Garbage Party supporters will be Garbage Party supporters: Two Dems accost Rand Paul, aide, in California (Video)

(TNS) We call Democrats the Garbage Party for a reason: They are garbage people who operate their party in such a manner as to attract other garbage people to support them.

Not only are Democrats massive hypocrites when they pretend to be the arbiters of tolerance, they are just gigantic assholes and they prove it on a regular basis.

Like when a couple of dickwads ostensibly from New York accost Sen. Rand Paul and an aide in an eatery in California.

What a bitch.


The Washington Examiner initially tweeted the story (here) so we will leave it to them to provide additional details. But suffice to say, the video — and the two douchebags in it — speak for themselves.

If we had a single message for Republicans it would be this: Stop fucking trying to ‘work’ with these pricks.

We can’t ‘work’ with them. They hate us. They despise us. They believe all sorts of bullshit about conservatives and Republicans that simply isn’t true because they want to believe it.

They’re deranged. They are lunatics. Anyone who would accost a sitting senator in public like that has to have a fucking screw loose or, at a minimum, is too afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome to be salvaged; when did it become okay to do this?

The only way we take our republic back from these stupid motherfuckers is to politically (and, if they get in our faces, physically) kick their asses.

So quit trying to be nice to these shitbags. It’s a waste of time. They are garbage human beings.

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That freak was a washed up actress. Her headshot looks like the Trannyclown poster child for GLAAD.

” We’re from Spew York” —
Like that means something tough. Stupid bitch got fart-raped in the mouth by Hitlery.

—She called it brunch.

These people are psychopaths and two-digit I.Q. scumbags.


She could be Jessica Wax My Balls Yaniv’s mother.

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