Wow: Progressives in Seattle may back conservative who wants to stop doubling down on idiotic homeless policies

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) There is an old political axiom that says people get the government they vote for, but progressive voters in Seattle may be about to make a statement they are willing to change course.

Like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other Left-wing, Democrat-run cities along the West Coast. uber liberals who run Seattle have adopted policies that are creating third-world-like conditions in many parts of the city.

For example, the city government has been spending a billion dollars — per year — to ‘address homelessness.’ But the ‘solutions’ involve catering to homelessness, not solving the underlying issues that cause it or address the problems massive homeless camps create, like piles of garbage, human waste, crime, and disease.

Now, however, Seattle progressives fed up with doubling down on failure may turn to Ari Hoffman, a conservative city council candidate who has more or less declared his race a one-issue campaign.

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According to The Seattle Times, city residents like Christi Muoneke, who immigrated from Nigeria, are weary of politicians who have made many promises but failed to actually solve the issue.

“I’m pretty sure 99 percent of people in Seattle feel compassion for the homeless. We don’t think they should be thrown into the ocean,” Muoneke told The Seattle Times.

No, but…

“My frustration is that so many decisions in Seattle today are driven by ideology rather than the desire to get results,” she added.


And this lack of results has caused Muoneke to pay more attention to who is governing her city when the homeless ‘problem’ struck close to her home:

Until a few years ago, Christi Muoneke didn’t pay much attention to Seattle politics. “I couldn’t even tell you who my council member was,” she said.

That changed when the street sides around her Beacon Hill home were lined with tents and vehicles occupied by homeless people.

Around the same time, Muoneke and her family had bikes stolen and cars broken into, she says. Her mother-in-law stopped taking walks. Trash piled up in the traffic circle on their corner. Repeated calls to the police about the camping made no lasting impact.

As such, “The 55-year-old mother of two says she may vote for Ari Hoffman, a conservative candidate who has appeared on Fox News and NRA TV,” the Times noted.

“I’m a Democrat. I used to consider myself liberal,” she told the paper. “But I’m a single-issue voter this time around.”

While no POTUS Trump supporter, “I’m not anti-homeless. I’m just anti-people who commit crimes and are given a pass because they’re homeless,” Muoneke said. “Everybody is entitled to safety and security. All humans want that.”

Instead of getting the message, however, she says social justice warriors like the socialist Councilmember Ksahama Sawant have simply adopted condescending attitudes towards people like her, because…Democrat arrogance.

So they are tripling down on the ‘solution’ they see as the only one: More government spending on things like shelters, healthcare, and other benefits — which will only add to the more than 12,000 estimated homeless in Seattle currently.

“Evil doesn’t care about your feelings” — Tee

Regardless of political beliefs, Americans in these Left-wing third-world enclaves in the making will get the government they vote for…again and again until they vote for a different set of policies. That’s just the way it works.

That’s what an in-depth report by Christopher Rufo published in the City-Journal argues.

He writes that the only way to end the homeless is to end the “homelessness industrial complex” and reverse the policies of massive public assistance promoted by Leftist city leaders.

Correctly, he notes that these policies do nothing to solve the ‘homeless’ problem and instead just lines public officials’ wallets.

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6 Comments on "Wow: Progressives in Seattle may back conservative who wants to stop doubling down on idiotic homeless policies"

  1. Just like stray cats…if you stop feeding them on your porch, they will go away. Basic laws of nature are never popular with Leftists, though.

  2. This has to be fake news because libs are not bright enough to do anything that makes sense. REAL libs love having as many homeless so that they can drive them to the polls so the homeless can be told who to vote for in exchange for more free stuff.

  3. This is the Left’s modus operandi to acquire a dependent culture and keep them in power. The only other explanation is that they consider the homeless/addiction camps to be death stops and that these unfortunate souls will eventually all die off anyway. It’s always fun to hear how the Left are the compassionate ones, when they really could care less about these people. They’re just another form of “useful idiot” the Left always uses as a means to an end.

  4. Screw these libtards. Let them stew in their own juices. This is what they wanted. This libtard lady was all for this socialist crap until the bums started camping out on her sidewalk. Reap it. Deal with it. If they moved the bums out of her neighborhood she would consider the problem solved. Liberals make me wanna puke.

  5. Theodore Roosevelt’s mug should be blasted off of Mt. Rushmore. America’s 1st Super RINO socialist. FDR then cemented the progessive plan and LBJ kicked it into hyper-drive. The result : Seattle and every other libtarded enclave. Donald Trump is trying to MAGA and eradicate this fungus.

  6. Oh, Good God, no. If filthy rich liberal Seattle elitists admit they have a problem, reject communism, give up on hate America, atheism, drugs, alcohol, bestiality, pedophilia, and Capitalism, all those worthless bums will come to Portland. Most will be given government jobs, many will be elected. Please God, do not do this to Portland. Let filthy rich elitist Seattle liberals prevail. Keep their society-ruining bums where they fit in.

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