Trump touts ‘record stock market’ and 401k’s for all Americans at Kentucky rally: ‘Not rich, not poor, for everyone’

(TNS) President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again,” and by several measures, he has lived up to that pledge.

The president’s economic policies, in particular, have led to record growth in our economy, record low unemployment, and wealth generation the likes of which we’ve not seen…ever.

The stock market has set one record after another, and as the president reminded those who attended his packed, raucous rally in Lexington, Ky., Monday evening, it’s not just “the rich” who are benefitting from it.

Like the Garbage Party always claims.

Rather, ordinary Americans whose life savings and retirement are wrapped up in 401k plans are doing very well under his policies of decreased regulations, less red tape, more energy production, better trade deals, and free-market principles.

Like the president said, it’s not a “rich” thing or a “poor” thing but an “American” thing:

No question President Trump has made America great again. Additionally, there is ever expectation that his policies will “Keep America Great” once he’s reelected next year.

By comparison, all the Garbage Party is offering is more hate, more division, and getting rid of the very president whose policies are making their voters better off as well.

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The rich demon-seed have been playing partners, and trying to tank the market. There was a day (two years ago) the DOW closed -666 points. Some people speculate that was a power play to show President Trump they control the market.

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