Gowdy: GOP needs to stop ‘promising more to come’ in Spygate; we know enough already to go after people (Video)

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) In an appearance Monday night on Fox News‘ “Hannity,” former U.S. attorney and GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy (S.C.) had some advice for his former Republican colleagues in the House: Stop promising that there is “more coming” in regards to the ongoing Justice Department probe into the origins of Spygate.

Why? Because Americans interested in seeing justice done already know enough to understand “something isn’t right” when it comes to the actions and behavior of the Obama administration.

Gowdy was responding to former GOP colleague Rep. Peter King (N.Y.), who predicted over the weekend during a radio interview that “more” would be coming out regarding dual probes being conducted by Attorney General William Barr and U.S. attorney John Durham into how the FBI’s investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign began.

During a weekend appearance on John Catsimatidis’ New York AM 970 radio show, “The Cats Roundtable,” King said he believes “serious” and “severe abuses” by the FBI and CIA during the 2016 presidential run are “going to come out” following declassification of top-secret documents by President Donald Trump that are related to former Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

He added that he’s “hopeful and confident” AG Barr [and Durham] will uncover the “bias” by the two agencies against then-candidate Donald Trump.

Asked to comment on Robert Mueller’s upcoming public testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Gowdy said the former special counsel isn’t going to “deviate from the four corners” of his already-released report proving that POTUS Donald Trump did not “collude” with Russia and that there wasn’t enough evidence to indicate “obstruction of justice.”

As such, no one is really going to learn anything new, making the hearing pointless — except that Democrats will turn it into “a freak show” with blatantly inflammatory questions that have no meaning and will reveal nothing.

“I love Peter King,” Gowdy said, “but Republicans have got to get better at not always promising what’s getting ready to come but look at what already exists.

He added, in an animated manner:

Look at what [DoJ Inspector General Michael] Horowitz has already found. Strzok and Page with a historic level of bias. You have a dossier that was used in a court pleading that was not verified. You have [former British spy Christopher] Steele who was defrocked as a [FBI] source but yet continued to provide information to the world’s premier law enforcement agency, and you got a DoJ senior official, Bruce Ohr, who was in the chain of evidence from Fusion GPS to the DoJ.

We shouldn’t have to promise anything else. That oughta be enough for my fellow citizens to say, ‘You know what? Something ain’t right.’

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Gowdy also said the focus won’t be on Mueller’s answers during testimony but on the questions Democrats are going to ask — because he won’t be able to answer them in a public forum. That will give their supporters the impression that Mueller has ‘the goods’ on POTUS Trump but just can’t talk about them in an open setting, though his report has already cleared the president.

It’s a good interview for a change.


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Someone on the Repub side should have some well thought out, well prepared, legally vetted questions to ask, that have pointed direct accurate responses that cannot be otherwise construed, is means is

Don Pritchard
Don Pritchard

Everyone is playing for ratings. Running our Justice system like a reality show. Nothing will happen to anyone and the finally will be melodramatic.

Whisperin Pints
Whisperin Pints

My father railed about corrupt govt 50+ years ago. I hope to see indictments before I die of old age.

Mike Warren (@mdwarren67)

“Do Nothing” Gowdy needs to go home to SC and live with his mommy.


The ‘rino’s/old establishment Republicans better get on ONE PAGE, and BACK THIS POTUS, AND STOP PLAYING GAMES WITH WE THE GOP VOTERS. We are getting VERY SICK of their ‘Dragging their Feet on ALL issues that they should be reaching as a ‘SOLID GROUP, RATHER THAN FRACTURED BUNCHES OF PRIMA DONNA’S WHO PLAY TO CAMERAS, WHEN THEY FINALLY DO GET SOMETHING GOING, AS IT ALL SEEMS TO FALL APART ANYWAY. COULD IT BE THAT THEY TOO, LIKE DEMOCRATS ARE JUST TOO BUSY “Amassing their OWN personal fortunes and connections, it’s ‘Screw our base, until we need their votes.” They act… Read more »


Judicial Watch is always taking legal action, fighting the stubborn and obstructive DOJ, FBI, Justice Department, and other government agencies and departments for court-ordered FOIA documents that they refuse to provide. Judicial Watch keeps battling it out through the courts and winning some of those battles. JW has actually gotten some of those requested, slowly dribbled-out documents, thereby piling up plenty of clear evidence of government corruption, wrongdoing, and law-breaking, while GOP members of Congress hold never-ending investigations. Thank you, Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch team, for all your hard work. I hope the day will come when the GOP… Read more »

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