Pelosi struggling to contain Adam Schiff and retain control over ‘official’ impeachment process that she is RESISTING (Video)

(TNS) We’d been hearing some rumblings for a couple weeks now that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was furious with her Garbage Party colleague and fellow California, House Intel chairman Adam Schiff, over his lies that the “Russian collusion” scam was a slam-dunk to get rid of President Trump.

We know how that turned out: As corrupt as that partisan fuck and special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of Democrat donors were, even they said in their final report that there was no evidence whatsoever of criminal collusion with Moscow.

Schiff lied his ass off for months and months about it, though, claiming publicly time and again that he had the evidence. He couldn’t have, though, because the entire story was a bullshit fabrication of the ‘get Trump’ D.C. swamp.

Now, Schiff is back front-and-center in this ‘impeachment’ drama and Pelosi ain’t happy about it.

But the problem is, she can’t do shit about it because replacing that douchebag Schiff means moving up someone into the chairmanship who is allied with Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, a guy who opposed giving the Speakership back to Pelosi last year.

Meanwhile, Pelosi also knows what opening a “formal” impeachment inquiry means: She has to allow Republicans to call their own witnesses while also having the opportunity to cross-examine the Garbage Party’s witnesses.

That means that Republicans will have the chance to publicly refute all the crap Democrats have been lying about and expose the fact that Trump was set up by these pricks at least twice. Pelosi knows that Trump is the real victim here, not ‘the Constitution.’

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and One American News, as usual, has all the details.


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EH Staley
EH Staley

I agree hole hardily with this article , however I want to take opportunity to complain to the author about all the fowl language used which is not necessary and distracts from the real message

Richard Bagg
Richard Bagg

Adam shit is nothing more than a degenerate sodomite who spent a lot of his younger life power pounding 14-year-old boys in their dirt button…

Luna Ursus
Luna Ursus

Pelosi’s votes in the House is shrinking. Dems going home for the 2 week vacation are being yelled at by constituents in their districts to stop the impeachment inquiry. She herself may be up for conspiracy against a sitting president.
You present a lot of good information and can write a good piece. But please refrain from peppering it with so much bad language that it doesn’t read well and makes it look kind of illiterate, which I know it isnt. It takes too much away from your writing and puts credibility in peril.

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