Why most of America thinks the ‘establishment media’ is pathetic–Reason No. 867 (Video)

(TNS) There are a few groups of Americans that most of us either despise or don’t trust: Politicians, used car sales people, lawyers, and members of the establishment media.

What do these groups of numb nuts have in common? They lie, cheat, steal, and lie again.

The establishment media especially is guilty of that lying part. Those people couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it. It’s like all of them are channeling Adam Schiff.

ABC News gets a nod for being among the dumbest ass clowns on the air. This weekend they had Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on to discuss a range of issues that ended with this: “Hey man, do you think Trump was, like, you know, really asking China to investigate the Bidens?”

What. The. Fuck?

You’ve probably seen the clip endless times on other establishment media clown shows.


Mnuchin’s reaction is classic. In watching, we get the feeling he wants to just shake his head, laugh at the ridiculous notion of the question, and follow up with, “Are you out of your goddamned mind? Only an idiot would conclude that’s what the president was saying.”

There is nothing serious about the establishment media because these are not serious people. They’re buffoons. They are Democrats in media positions. They are propagandists. How these pieces of shit can look at themselves in the mirror each morning and say, ‘Yeah, I’m doin’ somethin’ good for ‘Merica,’ is beyond us.

The worst part is, these douchebags think the rest of us are stupid.

It’s a shame serious people like Mnuchin and the rest of President Trump’s team have to endure this bullshit. These clown shows aren’t productive, don’t inform us, and do nothing to advance legitimate policy discussion.

They are a waste of time. And frankly, if Trump decides sometime during his second term that he doesn’t want his people to endure these shit shows anymore, we’d be okay with that.

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fake MSM red pill thousands more people every day – and what the fake msm dont get is once you are red pilled there is no going back…….. all people that are red pilled just want these fake msm traitors out of buisness and jailed for treason…… that day is coming

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