John Solomon uncovers a LOT more Biden corruption in Ukraine than was previously known (Video)

(NationalSentinel) There are two things reasonable people can agree on these days: Joe and Hunter Biden are corrupt pieces of shit, and The Hill’s John Solomon is an excellent investigative reporter with impeccable instincts and sources.

The latter has uncovered a lot more corruption involving Hunter Biden’s deal with Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company that was paying him a lot more a month than the previously reported $50,000. Like more than five times as much.

What’s more, the FBI was aware of the money that was being transferred from the company to accounts held by Hunter Biden.

Oh, and there’s that time in April 2014 when then-VP Joe Biden actually set up the Burisma deal for his son. Yes, he set it up. And in typical deep state fashion, this cock smoker waited until a coup attempt had been staged and Ukraine was at its most vulnerable.

But do you know what’s really amazing about all of this? The fucking Bidens are so corrupt that even John Kerry’s step-son, Chris Heinz, who had already gotten in bed with the Bank of China and Hunter Biden, wouldn’t touch this Ukraine deal with a 10-foot pole.

Oh, it’s not that Heinz is an upstanding American citizen or anything; he’s taken money from a regime that seeks to displace America on the global stage and destroy our country if given a chance. So that prick should be answering questions about his motives, as well as who’s fucking side he’s on.

But it’s just that he thought the corrupt Ukraine deal was too above-board for him — too public — because his daddy at the State Department told him so. Solomon explains that as well.

Oh, yeah. These asswipes are corrupt, alright. To their core. And by the way — who believes for a nanosecond that other corrupt prick, Barack Obama, didn’t know about any of the shit both Biden and Bitch Hillary were doing on his watch?

Hat’s off to both John Solomon and One American News for the new facts.


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Nancy Pelosi son and Mitt Romney’s son are also involved in Ukraine. I think Ukraine was used as a slush fund for our corrupt leaders children. That being said can someone push the TrumpMarch dot com it’s happening on October 17th, 2019 we need all Trump supporters to try to take that day off and either fly to D.C. or host a march in their town.


I think John Solomon is doing a great job. Keep at it, Mr. Solomon, America needs your talents!


I like the story but your language is offensive to me as a Christian Conservative.


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Corruption is not new to America….the kennedy’s, Clinton’s, Epstein, Weinstein, Californication, “Hollywood”, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Obama, Kerry, Wayyyyy, too many Democrats…{ & “yes”, some republicans}…..are just “in it to screw everyone”….& don’t really care about anyone but themselves!…{ Human nature}…..We just don’t have to elect them, ‘BUT”, are duty-bound to reveal them, & try to remove them, & try them & imprison them! many mentioned here, are sans a soul, & will surely “rot in hell”…{ That’s their problem}….Better sooner, than later!

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