Greg Gutfeld destroys the Garbage Party for doing everything they can to destroy America as founded (Hilarious!)

(TNS) When it comes to tearing down the Garbage Party to its bare elements, no one does it better than Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld.

The funnyman and co-host of “The Five” has a unique way of seeing through Democrat bullshit and using their own comments and mannerisms to destroy their cock-knob ways.

But more than anything, Gutfeld manages to use his humor to tear away the thin veneer of humanity surrounding these dipshit douchebags, exposing them as fake Americans who thrive on hatred and foment division.

In particular, the Garbage Party would use authoritarianism to lock up speech and prevent political opponents from challenging them on any front.

That’s how Mao did it. That’s how Stalin did it. That’s how Hitler did it. And it’s how today’s Commies — In Venezuela, China, and Cuba — do it.

Speak out in a manner that their leaders don’t approve of? Spend the rest of your life in a deep, dark hole, shitting on yourself and mumbling in darkness.

That is, if you even live that long.

Gutfeld has the Garbage Party’s number, and it’s dead funny as well as spot-on.


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Without deep state media asswhores, the leftist/ marxist ideology would be squashed. The next war won’t be a race war as leftists hope. They can’t fight. They need low I.Q. heathens and cretins to fight their war.

The next battle/war will be Patriots vs Marxist-satanist losers. We taxpayers can’t afford to coddle these mental defectives! Deport them, revoke their passports. GTFO!


Your articles are awesome. I like the balls out approach. “Gutsy” Gutfield is one of my favorites. Keep up the good reporting! I live in N. California. The recent wild fires here are terrifying. THey are already out of control when they start. They are no accident. I’ve been following the “conspiracy theories” for years and they are not theories, they are facts! I see the “Chem trail” planes flying overhead every morning. They make a checkerboard pattern in the sky. What is that chemical they are spraying? I believe it is an accelerant to make these fires burn hotter… Read more »

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