Elizabeth Warren doubles down on attack against ‘billionaires,’ proving again why she’d be a better president in Venezuela

(TNS) We’re convinced that the Garbage Party has a secret requirement buried in its bylaws somewhere that you cannot become a member unless you’ve demonstrated two things: 1) You hate America as it was founded; and 2) You’re a gigantic hypocrite.

Both of which explain how Elizabeth Warren got in.

Recently, Liz the millionaire has been blasting billionaires — probably because she isn’t one, but most certainly because that’s what wealthy Democrats do: They pretend like they’re just ‘one of us’ though their bank accounts put them solidly in the category of “wealthy” people they complain about.

Warren’s billionaire hate has particularly angered billionaire Leon Cooperman, who blasted her recently, telling a media outlet that her complaints about wealth people is akin to “sh**ting on the American dream.”

He’s right, of course. Our founders did not envision an America devoid of commerce or citizens who were perpetually poverty stricken. If they did, they would have created an economic model closer to what is practiced is thrilling paradises like Cuba or Venezuela.

Warren doesn’t mind taking advantage of the economic model when it benefits her, of course — hence, her wealth. But she also doesn’t mind using the ‘wealth’ issue on the campaign trail to convince narrow-minded, jealous, petty people to vote for her, hence her hypocrisy.

So she doubled down in bashing billionaires (and Cooperman) with an ad buy exclusively on — where else? — CNBC, the financial news network. So clever, that Liz.

To which Cooperman responded.


See, Liz doesn’t mind making millions of dollars, as long as they’re doing it as, say, an Ivy League professor at, say, Harvard — where she taught for decades after lying about being an Indian and where her husband, Bruce Mann, still teaches.

Harvard millionaires: Okay.

Investor billionaires: Not good.

Corporate billionaires (the guys who start companies that make things we all want or need): Even worse.

Mind you, Warren has lived the American Dream. She hails from a hardscrabble upbringing in Oklahoma, so she knows what it’s like to be poor.

And it’s okay to want other Americans to do well, too, like she claims she does. But why does she set a limit on “how well” someone does?

Not all Americans are ever going to be millionaires. Even fewer are going to be billionaires. But in America, everyone has the opportunity to become whatever they want — if they work for it, get the right education, and catch some breaks along the way.

Kind of like Donald Trump, another billionaire who became president and who doesn’t set a limit on how well his fellow Americans can or should do.

Democrats like Warren will always get support from Americans who are either angry about how their own lives turned out, jealous over what someone else has accomplished, or brainwashed into believing that things are ‘stacked against’ them. So Warren will get support if she wins the nomination.

She just shouldn’t be president of the United States because she obviously doesn’t want to represent all Americans.

Maybe she should run for president of Venezuela instead. They love wealthy, Left-wing authoritarian hypocrites.

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You could take every dime from every taxpayer, and it still would not pay off the $23,000,000,000,000 in debt.

It’s cheaper to sell off the communists to the chinese, for organ harvesting without anesthesia.

Live the Dream — marxist bolshevic shitheads — Fake indian bitch.


I vehemently disagree with this fake Indian on everything. However, there is one point that is more or less valid. The wealth of the world is rapidly gravitating into the hands of a few. That will lead to societal unrest and eventual revolution. Attacking the billionaires is not the way to fix it, but it needs to be fixed. We are running out of time. If this imbalance isn’t dealt with, this world will become a place not fit for civilization. Where are all the smart people who may be able to solve this dilemma … certainly not Liz Warren… Read more »

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