GOP Rep. King: ‘Serious abuses’ carried out by FBI, CIA are ‘going to come out’ of Barr’s probe

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Ordinarily, we don’t get too excited these days when we hear a politician make a prediction about what will and will not come out of the ongoing “Spygate” origins probe being conducted by Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham.

But that’s because we often hear such predictions coming from the usual suspects who belong to the House Freedom Caucus.

Don’t get us wrong, many of those members have doggedly pursued details and leads in this massive scandal involving an operation to literally depose a sitting, duly elected president. But all smoke and no fire gets old.

So when someone like Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), who isn’t prone to making predictions about what’s coming down the pipe, makes one, it’s noteworthy and newsworthy.

During a weekend appearance on John Catsimatidis’ New York AM 970 radio show, “The Cats Roundtable,” King said he believes “serious” and “severe abuses” by the FBI and CIA during the 2016 presidential run are “going to come out” following declassification of top-secret documents by President Donald Trump that are related to former Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

He added that he’s “hopeful and confident” AG Barr [and Durham] will uncover the “bias” by the two agencies against then-candidate Donald Trump.

“There is no doubt to me there was severe, serious abuses that were carried out in the FBI and, I believe, top levels of the CIA against the president of the United States or, at that time, presidential candidate Donald Trump,” King told Catsimatidis.

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“There was no legal basis at all for them to begin this investigation of his campaign and the way they carried it forward, and the way information was leaked.”

Continuing, King said, “The improper applications they filed in the FISA courts to get surveillance. All of this is going to come out. It’s going to show the bias, it’s going to show the baselessness of the investigation and how dangerous it is to democracy.

“I would say the same thing if this were done to Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. It’s just wrong,” he added.

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King is a member of the House Intelligence Committee, so he’s seen all of the smoking gun evidence. Yet he’s not been making appearances on cable news programs for months on end with the latest prediction about what is and isn’t about to ‘come out.

We know that Barr is investigating. We know that Durham is investigating. We know — well, we suspect — that criminal behavior occurred. We’re confident enough in what we’ve seen via open-source reporting to say that an actual coup attempt was made to unseat POTUS Trump.

What we now need to see are people suffering real consequences from those acts. King’s statements give us renewed hope.

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4 Comments on "GOP Rep. King: ‘Serious abuses’ carried out by FBI, CIA are ‘going to come out’ of Barr’s probe"

  1. Locked up?? How about HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD? Now THAT would make me extremely happy.

  2. I think and have thought since I was for Ben Carson and he endorsed Trump when it became apparent that he could not win, that GOD is behind President Trump and that GOD preserved and raised him up much as HE did Abraham, Moses, David and people like Joan of Arc. GOD put President Trump in the right family to give him the values that he was raised with and raised his own family with and lived his live with even despite his mouthing off for popularity. He seeks popularity, but not to the detriment of his values. GOD gave him the charisma, God preserved him, enriched him through a corrupt business building/real estate/contracting/development, GOD developed in him the tools of making deals/negotiating/winning/future thinking/stratagizing/seeing the other guys point of view and there should be no harm in listening (listening is not action, like building a false dossier). BECAUSE of GOD and HIS preservation, President Trump is untouchable, teflon, nothing sticks because nothing is there to stick. Praise the LORD for giving us a second third or fourth chance to turn this nation around. From 1960, (I was about nine when prayer was removed from my school in 1965-66) WE the People should have put a stop to what is now an almost uncontrollable decline of FREEDOMs towards socialism, save for President Trump trying with little support to turn it around.

  3. William Charles | July 8, 2019 at 10:00 am | Reply

    I will tell you exactly what’s going to happen and I’ll use the investigations the greatly important investigations of Fast and Furious, the IRS investigation and the Benghazi investigation.

    And I’ll ask one question, what was the result
    of all of those critically important investigations?

    And when you find the answer, that will be the exact result of all of these “investigations.”

  4. Defeat_Liberalism | July 8, 2019 at 10:30 am | Reply

    I’m NOT excited about what Peter King said. We been hearing these predictions for over two years. I’ve reached a point based on my 70 plus years that our political and law enforcement at highest levels is corrupt and may not be redeemed or can be trusted. Here are some examples:

    1. Jussie Smollett perpetrates a racial hoax; nothing happens to him.

    2. Kim Fox law enforcement DA is corrupt; nothing happens. Another Communist DA has been elected in NYC.

    3. Judges all over our country are activists and don’t care about the constitution or rule of law; nothing happens to them for breaking the law.

    4. Our schools are propaganda centers for Communism; nothing is done about it.

    5. There are millions of fraudulent voting registrations in the country; I’m not convinced anything is being done about it.

    6. History repeats itself: we have thugs (ANTIFA) openly revolt and abuse people protected by elected officials. Is this the police arm of the Democrat Communist Party? I’m reminded of Hitler’s brown shirts. Nothing seems to happen to these thugs but politicians are quoted in media as referring this to the “Justice” department. JUSTICE???????????????

    7. Our FBI director Wray stonewalls our Attorney General and POTUS; when will he be relieved? We waited two years for do nothing Jeff Sessions to be relieved.

    These are just a few of the signs of decay in our country while Americans go about their everyday business seemingly to not be paying attention. Not all but many.

    Many points could be added to this list but I tire.

    Overall the Communists are gaining control of our country one state and city at a time; California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Colorado (5) and now Austin Texas along with other cities throughout the USA.

    There is corruption in the Republican Party (Mitch McConnell) and more. Just check the voting record of many Republicans at Conservative Review.

    People opine about how the decline of the Democrat Party eminent… well that means nothing because the Communists will still be active in this country. We better deal with them as well. As long as *We The People* rely on elected and non elected bureaucrats to deal with these issues we maybe doomed!

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