Pete Buttigieg and other 2020 Dems think it’s perfectly fine to NOT tell a sexual partner you’re carrying HIV (Video)

(TNS) As poor as CNN’s ratings are in the United States, a rational person would conclude that, at some point, the executives who run the place would figure out what they’re doing wrong and fix it so that they could attract more viewers.

But CNN isn’t run by rational people. In fact, we believe every sum bitch who works there is certifiably out of their minds. They’d have to be in order to come up with some of the dumbest, tone-deaf, inappropriate, uninteresting, and pointless bullshit they put on the air.

Like holding a “town hall” meeting with a gay man, hosted by a gay man, talking about gay issues.

Stop the world, by all means, because this is the vital, country-saving, intergalactic hot-button issue that really matters to Americans.


Not only is this subject — “LGBTQ rights” so far down on the list of ‘issues’ that matter to most of us, some of the policies discussed during the program are batshit crazy. Like opposing laws that require men and women who have been diagnosed with HIV to inform their sexual partners they carry the disease.

That seems like a pretty obvious thing to do, right, considering that there’s no known cure and HIV is the virus that causes AIDS, which is fatal.

“What happened to Democrats being big on consent? If you fail to tell a sexual partner that you have HIV, you are stripping them of their ability to make an informed decision to consent. Essentially, this is sexual assault, and Democrats want to make it legal,” writes Brad Palumbo at the Washington Examiner.

“Think about it from your own perspective. Would you want it to be legal for your sexual partner to hide the fact that they’re HIV positive from you? No person has the right to knowingly put others in jeopardy or endanger their health,” he adds.

2020 Democrat contender Pete Buttigieg, a gay man, and his gay interviewer, CNN host Anderson Cooper, don’t think so.

They believe such laws requiring disclosure are ‘mean’ and ‘discriminatory.’ So to a couple of other 2020 Garbage Party contenders — Corey Booker and Fauxcohontas Warren. What abject stupidity.

This goes well beyond pandering. This is a public safety issue. And here is CNN pretending that a bitch session about a law these ass clowns don’t is ‘newsworthy.’ Jesus.


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CNN is a political propaganda machine, not a business that is trying to make a profit.


[…] thinks its perfectly fine to NOT tell a sexual partner youre carrying HIV TNS ^ | 10/12/19 | TNS […]


This is BULLSHEET, what if someone is NOT taking the medication???? AND THEY DO NOT TELL SOMEONE THEY HAVE AIDS AND THEY GIVE IT TO THEM????


We do not need a dick-smoking, butt-pounding pervert in charge of anything.

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