Trump cancels Sunday peace negotiations with Taliban after group admits to deadly attack in Kabul

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) President Donald Trump abruptly canceled peace negotiations with the Taliban that were scheduled in the coming days after the group admitted to a deadly attack in Kabul.

“I immediately cancelled the meeting and called off peace negotiations,” Trump wrote Saturday night.

The attack killed 10 Afghans and one U.S. soldier, as well as a Romanian service member.

The president also noted that the Taliban were supposed to meet with him Sunday.

“Unbeknownst to almost everyone, the major Taliban leaders and, separately, the President of Afghanistan, were going to secretly meet with me at Camp David on Sunday. They were coming to the United States tonight,” he wrote on Twitter.

Unfortunately, in order to build false leverage, they admitted to an attack in Kabul that killed one of our great great soldiers, and 11 other people. I immediately cancelled the meeting and called off peace negotiations,” he continued.

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“What kind of people would kill so many in order to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position? They didn’t, they only made it worse!” he continued.

“If they cannot agree to a ceasefire during these very important peace talks, and would even kill 12 innocent people, then they probably don’t have the power to negotiate a meaningful agreement anyway. How many more decades are they willing to fight?”

A Sept. 5 explosion from a car bomb constructed and detonated by the Taliban killed an American and a Romanian soldier as well as 10 civilians in a busy diplomatic area in Kabul near the U.S. Embassy.

The Pentagon identified the U.S. soldier as Sgt. First Class Elis A Barreto Ortiz, 34, from Morovis, Puerto Rico. He was the fourth American service member killed in the past two weeks in Afghanistan, as numerous other attacks conducted by the Taliban and other extremist groups took place as peace negotiations were underway.

The Defense Department identified the American as Sgt. 1st Class Elis A. Barreto Ortiz, 34, from Morovis, Puerto Rico.

Ortiz was the fourth U.S. service member killed in the past two weeks in Afghanistan, amid numerous other attacks by the Taliban and other extremist groups in Afghanistan despite the peace negotiations.

The Trump administration is trying to end the war in Afghanistan after 18 years but does not want to simply bail out on the government there. The president has said in recent days he is open to leaving a contingent of U.S. forces there.

As its peak inn 2009-2010, there were some 100,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan.


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