China to use its new aircraft carriers to cut off military aid to Taiwan in wartime

(TNS) In case you were wondering just how China plans to use its budding aircraft carrier force, a report this week in Hong Kong media answered the question, in part at least.

The Chinese navy will use its carrier force to interdict any forces sent to aid Taiwan in the event the island democracy tries to claim independence.

That, of course, is a direct challenge to the United States, which has a security agreement with Taiwan.

The South China Morning Post reports:

China’s new aircraft carrier is likely to team up with its sister ship to form a dual-carrier battle group to cut off foreign military access to Taiwan during a war, according to a military magazine and defence specialists.

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China`s new aircraft carrier will be the first of several artificial reefs off the coast of Taiwan. This will become a fantastic fishing location, and an excellent spot for wreck divers in the future. It will be a big boom for tourism.

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