China’s building a navy to challenge the U.S.

(Great Power War) I’ve made the observation recently that the modernization of the Chinese navy appears to mirror that of the Imperial Japanese Navy in the decade before World War II.

A report by Russia Today notes China’s rapid rate of warship construction:

China might soon shift the world naval balance and unseat the US as the modern master of the seas. The process appears to already be under way, and there is little that Washington can do about stopping it.

Visibly shaken by what it has seen on a photo showing just one of China’s military shipyards near Shanghai, the business magazine Forbes recently told its readers an alarming story about the “impressive rate” and “vast scale” of Chinese naval modernization.

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The biggest enemy to humanity!

Leftists would love for China and UN to invade and kill Conservatives.

Except for the half billion firearms in the hands of Patriotic Americans, Militias, and Second Ammendment Patriots —Never stand a chance!

If their navy runs like the shit products they sell us, no worries.


Wasn’t it Nixon and Kissinger that opened the door to Red China?

Stupid move!


We’ll make more submarines, and sink that fleet of shitbags!

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