FBI arrests eight including a senator in corruption-related probe, proving the island’s problems are caused by Democrats, not Trump

(TNS) Remember when Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, leaving about a million people without power?

That was August 2017, and the honeymoon period for President Donald Trump was long gone. The Garbage Party and the deep state were already well into executing their plan to oust him from office, so the storm was an unforeseen opportunity to slam the president’s alleged lack of response.

For months afterward, Democrats — especially those on Puerto Rico — slammed Trump and his administration, charging him with incompetence because he didn’t have a magic wand and couldn’t restore Puerto Rico’s chronically crumbling infrastructure with the blink of an eye.

During that time, aid that was destined for the ravaged island was also being diverted into the hands of grifters, thieves, and Left-wing lawmakers.

As Bloomberg News reported, the FBI has just arrested eight people connected with a corruption investigation that includes Abel Nazario, who represents an at-large district in Puerto Rico’s senate and previously served as mayor of the southern town of Yauco.

It was Nazario’s second arrest for corruption in two years:

Abel Nazario, who represents an at-large district in Puerto Rico’s senate and previously served as mayor of the southern town of Yauco, had previously been arrested in September 2018 and charged with alleged payroll irregularities during his 2001-2017 tenure as Yauco’s mayor.

The El Vocero newspaper reported that the new arrests focused on the granting of contracts and payments to contractors who then undertook no work. Attempts to reach Nazario for comment were unsuccessful.

Puerto Rico’s political class has faced a drumbeat of corruption scandals over the last year. Last week, Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural and Environmental Resources Secretary Tania Vazquez Rivera resigned after stating that her office had been visited by FBI agents and served with a subpoena for documents.

In July, the island’s former secretary of education and the former chief of its health insurance administration were indicted along with the head of an accounting firm and three others. They face allegations of theft, money laundering and wire fraud. Last month, two Federal Emergency Management Agency officials who oversaw the reconstruction of Puerto Rico’s electrical grid and the former president of Cobra Acquisitions were also arrested on fraud and conspiracy charges linked to recovery efforts from Hurricane Maria.

Now, mind you, we don’t expect Democrats to step up and issue apologies for improperly blaming President Trump for the decades of corruption in Puerto Rico, where Left-wing, Democrat-aligned parties have ruled forever.

But it’s good to see that his Justice Department is hard at work for the people of Puerto Rico, who may not appreciate Trump but ought to because it’s his administration that is attempting to root out the systemic corruption that has denied the island’s citizens the kind of quality government they deserve.

Democrats, meanwhile, have always enabled it. Because votes.

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Clearly, traitors in both Houses, and the media need Justice at the end of a rope.

Everything demon-seed dem dolts do is anti-American, anti-Trump, and anti-Christ. I won’t even shake the hand of somebody on the left-handed path. If you vote left, then expect to be shunned by Patriots.


Isn’t it funny that the dems who count the votes vote for criminals? Basically Dems are communists and they are all corrupt. Its time to start killing corruption. Let’s not pussyfoot around anymore. The Left is on the march, its massively corrupt and cheats at elections. If you pretend American-protecting sites are PC, you are part of the problem. You are in a war you can’t win because you have no idea wtf you are up against. Sorry to disappoint you but executions for treason and sedition are warranted, it is literally that bad Loading...

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