Mollie Hemingway has a self-help suggestion for the Washington Post that will never happen because … ‘get Trump!’ … no matter what

(TNS) The Washington Post is neck-and-neck with CNN and The New York Times in the amount of fake news the paper has published regarding the various fabricated narratives involving President Trump and his administration.

One of our favorites, of course, is the “Russian collusion” narrative which the Post pushed ceaselessly and breathlessly for more than two years until that fiend, Robert Mueller, declined to play his part in the “Get Trump at Any Cost” operation and actually cleared the president of the allegation.

Because, again, it was fabricated.

In any event, the Post is now championing a decision by The Hill to “review” the work of former opinion columnist (and outstanding investigative journalist) John Solomon, whose extensive, deeply sourced reporting on both ‘Russiagate’ and ‘Ukrainegate’ have revealed the extent of Democrat, Left-wing, Obama-era, and deep state involvement.

Solomon’s not worried, mind you, because he’s a real investigative journalist who uses real sources that provide him with information he independently corroborates with other sources.

You know, the way news reporting is supposed to be. This is a foreign concept to most of the “mainstream” media.

The hacks at the Post, meanwhile, reported on this journalistic witch hunt with vigor because the paper’s editors must be sure that Solomon, not them, is the real purveyor of fake news.

The Post also reports that The Hill is investigating claims made by former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie “I Never Spoke to President Trump Ever” Yovanovitch, who is claiming that Solomon’s reporting was used to push fake allegations about her.

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The Federalist’s gem (and one of our favs), Mollie Hemingway, was moved to make this suggestion to the Post’s editors: Why don’t you guys do the same thing — self-scrutinize your own reporting to find out how you got “Russian collusion” so spectacularly wrong?

The Post’s editors won’t self-analyze, of course, because their agenda isn’t to produce factual reporting.

Their agenda, as is the agenda of the rest of the Garbage Party’s propaganda media, is to “get Trump” no matter what, and no matter how long it takes, even to the point of shredding every last morsel of journalistic integrity.

But good for Mollie for making the point. Someone has to, after all.

As for Solomon, yeah, we’re betting on his accuracy everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.

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