Report: Border apprehensions have fallen 70 percent under Trump administration initiatives and NO congressional assistance (Video)

(TNS) As the Garbage Party remains obsessed with impeaching President Donald Trump, his administration is nevertheless continuing to work on behalf of the country, which includes shoring up border security.

As One American News reports, Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan noted Friday that, thanks to a combination of regulations and foreign policy initiatives, the Trump administration has managed to reduce the flow of illegal immigration by 70 percent from highs experienced earlier this year.

The network reports that Border Patrol agents managed to apprehend some 42,000 illegal border crossers in October, a 14 percent decline in numbers seen the previous month.

“This is a significant decline,” Morgan said during a press conference, noting also that during the recent migrant ‘invasion,’ the Executive Branch got zero help from the Democrat-controlled House, despite pleas from several Department of Homeland Security officials for Congress to plug loopholes that contributed to the crisis.

Nevertheless, the administration continued to pursue other policy avenues.

“Through continued engagement with the government of Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries, we have initiated a network of initiatives, policies, and regulations to stem the flow of the migration,” Morgan said.

“Together, we are approaching this as a regional crisis that it is, and we have seen incredible success,” he added.

In addition to executive orders, the Trump administration has also stepped up enforcement of existing laws and policies that the Obama administration had simply ignored.

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At their peak in May, border apprehensions were numbering around 5,000 per day, but OANN reports that figure has fallen to about 1,300 daily.

That said, Morgan noted further that the border regions remain volatile and dangerous, made more so by drug cartel activity as evidenced by a mass murder of nine U.S. Mormons living in Mexico under dual citizenship earlier this month.

“I’m absolutely perplexed why Congress cannot come together on a bipartisan manner to fix this,” Morgan said.”We know the cartels and human smuggling organizations are exploiting the migrants making the journey here.”

Morgan also said that Customs and Border Protection intercepts of methamphetamines were up 90 percent this year, while apprehensions of fentanyl were up 84 percent.

“The illicit narcotics the transnational criminal organizations are flooding the U.S. with are making their way to every town, city, and state in this country,” Morgan continued.

“It isn’t just a border issue. Make no mistake: If your city, town, or state has a meth problem, it came from the southwest border,” he added.


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There’s at least 30 million illegal alien parasites bleeding out our American tax dollars.

Go into any sanctuary city in any border state — all you see is illegal alien Putopians wandering around!

You lefties can take your DACA Putopians, and shove them up your ass!

Diana B.
Diana B.

This article cites a decrease in illegal apprehension in October. That doesn’t signify a decrease in illegal infestation. It could simply mean that the illegals are getting in elsewhere and not being apprehended at all. A wall will help BUT making sure they don’t get welfare, under the table jobs, medical care, child care, EBT cards, social security numbers, driver’s licenses, etc. is the key and I have YET to hear anything about cutting this crap off! Take the bait away and the rats will leave, yes?


[…] “The illicit narcotics the transnational criminal organizations are flooding the U.S. with are making their way to every town, city, and state in this country,” Morgan said. […]


Demon-seed want more MS-13 so they can pay them to kill their political enemies, then when MS-13 go to get paid off, they get smoked.

That’s how this f’cked up game works!

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