Rudy G to Left-wing hack Chris Hahn: ‘Shut up, moron…you don’t know what you’re talking about’ regarding Ukraine (Video)

(NationalSentinel) It was all fireworks all the time on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Tuesday evening as former NYC mayor and current presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani tore into Left-wing attack dog Christopher Hahn.

Giuliani, Hahn, and former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy were all discussing Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump for having the temerity to ask Ukraine’s leader to see why former VP Joe Biden threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine if the government did not end a corruption probe into a company where his son, Hunter Biden, served as a board member.

The former NYC mayor has said that he was contacted by the State Department some months ago to look into the issue, but Hahn, who makes his living being a prick who makes baseless claims on behalf of Democrats, tried to say that Giuliani was lying.

Hizzoner wasn’t having any of that shit. He let Hahn have it with both barrels, calling him — correctly — a “moron” and a “liar” whom he should sue for libel.

It got testy, to say the least, and Ingraham had to play referee. But the bottom line is, Rudy is in the know, so to speak. He’s right in the middle of all of this; he’s the president’s lawyer, so if anyone is privy to all the facts, it’d be him.

We love it when Marxist asswipes like Hahn get taken to the woodshed.


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Chris Hahn is a prick and a liar and I recognized that long ago. When he comes on I turn the channel. I imagine if fox paid attention to the ratings ebb and flow they would realize what a ratings killer he is


Bang, zoom! To the moon, Hahn.

Bruce Gust

In situations like this, I really do believe that Mayor Giuliani is best served by bringing his legal prowess to bear and suing Chris Hahn for libel. Guys like Hahn make a living by hiding behind their credentials as a way to justify saying anything that best promotes their narrative. It works very well until all of sudden they’re faced with ruinous and objective consequences to their actions and their words. It seems Hahn is a ninja when it comes to the deployment of the Left’s playbook as far as twisting anything and everything into an attack on the “victim”… Read more »

Racing Rich
Racing Rich

I would like to hear the rest of the video “Rudy Giuliani and his Role in Ukraine Issue” Why was it cut off?

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