Tucker Carlson backhands Lindsey Graham for failing to press FBI over who tipped off CNN before Roger Stone raid

(TNS) It seems like forever ago — and in the modern-day news cycle, it was — but back in January millions of Americans were outraged when Roger Stone, a one-time adviser to President Donald Trump, was dragged from his home by an FBI SWAT team that was so heavily armed they could have taken on a Mexican drug cartel.

What warranted such a heavy-handed arrest? What had Stone been accused of? Nothing much; lying to Congress is all, and let’s face it, several of Adam Schiff’s ‘star witnesses’ in the Trump-Ukraine impeachment show have done that just in the last few weeks.

If the mode of arrest wasn’t outrageous enough, recall that a CNN crew just happened to be hanging out in Stone’s Florida neighborhood in the early morning hours as the FBI teams moved into place.

How convenient. Except that it wasn’t just by chance that CNN crew was there.

Remember that Stone was special counsel Robert Mueller’s last ‘perp’ to be arrested. And since Stone was such a Trump loyalist, Mueller and his merry band of Democrat-donor prosecutors wanted to send a message. So naturally, someone from that office tipped off CNN, the least credible news network on the air next to MSNBC.

Stone was recently convicted on seven counts of lying by an Obama judge who limited his First Amendment rights and an all-Democrat jury. So now, without a presidential pardon, he’s liable to die in prison.

Back when the arrest occurred, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) found the nearest Fox News camera and ‘vowed’ to get to the bottom of all of this: Why the 20-person SWAT team (that included a nautical unit, by the way) and who tipped off CNN?

And that was it. We never heard from Graham on this subject again. He never followed up and he never ‘got to the bottom of it,’ though as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he certainly could have.

He just pops up to praise President Trump and blow smoke up our skirts about how MAGA he is in order to appease his voter base back home.

On his Wednesday show, Fox News host Tucker Carlson recounted the Stone arrest and took Graham to task for failing — again — to do what he so haughtily claimed he would do, leaving all of us with the impression, again, that he’s nothing more than the RINO ghost of John McCain he’s always been.

“Federal prosecutors abused their power in the most grotesque way for political reasons, and CNN eagerly helped them do it,” Carlson noted.

“Conservatives were justly outraged,” Carlson continued. “As he often does, [Graham] claimed to be the champion of outraged conservatives.

“Graham fired off a letter to the director of the FBI demanding to know who tipped off CNN to the Stone raid,” the host noted. “Graham then bragged about that letter in a press release as well as on Twitter.

“Then he came on this channel to brag about it some more,” said Carlson, playing a clip of Graham appearing Sean Hannity’s program ‘warning’ the FBI to answer his letter.

And then…nothing.

Carlson said his staff followed up with Graham’s office this week — “something the press too rarely does” — and they were told that Graham met with an FBI deputy director who said he “didn’t think” the tip off came from an FBI agent.

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Oh, okay.

Graham apparently accepted that.

In the age of Trump, a Republican president who is keeping campaign promises and taking on the Swamp, GOP voters will not long be satisfied with lip service meant to assuage conservative consciences.

We see what is happening to our president and we grow more outraged by the day by RINO establishment types who, in the past, have gone along to get along behind the scenes while claiming, to our faces, they are champions of conservative causes and issues. And Trump.

This is what primaries are for: To cull the RINO herd and find genuine conservatives who will help this president do what he promised he’d do: Clean up the mess in D.C.

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Ya know, Tucker, I always thought Paul Ryan was the biggest pos in the Rep party but now I am of the belief that Lyndsey Graham is by far a bigger pos than Ryan ever was. Graham falls all over patting himself on the back as “The” huge Republican but then always does or does not do something to show his true colors. He is garbage!

Rick D
Rick D

https://duckduckgo.com/?q=coyote+and+sheep+dog&atb=v195-2gx&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=_3ayJuj2PbY Our politicians have us all duped into thinking they fight for our side, but in reality they work for the same team, and it’s not our team! Some of the old Looney Tunes showed this in full view in their cartoons. I’m sure no one really understood what they were watching.


Lindsay Graham is all talk and no action. A total waste of human tissue.

Bill in Lex
Bill in Lex

So … if the FBI did not tip CNN off — who did?
ONLY ONE AGENCY KNEW about the raid, right?
If not them, then who else knew about this raid? — the FBI was the only branch of law enforcement on the scene.

It’s pretty certain that CNN wasn’t just cruising the area. More than that, on Roger Stone’s security camera footage we see the FBI staging the CNN crew ahead of time.

Can’t (just) blame the upper levels of the FBI when the rank and file go along with the program.


McClown’s favorite buttclown —Meh.

These tactics with Stone, are gestapo tactics. It’s un-American activity, ie., corruption.

Ancient Rome had let the barbarians inside the gates. They had massive corruption, perversion, and currency manipulation. Moral decay, diseases, and evil — America isn’t far behind.

It’s up to Conservatives and President Trump, or we will be Euro-Peonized, and fall like Ancient Rome.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner

Graham is a classic phony with a long history. The loudmouth talks for votes and attention, not to do anything. His behavior is transparent, and adolescent, but so many adults cannot recognize it.

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