiable and without question. The criminals (especially the Clinton dynasty) have gotten away with too much for too long to lose this opportunity. The media is also an adversary and colluder, with no evidence of unbiased investigative journalists. Only info one can get, although limited, is FOX. Trump has made more progress than anyone. EVER.

  11. It’s really sad…but I have no expectations. Whenever Trump and the Republicans actually DO something to improve the country or fulfill a campaign promise…the Dems just spank Trump and he surrenders to them. I guess we’ll see what happens here…but I think we ALL expect the usual soft-shoe dances and “he went that-a-way” finger pointing in different directions–and then all the Democrat and FBI insurrectionists will parlay this crime into personal fortunes as they block Trump’s NEXT move.

  12. Gypo O'Leary | July 3, 2019 at 10:27 am | Reply

    when the dems steal the next election, they will just sh*t-can it all anyways.

  13. The Marty Lopez’s of the world might as well be LEFT WING NUTJOB PINKO COMMIES, because their passion is obstructed by their IGNORANCE. They need to LEARN HOW OUR GOVERNMENT WORKS. IF IT GETS FIXED, it will BE BECAUSE OF, AND THEREFORE, BY, President Donald John Trump.

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