Pathetic: Virginia Democrat fundraises while Philly PD was pinned down by armed assailant

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) While six Philadelphia police officers were being wounded during a shootout and standoff this week, a Virginia Democrat took the ‘opportunity’ to fundraise, using gun control as his platform.

As the gun battle raged and wounded officers were being tended to, Delegate Mark Levine posted his pitch on Facebook, using a link that sends visitors directly to his donation page. In the pitch, Levine made sure to mention the wounded cops just once before resorting to well-worn anti-gun rhetoric.

“I’d be willing to lay money that the shooter(s) is/are using the kinds of mass-killing military-style assault weapons that I am trying to ban in Virginia,” Levine wrote in his post.

As it turned out, the suspect, Maurice Hill, 36, had a lengthy criminal record involving illegal gun possession and gun violence — in gun-controlled Philadelphia. So Levine’s post could have just as easily addressed the failure of the justice system as a threat to public safety.

But instead, being a Democrat, he chose to fundraise off gun control. While police officers were actively under fire.

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